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Descendants of Edward and Alice Carpenter Southworth

GENERATION NO. 1 (1600s and earlier) 

1.  Edward15 Southworth  (Thomas14, John13, Thomas12, John11 de Southworth, Sir, Knt, Lord of Samlesbury, Christopher10, Richard9, Thomas8, John7, Gilbert6, Gilbert5, William4, Gilbert de Croft3, Roger2de Croft, Orm1 de Ashton) was born 1590 in England (Samlesbury), and died 1620 in England.  At age 23 in 1613 at Leyden, Holland he married 23 year old Alice Carpenter (came to Plymouth on the Ship Anne 1623), daughter of Alexander Carpenter.  At about age 31,  Edward died 7 years after this marriage.  Alice Carpenter later married Gov. Bradford of the Plymouth Colony.  Edward and Alice were parents of Constant and Thomas Southworth who became prominent Plymouth Colony residents.
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As planned, Alice married William Bradford about one month after she arrived in the New World.

"A Ship Captain's View of Early Plymouth," Mayflower News of Wisconsin, State of Wisconsin, Fall 1994:

Captain Emmanuel Altham of the Little James reached Plymouth in the summer of 1623, ten days after the Anne. Together the two ships brought some sixty persons to the colony. Altham describes the wedding feast celebrating Governor Bradford's marriage to Alice (Carpenter) Southworth, just arrived aboard the Anne. He writes: "Upon the occasion of the Governor's marriage [August 14, 1623], Massasoit was sent for to the wedding, where came with him his wife, the queen, although he hath five wives. With him came four other kings and about six score men with their bows and arrows -- where, when they came to our town, we saluted them with the shooting off of many muskets. And so all the bows and arrows was brought into the Governor's house, and he [Massasoit] brought the Governor three or four deer and a turkey. And so we had a very good pastime in seeing them dance, which is in such manner, with such noise that you would wonder.... And now to say somewhat of the great cheer we had at the Governor's marriage. We had about twelve pasty [meat pie] venisons, besides others, pieces of roasted venison and other such good cheer in such quantity that I could wish you some of our share. For here we have the best grapes that ever you saw - and the biggest, and divers sorts of plums and nuts."

William Bradford sent for his son John and Alice Southworth Bradford sent for her sons, Thomas and Constant, who arrived about a year later with their aunt Juliana Carpenter Morton and lived with the “Bradfords”.  Nathaniel Morton (Alice’s nephew) who also lived with them, wrote the poem (source is now long lost to me):

“Mistris Alice”
Heer lyes the shadow of a blessed mother
In Israel, well knowne to one and other
Of good decent, of holy predecessors;
Her father equall was to the confessors
And holy matires, suffered for Christ’s sake,
Altho hee suffered not at fiery stake,
And shee with him and other in her youth
Left there owne native country for the truth,
And in successe of time she marryed was
To one whose grace and vertue did surpasse,
I mean  good Edward Southworth, who not long
Continued in this world the Saints amonge.
With him she lived seven years a wife
Till death did put a period to his life.

                            Children of Edward Southworth and Alice Carpenter are:
                                      + 2 i.    Constant16 Southworth, Ensign, born 1614 in Leyden, Holland; died 1678/79 in Duxbury.
                                         Thomas Southworth, Capt, born 1616 in Leyden, Holland; died 1669 in Plymouth Colony. 

GENERATION NO. 2 (1600s) 

2. Constant16Southworth, Ensign (see Edward Generation 1)  born 1614 in Leyden, Holland; died March 10, 1678/79 in Duxbury Massachusetts.  He married Elizabeth Collier November 2, 1637 in Duxbury, Mass, daughter of William Collier.  Constant came to the New World in 1628 and became a Freeman in 1637.  Constant and Elizabeth lived in Duxbury.  Among his responsibilities:  Volunteer in the Pequot War 1637, Ensign 1646, Representative beginning in the year 1647 till 1669.  Treasurer 1663-1679.  Commissary General during King Philip’s War. Constant was a friend of John Alden, my line to the Mayflower Society.
GENERATION NO. 3 (1600s)

 5.  William17 Southworth, Capt.  (Son of Constant-Generation #2) born 1659 in Duxbury and died 1719 in Little Compton RI.  He married (1) Rebecca Pabodie 1680 in Duxbury Massachusetts, daughter of William Pabodie and Elizabeth Alden.  He married (2) Martha Kirtland Blaque/Blake 1705 in Saybrook.  In their marriage William and Rebecca had children Benjamin, Joseph, Edward, Elizabeth, Alice, Samuel, Nathaniel, Thomas and Stephen. His second marriage was to widow Martha (Kirtland) Blaque/Blake, with whom he had sons Gideon (1707) and Andrew (1709).

NOTE:  Through the ancestry of wife Rebecca Pabodie, my line to John Alden is established:  John Alden who married  Priscilla Mullins and had Elizabeth Alden who married William Pabodie and had Rebecca Pabodie who married Capt. William Southworth.

