(1) Montgomery County/MEDLEYS MD:  Samuel Holland Cator SR (b.1810) and Mary A. Coates (b.  1813)
and son Samuel Holland Cator JR (b. 1851)

(2)  District of Columbia:  Samuel H. Cator (1871) & Josephine Zeller Cator (1874-1900)
and son Ralph Emory Cator  (1896-1941)

Samuel H. Cator, Sr. (Mary)

Joseph "Thomas" Cator (Laura Benton)

Samuel Horace Cator (Zeller/Sohl)

Ralph Emory Cator (McCarty)

Dorothy Lucille Cator (Vincent) and sister Adelle Cator (Leskin)


Samuel H. Cator, Sr. (Mary)

 Joseph "Thomas" Cator(Laura Benton)

Maggie Cator (Coates)

Helen and sister Irma? Coates




Samuel H. Cator, Sr. (Mary)

Samuel H. Cator, Jr. (Maggie Moulden)

Richard Thomas Cator (Carrie W. Rice)

Richard Thomas Cator Jr



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Montgomery County MD:
 Samuel Cator SR. (1810) and Mary A. Coates Cator and son Samuel H. Cator JR. (1851)

Samuel Holland Cator Sr. (a Blacksmith and later Postmaster for Poolesville MD) was born about 1810, in Maryland. He had four sons and four daughters with Mary A. Coates between 1835 and 1855. 


Children of Joseph and Laura Cator are:


Annie M. Cator born June 13 1862 in MD and died 21 May 1931 in DC at the age of 68.  Annie married William E. Wise in 1881 and they have three known children: Ethel M. Wise Mazie O. Wise, Sadie Adele Wise.  Mazie married Nickolis Grimm born in 1863.  Sadie Adele married Harry J. Jermain on Feb 15, 1920 in Marion County, IN.




Thomas T. Cator born 1864.  He married a Jeanne who was born in France.

Susan Benton Cator born 1867/died 1889 in a drowning accident.  See articles:




SEPT. 17, 1889 SUSAN B. CATOR, daughter of Joseph Thomas Cator and Laura Virginia Cator only lived to be 20 years of age.  Susie died by drowning.  Susie who lived in Georgetown DC for the past 1.5 years was visiting friends in Sharpsburg.  The group of one man and five women was near Beaver Dam Ford, ear Purcellsville, VA on a pleasure trip. They encountered heavy rains which swelled the nearby streams.  As they traveled home and attempted to ford a stream, their wagon was captured by the raging current and ultimately capsized. The man saved Laura Virginia Cator, Susie's mom, and a sister of Susie's (Annie? Margaret?) but  Miss Ella Atwell and Susie were not saved.  Ella and Susie's bodies were pulled from the stream the following day. 


Samuel H. (Horace?) Cator born June 1872/died 1946.

Samuel H. (Horace?) Cator born June 1872/died 1946.












Margaret E. "Maggie" Cator born April 1875.  Maggie married Robert M. Coates on July 1873 in Virginia.  They had two daughters, Helen and Irene Coates.

1900 Census DC Wash T623  Roll: 160 Page:191  ED:  56
Joseph "T" (Thomas) Cator listed as head living with wife, Laura V.  He is 62, born March 1838 in MD to Virginia-born parents and works as a builder.  Laura V. was born March 1844 and is 56 years old.  She too was born in MD to a Maryland born father and a Virginia born mother.  They have been married 37 years (Married about 1863).   They had 7 children, only 4 of whom are living in 1910.  Living with them is their son Samuel Cator who was born in June 1872 and is 27 years of age and is listed as "married" and works as a contractor.  Their daughter Margaret Cator Coates also lives with them with her husband Robert M. Coates and daughter Helen L. Coates.   Margaret (Maggie) is 25 (born April 1875) in MD.  Her husband of 4 years Robert M. Coates was born July 1873 and is 26 years of age.  He was born in VA to VA parents and is employed as a grocery manager.  Their only child, daughter Helen L. Coates, was born August 1897  in DC and is just 2 years old.  They all live at 1828 Sixth Street in DC (June 7, 1900) in a house that they rent.


