Ancestry of Nancy Ann Staples, wife of Hiram Eaton
Searsport, Maine               

Note Kittery ME was originally:   Kittery, York, Massachusetts Bay, British America
Maine's independence from the original Massachusetts Bay Colony period was in 1820


 *The Scarlet Letter

 My 9th GGrandmother Wore the Scarlet Letter and inspired the Novel by Hawthorne! 

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My grandchildren's Maternal 4th Great Grandparents were
Hiram Eaton (See HERE)  and Nancy A. Staples.

This page is newly created in 2013 to discover the history of "Grammy" Nancy A. Staples Eaton.

  1640-1719 (Age 79)  IMMIGRANT!!

PETER STAPLES and wife Elizabeth Beadle Edwards, widow of Stephen Edwards and daughter of Robert Beadle
About 1640 Peter Staple/Staples born to a Robert Staples.  Founder of the Staples family in Massachusetts (which is now Kittery Maine).   This was the Massachusetts Bay Colony, a strict Puritan community.
1651 Elizabeth Beadle (widow Edwards), Peter's future wife is born
1670 Peter married widow Elizabeth Beadle Edwards.  Peter was a carpenter and a farmer.  In 1673 Peter was a highway surveyor; a constable for lower Kittery in 1676; sat on the Grand Jury in 1686 and 1689-90.
1671 Peter provided a land grant. Map from:
1674 July 4 Peter bought land from Thomas Turner, the third husband of his notorious mother-in-law Mary Beadle Bachiler Turner, on Long Reach a part of Kittery in Peter's day.  Long Reach was on the river which was the hub of transportation by boat.  This waterfront was the center of life for the area and was also an escape route when there was an Indian attack.
1679 March 9 Town measured 5 acres in his name.  Ultimately Peter had an 80 acre farmstead.
1676 John Staples born to Peter and Elizabeth Edwards Staples in Kittery, ME.  There are two other known sons, James (a deacon and a tailor) and Peter, Jr. (carpenter)
1719 Peter Staples died in Kittery, York County, ME
1723 Elizabeth dies.

"Scarlett" Letter A

Peter's wife Elizabeth Beadle was the daughter of Robert and Mary Bailey Beadle.  Robert was a fisherman and a farmer.

Mary next married Rev. Stephen Bachiler, who was 60 years her senior!  The reason they married was because she was his "housekeeper" (1646-1647).  Remember, strictness ruled in Massachusetts Bay Colony!



The Reverend was ousted from his church for solicitation of his neighbor's wife during his marriage to Mary, and other issues.






Mary Bachiler must have left Bachiler as she committed adultery with widower George Rogers around 1650 and taken to court in 1651 for "incontinency for living in one house together and lieing in one room."  Mary was pregnant with George's child Mary Rogers.  Mary was flogged with 40 stripes "save one" after the birth of her child and George was flogged 40 times prior to the birth of his daughter. Mary was also "branded" with the  Letter A meaning she had to wear an outer garment with the Letter A.

Court Records - York, Maine, 15 Oct 1651 

"We do present George Rogers for, & Mary Batchellor the wife of Mr. Steven Batcheller minister for adultery. It is ordered by ye Court yt George Rogers for his adultery with mis Batcheller shall forthwith have fourty stripes save one upon the bare skine given him: It is ordered yt mis Batcheller for her adultery shall receive 40 stroakes save one at ye First Towne meeting held at Kittery, 6 weekes after her delivery & be branded with the letter A."


  1676-1744 (Age 68)

1676 John Staples born to Peter and Elizabeth Edwards Staples in Kittery, ME.
23 Sep 1679 Mary Dixon, future wife of John Staples born in Kittery to parents Peter and Mary Renwick Dixon
1696 October John married Mary Dixon in Kittery.
1702 Feb. 11 Hezekiah Staples born in Kittery Maine to parents John Staples and Mary Dixon.  He is their second son.
21 Nov 1744 John Staples died in Kittery.
16 Jul 1745 Mary Dixon Staples died in Kittery (Age 65)
Occupation John Staples was a carpenter and a garrison keeper.  He became a large landowner of in South Long Reach.