     GENERATION NO. 4 (Late 1600s)

 25.  Nathaniel18 Southworth  (Son of Capt. William Southworth - Generation #3) was born 31 October 1692 in Little Compton, Newport, RI, and died 1730/1731 as a ship’s carpenter while bound for the Mediterranean..  He married Mary Torrey March 1712/13, daughter of Josiah Torrey and Sara Batt.  Mary was born on 7 April 1689.

     GENERATION NO. 5 (1700s)

 75.  Josiah19 Southworth   (Son of Nathaniel Southworth - Generation #4)  was born September 4, 1719 in Bristol, Rhode Island, and died February 7, 1791 in West Fairlee, VT.  He married (1) Abigail Ward December 9, 1744 in Mansfield, CT, daughter of Oliver Ward.  Their children are Abigail, Sibell, Annah, Josiah, Hannah, Abigail.  Then Josiah  married (2) Esther Proctor April 7, 1755 in Mansfield, CT, daughter of John Procter.  With Josiah, Esther was the mother of Asa and Lemuel Southworth.  Josiah married (3) Irene or Irena Reed January 13, 1762 in Bristol CT, daughter of John Reed and Hannah Palmer.  Their children were Hannah, Chester, Lucy, Ralph, Phineas, and Luther.   Josiah’s tombstone record at Fairlee Center Cemetery.

GENERATION NO. 6 (Mid 1700s)

136.  Asa20 Southworth    (Son of Josiah Southworth - Generation #5) was born August 28, 1756 in Mansfield, CT, and died 1811 in West Fairlee, VT.  He married (1) Hannah Allen June 15, 1780 in Mansfield, CT, daughter of Seth Allen.  He married (2) Phebe Ketchum after 1783.


"Southworth, Asa (West Fairlee).  Died at West Fairlee, Vt. on the 17th of August,
of the Lock'd Jaw.  Mr. Asa Southworth, aged 56, a man whose religious
protection was adorned by a striking exhibition of meekness, benevolence, and
Christian simplicity (noticed Monday, 28 Aug. 1811)."

Spooner's Journal, Windsor, Vermont - published by Alden Spooner
For The Years: 1811-1818


NOTE:  DAR LINEAGE NATIONAL #583335, Computer Code #1-021-VT, Winifred Southworth Cobb,
 Ancestor: Asa Southworth.  Approved:  11/13/73.  ASA SOUTHWORTH is Natl#253787

Asa Southworth Photograph courtesy of Jeanette and Scott Pakulski      Asa Southworth photograph courtesy of Jeanette and Scott Pakulski
  Note:  It has been brought to my attention that this picture is after the death of this particular Asa Southworth.  It is from a tintype, which evolved about 1850 and he died in 1811.

Do you know which Asa Southworth this is????  Please contact me, catorfamily@bellsouth.net

Asa marched as private for the relief of Boston at Lexington Alarm, serving 27 days.  In the summer of 1777 he was sergeant in Capt Nathaniel Wales' company, Col. Jonathan Latimer's regiment; ordered with another regiment to reinforce General Gates at Saratoga; was assigned to General Poor's Continental Brigade in Arnold's Division, fought September 19 and October 9, 1777.  Upon the dismissal after surrender of Burgoyne, General Gates spoke of the two regiments from Connecticut as "two excellent militia regiments from Connecticut."  He also served as sergeant in 1778 in Capt Jonathan Rudd's Company, Col. Samuel Chapman's regiment, under Brig. General John Tyler; served  under George Sullivan at the attempt to dislodge the British at Newport.  He was present at the battle of Rhode Island 29 August 1778.

 GENERATION NO. 7 (1800s)

170.  Samuel21 Southworth   (Son of Asa Southworth - Generation #6)   was born 1800 in West Fairlee, VT.  He married Jane Halleck.  Lived in Warren Maine (1833); Lived in Dedham, Mass.  Returned to Maine and lived in the old homestead on Waldo Road  in Belfast.

GENERATION NO. 8 (Mid 1800s)

189.  Dana Boardman22 Southworth   (Son of Samuel  Southworth - Generation #7) was born after 1831 in Searsmont, Maine, and died 1905 as a widower in Belfast, Maine.  He married (1) Martha Jane Roix (Rois) on February 18, 1863 in Belfast, Maine.  He married (2) Ms. Mary Emmeline Simpson, the daughter of Capt. Josiah Simpson and Susan Giles Simpson.  Mary was born about 1828 and married Dana after the death of Martha Jane Roix Southworth in 1878.  Mary and Dana married on  20 Apr 1891 in Belfast.  Mary died there on 21 Jul 1895 at the age of 67.   Dana did not remarry; he died 10 years after Mary.   Dana operated a livery stables business in Belfast, Maine.

GENERATION NO. 9 (Late 1800s) 

199.  Ralph Dana23 Southworth    (Son of Dana Boardman Southworth - Generation #8)  was born 1873 in Belfast, Maine, and died 1941 also in Belfast, Maine.  He married Alvra Mead Cunningham 1895 in Belfast, daughter of Henry Cunningham and Vannie Crocker.  