Wash. Post - Licensed to Wed: 9/10/1896  - Maggie Cator and Robert M. Coates. First marriage for both; both of DC.   

1910 Wash, DC ED 218 Series: T624  Roll: 155   Page: 61

"THOMAS CATOR" is now age 73. His daughter, Maggie Cator Coates lives with him, along with her children Helen Coates (age 12) and  Irma? Coates (age 7), but not her husband Robert M. Coates.  Maggie is listed as  married for 12 years with 2 children. The grandchildren have different listings.  7 year old (Irma?)  is listed as born in DC to Father born in Virginia and a Mother born in Maryland. Helen is born in DC to parents who were born in Maryland.  Do they have the same father?? The family lives at 1306 Champlain Ave.  Thomas is a carpenter for a lumber mill.

7/31/1912 - Wash Post (This is Joseph T. Cator, not G T)


George Frank Cator was born in February of 1840.  He married Susan M. Campbell who was born Aug 8, 1847 in MD.   Susan and George had two children, Nona born Jul 1875 and George C. born 29 Dec 1876 in Rockville, MD. G. F. Cator married Susan M. Campbell on 25 Feb 1868 in Montgomery MD.

1870 Wash, DC Census
Frank, age 29 (b.1841 MD) Carpenter married to:
Susan, age 22 (b. 1848 MD) "Boarding"

1900 Wash, DC Census for 810 19th St NW and PA Ave, DC.  George F. Cator is widowed and 60.  He lives with his 21 year old son, George C.  George F. was born Feb 1840 and is a carpenter.  George C. was born December 1878 and is single and works as a construction electrician.  Both were born in MD to MD born parents.

DEATH OF SON GEORGE C. CATOR, age 25, son of G. Frank CATOR from Washington Post 5/24/1902 and 5/27/1902:
At only 25 years, 4 months, and 24 days, George C. Cator passed is his death certificate.  George C died in Rockville MD (his birthplace) where he had resided for the past 10 years (about 15 to 25 years of age).  George suffered from TB.

DEATH OF GEORGE FRANKLIN CATOR,  at age 70 on 12/18/1910.   

A:  1812 19th Street NW in DC from Google:

WASH POST 12/20/1910:   Cator Funeral to be Held Today.  Funeral services for GEORGE FRANKLIN CATOR, a prominent contractor and builder of this city, who died at Providence Hospital Sunday morning, will be held this afternoon from the residence of his son-in-law, Dr. E. R. Nichols, 1901 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.  Mr. Cator was a native of Maryland, but had lived in Washington for the last 35 years. 
EUGENE ROSCOE NICHOLS IS THE HUSBAND OF DAUGHTER NONA M. CATOR.  He was born Jan 19 1873; He was a doctor, pharmacist and proprietor (of his own drugstore evidently).  He was medium height and build and had blue eyes and sandy colored hair per his US Draft Reg. for WWI.  Nona ran a boarding house per the 1920 DC Census:

At age 70, the father, George Frank Cator, died on 12/18/1910.  Funeral from his late residence 812 19th St NW on Tuesday 12/29/1910 at 10:30am.  Internment private.  Please omit flowers.  Wash. Post 12/20/1910

No known children for Nona M. Cator Nichols or George C. Cator


5) JANE REBECCA CATOR (1846-     )  married William H. Miles and had one known daughter Mary Francis Miles born 1864 who died within 2 weeks (23 Aug 1864-6 Sep 1864).