  1702 - 1752 (Age 49)

1702 Feb. 11 Hezekiah Staples born in Kittery Maine to John Staples and Mary Dixon.  Kittery, York, Massachusetts Bay, British America
21 Sep 1707 Anne Thompson born Kittery, York, Massachusetts Bay, British America
1727 Feb. 22 Hezekiah Staples married Anne Thompson Kittery, York, Massachusetts Bay, British America

per Old Eliot: A Monthly Magazine of the History and Biography of ..., Volumes 1-3

Anne/Anna is the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Furbish Thompson.. 

1729 Sept 22 Miles Staples born in Kittery, son of Hezekiah and Anne. Kittery, York, Massachusetts Bay, British America
1744 Hezekiah was named in his father John Staples' Will along with his brothers Solomon and Samuel, and a son Thomas.  The will was probated in 1745. per Old Eliot: A Monthly Magazine of the History and Biography of ..., Volumes 1-3

  per Old Eliot: A Monthly Magazine of the History and Biography of ..., Volumes 1-3

1752 Hezekiah Staples passed away in Eliot, York County, Maine
Children Miles Staples 1729
Hezekiah Staples 1732-Bef 1734 Died Young
Sarah Staples 1733 -1817
Hezekiah Jr. b. 1734

  1729 - 1810 (Age 80)

Miles STAPLES (Sr.) and wife Sarah TREFETHEN

Kittery ME
Sara Trefethen born to Henry and Mary Robinson Trefethen in Kittery, York County, Maine.  She would grow up to marry Miles Staples.


1729 Sept 22
Kittery ME


Miles Staples born to Hezekiah and Anne Thompson Staples in Kittery, Maine.  Kittery, York, Massachusetts Bay, British America
6 May 1731 Stockton ME Miles Baptized at First Church in Stockton, York, MA (now Stockton ME)
Stockton ME
On June 11, Sarah and Miles married in Kittery; settled in Stockton.
1753 Nov 6
Prospect ME
John Staples born in Prospect ME to Miles and Sarah.
Stockton ME
Sarah Trefethen Staples died in Stockton Springs, Maine of burns.
1810 Feb 11
Stockton ME
Miles Staples (Sr.) dies in Stockton, Maine at the age of 80.
Sarah's Coffin

Sarah Trundy Trefethen Sarah's coffin was small; about 4 1/2 feet long and about 2 feet wide and about 2 feet tall. She was tiny.  She was a "smart, stirring woman. She was great to scold, but probably with reason. She would frequently go down and dig clams for their breakfast, and often walked to Fort Point and did washing for the soldiers there and took meals and other provisions for her pay" which she then carried on her back when she headed home.  Sarah only weighed about 90 lbs.  Some say she lived to be 80.  Sarah fell into a fire (fireplace?), was burned and died from her injuries.  She was buried on the Staples Farm in Stockton Maine but her tomb was demolished about 1904 because of a railroad right-of-way.

Miles' Tomb

Miles was buried on the Staples Farm in Stockton Maine, as was Sarah.  Their resting places were demolished about 1904 when the graves were victimized by a new railroad right-of-way change.     

Children of Sarah and Miles:

Miles Staples, JR b. 12 Apr 1769, d. Bef. 1869.  Moved to Swanville ME and married Jane Nickerson.

*John Staples, b. 06 Nov 1753, Prospect, Waldo, Maine USA, d. Bef. 1853.

Jotham Staples, b. 17 Jan 1756, d. Bef. 1856.

Sarah Staples, b. 27 Apr 1758, d. Bef. 1858.

Abigail Staples, b. 17 Jun 1760, d. Bef. 1860.

William Simpson Staples, b. 08 Feb 1763, d. Bef. 1863.

Ann Staples, b. 23 Dec 1764, d. Bef. 1864.

Mercy Staples, b. 06 Jun 1767, d. Bef. 1867.

Crawford Staples, b. 27 Apr 1772, d. Bef. 1872.

Catherine Staples, b. 03 Nov 1776, d. Bef. 1876.

Phoebe Staples, b. 20 Dec 1778, d. Bef. 1878.