1880 Census:  Henry (age 24) and Vannie (21) lived in Middlesex Massachusetts where Henry worked in a shoe shop.   Vannie's brother Charles Crocker (18)  lived with them as did Henry's brother Dustin (27) both of whom worked with Henry at the shop.  Henry and Vannie's darling one year old daughter, "Allie", short for Alvra, kept her mom busy at home! 

1900 Census:   Henry Bright Cunningham as head of the household at age 44 (b. Oct 21, 1855 in Belfast Maine to Maine parents) and married 22 years to Vannie, age 42, (b. October 12, 1857, in Stockton Maine as Vannie Harriman Crocker; married Henry September 22, 1877).  They had three children...all living.  Ada Estes Cunningham, daughter,  born October 1885 and 14 years old and son, Henry Bright Cunningham, Jr., born August 1891 and 8 years old lived with them.  Alvra, their oldest daughter,  was not living with them during this census.  Henry Sr.'s mother, Amanda S. Cunningham was a resident in the household also, being 71 years old and born September 23, 1828.  Amanda had three children and all are listed as living in 1900.  Henry Sr.'s occupation is blurry, but appears to be some type of job at the shoe factory (jointer?).  They all lived at 32 Union Street, Belfast, Maine.  Note:  Amanda was a Harriman at birth.  Her brother Dustin Harriman taught at Annapolis Academy and believed to be buried in Arlington.  Through Amanda's line of ascent, we are related to Hannah Dustin.

NEW 4/2/2005:   Alvra Cunningham is now married to Ralph Dana Southworth and appears in the Belfast Maine 1900 Census as living on Lincolnville Avenue with her husband, Ralph, son Dana B (Boardman) who is 4 and Alice E (Edith) who is one year old:  

1910 Census:   21st of April, 1910, the Census shows that Henry Cunningham Sr has passed away.  Vannie, now a widow, is the head of her household, at age 50.  Her son, Henry Jr., lives with her and is 19 and single.  Vannie's mother in law, Amanda Cunningham, is now 81 years of age and two of her three children are living (Duston and Melvin Cunningham).  Also living with her is daughter Ada Estes Cunningham Coombs who has married George E. Coombs 4 years prior (10/19/1906).  Ada is 22 and George is 21; they have no children as of 1910.  Vannie and daughter Ada work as milliners in a shop; Henry works in sales in meat cutting; George Coombs works in a pants factory as a cutter.  All were born in Maine to Maine parents.  It is interesting to note that Charles, Mary and Hazel  Coombs and William and Ella Combs live in the next two houses.   NOTE:  Vannie marries again, to Samuel Nichols Rackliffe, after this census.  Their wedding date is June 18, 1910 in Searsport, ME.  Their new marriage will be somewhat short-lived as Samuel will die on October 4, 1918, prior to the next census taking.  

Note:  My dad recalls that Vannie, whom he dearly loved,  often used a unique expression, "Don't do so."  At times she directed this to him when she would say to him...."Don't do so, Bobby". 

1910 Census:  On January 2, 1920, the Census shows that Vannie "Rackliffe" (widow) was living as Head of Household with her son, Henry Cunningham, Jr. at 11 Commercial Street in Belfast, Maine.   She is now 63 and listed as a widow (of Samuel Nichols Rackliffe whom she married on June 18, 1910) and her son Henry Cunningham is 29.  Vannie owns her home.  Henry works as a hotel clerk.

Note:  I do not know the day or year of her death, but do know that, sadly,  Vannie developed  pneumonia and died within 3 days.

CUNNINGHAM, HENRY B (1900 U.S. Census)
Maine , WALDO, 1-WD BELFAST, Age 45,  Male,  Race: White,  Born: ME
Series: T623  Roll: 600   Page: 3 ==>

CUNNINGHAM, VANNIE  (1910 U.S. Census) Maine , WALDO, 1-WD BELFAST, Age 50,  Female,  Race: White,  Born: ME Series T624  Roll 546 Pg 5 ==>



CUNNINGHAM, HENRY (1920 U.S. Census)
Maine , WALDO, 1-WD BELFAST, Age 29,  Male,  Race: White, 
 Born: ME Series: T625  Roll: 649   Page: 1==> 


Alvra was born in 1879 at Searsport Maine; she died in 1962 in Connecticut.  Ralph Dana took over the livery stables business, then opened a haberdashery which he sold and took the position of  City Clerk for the town of Belfast Maine from 1930 to 1941.

Henry Cunningham           Alvra Mead Cunningham                  Mr. and Mrs. Southworth

GENERATION NO. 10 (Late 1800s)

 203.  Alice Edith24 Southworth , my Grandmother, who initiated and encouraged my interest in genealogy and who was still living when my lineage to the Mayflower through John Alden was accepted by the Mayflower Society.

My Grandmother with my Dad, Robert

New April 3, 2005:

My Grandmother was married three times:  First to Thorwald R. Olsson on October 5, 1921 in Wollaston, Massachusetts.  Then to Percy Fuller in Belfast on May 17, 1929.  Then to Stanley Healey on Feb 19, 1939 in Boston Massachusetts.


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