7) SAMUEL HOLLAND CATOR (JR) (1851-1890); m. MARGARET S. MOULDEN (1851-Jan 10, 1915 DC) 

In 1880, Samuel Jr. was single, 29, a blacksmith and lived with his parents and sister Maggie (Margaret E. Cator). One year later he married.  On December 13, 1881, Samuel Jr. married Margaret S. Moulden in Montgomery County, MD.  In the 1870 Census, Margaret S. Moulden is listed as follows.  They would both be 30 in 1881. 1870 Census for Montgomery County, Dist. 3 MD, listing Margaret S. Moulden:


MARY R. CATOR (ROGERS), born 06 May 1884 in Poolesville, MD.  Died 03 Jul 1942 in DC.  She married William J. Rogers.  Rogers died before 1940, leaving Mary R. Cator Rogers a widow living with her brother Richard Thomas Cator and his wife, Carrie W. Cator when the 1940 Census was taken.   Gravesite of Mary R. Cator Rogers and husband William J. Rogers.

RICHARD THOMAS CATOR, born 11 Feb 1887 in Poolesville, Montgomery County, MD.   Died 16 Feb 1971 in Washington, DC.   SEE:

1940 United States Federal Census, DC 1-221  Richard T. Cator and his wife Caroline Winifred Rice Cator (Carrie W.) of Cuyahoga County, OH, are 53 and 50 respectively.  She was born in Oh and he in MD.  Their son is Richard T. Cator, Jr.  who is 13 in 1940.  Living with them is Richard's sister Mary Cator Rogers who was widowed by her husband in 1932. 

Samuel H Cator, Jr. Grave at Monocacy Cemetery in Beallsville, MD in which wife Margaret S. Moulden Cator and sister-in-law Mary Lily Moulden are also buried.  Monocacy Cemetery, Beallsville, Montgomery County, MD, Plot: Row C, Lot 28 Lower, Site 5



8) MARGARET E. CATOR (1855 in Maryland) She never married.  Died on Dec 31 in 1907.

(2)  District of Columbia:  Samuel H. Cator (1871) & Josephine Zeller (mom);
nd 2nd wife (stepmom) Minnie Sohl Cator; son Ralph Emory Cator


SAMUEL H. CATOR (born June 1872 ) married JOSEPHINE ZELLER in November 1894 and together they had one son 3 years later; RALPH EMORY CATOR born October 15, 1897; died 05/26/1941 and buried at Arlington Cemetery.  Josephine died October 8, 1900.  

I found the following in the Washington Post (Nov. 18, 1894) which states that this Samuel H. Cator was married to Josephine A. Zeller prior to marrying Minnie Sohl:

Samuel's wife, Josephine Zeller Cator, was living with her mother, Sarah Zeller, on Brandywine Avenue in Brightwood in March 1900.  She was arrested for petit larceny from her employer: 

1900 Census, taken June 4 & 5, Brandywine St., DC - Sarah Zeller 
Shows Ralph, grandson, as born in October 1896!  

The following article in the Post in 1900 further clarifies the issue of who was Ralph Emory Cator's mother:    Samuel H. Cator was first married to Josephine  Zeller, daughter of Sarah Zeller, who died October 8th 1900.  Samuel and Josephine married in Nov. 1894 and Ralph was born in 1897.  Samuel and Josephine did not live together after 1898 when Ralph was two years old and Ralph was now 4 years old.  Ralph Emory Cator is Minnie Sohl Cator's stepson.



Some background on Minnie Sohl: She is of German descent and was born Jan 1870.  She is Samuel's 2nd wife and they married around 1901.

1910 Census for DC:
 is listed in the 1910 DC Census as age 13.  Minnie and Samuel have been married 9 years or since about 1901.  His dad, Samuel H. Cator is a carpenter.  Samuel's parents both were born in Maryland, as was Samuel.   Grandmother Sabina  lived with her daughter Minnie and Minnie's husband, Samuel Cator, in 1910, when Sabina was 79 years old.  Minnie died in 1952.  Likely buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery.  

Per the 1918 Washington D.C. Boyd's Directory Ralph "E." Cator is an Electrician residing at 56 Florida Avenue, NW where Samuel H. Cator, Carpenter,  is also listed as residing.