+Hannah Staples, b. 1758, d. 1826, Swan's Island, Hancock, Maine


  1753 - 1826 (Age 72)

John A. STAPLES and wife Abigail STOVER

About 1751
York, Maine
Abigail Stover born.  From findagrave: "b. c 1751, believe father was Joseph Stover; baptized 12 Sept. 1753 1st Parish Church, York
06 Nov 1753
Kittery ME
John A. Staples born to Miles and Sarah Trefethen Staples in  Kittery, York County, Maine.
Jan 1776- Feb 1777 John Staples, a farmer,  served in the Revolutionary War (Pension granted)
27 Feb 1777
York, Maine
John Staples and Abigail Stover marry at First Parish Church in York, Maine
Sep. 26, 1778
Prospect ME
Son, Jotham "Short Jote" Staples born.
Feb. 10, 1783
Prospect ME
Daughter, Mary "Polly" Staples born.

Polly grew up to marry Edward Kneeland on 8 Dec 1803 in Prospect. They had 11 children.  Polly died April  10, 1874 in Stockton Springs, ME. Polly was 91 yrs 2 mo/ 20 days.  Edward was born on Feb. 2, 1775 (during Rev. War) in Boston, MA and died Jul. 21, 1849 in Stockton Springs ME. One of their sons was Zina Kneeland who died at age 22 on Sept. 23 1830.  Zina was born June 19, 1808 in Prospect ME.  Zina died on a sailing ship when he fell overboard and drowned. 

Aug. 3 1784
Prospect ME
Son William Staples born in Prospect.
29 Jul 1786 Son James Staples born to John and Abigail.
01 Feb 1826
Sandy Point ME
John Staples passed away in Sandy Point, ME; age 72
Oct 26, 1838 Abigail Stover Staples passed away in Sandy Point, ME; age 87



   JOHN STAPLES: 1786 - 1869 (Age 82)
                                                NANCY N. STAPLES: 1796 -1877 (Age 80)


1786 July 29

Prospect ME

James A. Staples born to John and Abigail Stover Staples in  Prospect, Waldo County, Maine.
1796 Aug 28 James future wife Nancy N. Staples, daughter of Crawford and Ruth Ridley Staples.  Nancy N. Staples was James' cousins and heir fathers were brothers.
  James married (1) Ann Riddle (had 2 children)
1796 Aug 28 James married (2) Nancy N. Staples daughter or Crawford and Ruth  Ridley Staples.  James and Nancy had 8 children.
06 Jun 1819

Prospect ME

Nancy A. Staples born to parents James and Nancy N. Staples in Prospect, ME.
1860 Census Stockton Maine in Waldo County Census for 1860 lists James Staples as 74 and his wife Nancy as 64.  Farmer.   It lists their personal estate as valued at 25,000 (?) and real estate at 5,500 (?).
1869 June 15

Stockton Springs ME

James died of Apoplexy (Stroke) per the U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1885.  He was 82.

From findagrave: James is buried at Sandy Point Cemetery in Sandy Point, Waldo County, Maine.

May 21, 1877
Sandy Point  ME

Nancy N. Staples died. From findagrave: Nancy N. is buried at Sandy Point Cemetery in Sandy Point, Waldo County, Maine.

  Nancy A. Staples 1819 -  1885 (Age 65)
                                               Capt. Hiram Eaton  1814 - 1884 (Age 69)

 NANCY A. STAPLES m. Hiram Eaton (Capt.)

26 Dec 1814 Hiram Eaton, future husband of Nancy A. Staples was born in Maine.
1819 Jun 6 Nancy Ann Staples born to James and Nancy N. Staples in  Prospect, Waldo County, Maine. 
16 Mar 1843

Nancy Ann Staples married Hiram Eaton (Sea Captain). 

1860 Census At the time of the 1860 Census for Searsport, taken on June 22nd, Hiram and Nancy A. Eaton are 45 and 41 respectively.  Hiram is a farmer whose real property is valued at $2500 and personal property at $550.  Hiram's father, James Eaton is 75, farms, and lives with them.
1870 Census At the time of the 1870 Census for Searsport, taken on June 13th, Hiram and Nancy A. Eaton are 56 and 51 respectively.  Hiram is farming still.
1881 Jan 23

Prospect, ME

Death of Hiram Eaton.  Buried at Bowditch Cemetery in Searsport, ME. 
1885 Feb 15 Death of Nancy A. Staples Eaton, wife of Hiram Eaton.  Buried at Bowditch Cemetery in Searsport, Maine.

Ag 65 yr 8 mo 9 days."

Hiram Eaton/Winters


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