Per the World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918Ralph Emory Cator is 21 and living at 56 Florida Ave., NW in DC, where his mother also lives.

Per the 1920 DC Census, Ralph E. Cator, son, is living with his parents at 126 V Street, NW in DC..  He was born in DC to his Maryland-born father and DC-born mother (German ancestry).  Ralph is an electrician working for a contractor.  Samuel H. is a carpenter working for a construction company.

1920:  RALPH CATOR, married HELEN McCARTY of Virginia on 15 January 1921 in Washington DC

NEW: Helen McCarty was born November 21, 1902, as proven by the following Delayed Certificate of Birth.  Helen was white/female and born in Shepherdstown, WV to William Billington and Lula Pearson McCarty (Campbell) both of VA.  In 1955 when Helen McCarty signed this delayed certificate she was no longer a Cator, but was instead married to a Sykes and living at 1520 No. Queen St, Arlington, VA. 

Children of RALPH and HELEN CATOR:
(b. 10/12/1921 in WV; m. David Damas Vincent; d. 2/22/1972 in Falls Church, VA)

David:      Dorothy: 

Children of Dorothy and David:

dIANE WAS BORN 1945 and died 16 MARCH 1945  DC

David was born in 1946 and died Jan 18, 2003 in DC.  He married/divorced Carole Whittington.

 2) ADELE CATOR (Odell per the 1930 census below)
Mrs. Adele Leskin when she married Meyer Leskin (Laskin).

1930 Census for DC: 2033 1st St. NW, DC
Per the 1930 DC Census, the Cators have moved to 1st St NW, DC, including their son Ralph and his two children Dorothy and Adell.  "Minna" was born in DC to German born parents.  Sam is Maryland for both generations.  Dorothy was born in WV, but rest in DC or MD. Sam continues as a building contractor and Ralph as an electrician in a shop.  Helen McCarty Cator and Ralph Cator appear to be separated or divorced by now (See 1940 Census for Helen below).

1939 Divorce:  Helen and Ralph divorced on Sept 25, 1939, with alleged desertion on part of Ralph after 19 years.

1940 Census for DC: Main Street on Little River Pike, Fairfax, VA
Helen Cator is listed as divorced (from Ralph Cator) in the 1940 Census.  She is living with her uncle and aunt, Mary and Oliver Campbell.  Helen is an operator for the phone company; and Oliver is a private plumber.  Also living with them is Margaret Linney who is 17 and listed as "great niece".  Helen is 36. 

1944 Per the NC Death Certificate:  Ralph E. Cator died in Asheville, Buncombe County, NC, at the Veterans' Administration Hospital in Oteen, at the age of 44 of tuberculosis, pulmonary, chronic far advanced. He was at the VA for 2 months and 5 days.  Death date is given as 26 May 1941.  His "normal" address is given as  DC. Note:  Ralph is buried at Arlington Cemetery Sec: WWW, Site: 2338-C;  he was PVT 1/CL CO K 29TH ENGINEERS USA.


1946 Per the Wash. Post:  Samuel H. Cator dies. Samuel H. Cator. Washington Post, 9/4/1946:  "On Saturday, August 31, 1946, at his residence, 2033 1st St., NW, Samuel H. Cator, beloved husband of MINNIE CATOR, grandfather of Mrs. David Vincent and Mrs. Adele Leskin.  Services at Chambers Funeral Home, 1400 Chapin, NW, on Wednesday, September 4, at 2pm.  Internment Rock Creek Cemetery." 


On 2/22/ 1972 Ralph Emory Cator's daughter Dorothy Lucille Cator Vincent died of Leukemia in Falls Church VA


Samuel Cator's Civil War record.  (United States National Archives. Civil War Compiled Military Service Records)
Company F: 1st Unit District of Columbia Infantry, Private with Union Allegiance     Company C:  2nd Unit District of Columbia Infantry, Private with Union Allegiance (notes his service with 1st Unit),

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