Descendants of IMMIGRANT
John (or Joseph) Phillip Wolf
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    (Mid 1800s)

3JOHN (Joseph/Johann) PHILLIP WOLF was born December of 1845 in NY.     He died in June 5, 1914 at Superior, WI, at the age of 68.  

He married Martha Frances "Fanny" Foss on January 2, 1873. Fanny was born in 1852 in Boston, MA and she died October 7, 1918 in (likely) Ohio.  She was the daughter of Joseph Boody Foss and Lydia Walker▼

They had four known children:

(Great Aunt) Daughter Olive was born October 10, 1874 and only lived till January 16, 1877.  She is buried at Greenlawn Cemetery in Columbus, OH.

(Great Aunt) Daughter Mary Ann Wolf was born March 10 of 1876 in Columbus, OH and she died June 6, 1961 in Franklin County, OH. Mary Ann married William Isaac Lewis and they had 7 children. 



(Great Aunt) Esther Belle Wolf was born 19 Jun 1887 in Columbus, OH.  She died _________.  She married _____ Hart. 

(Great Grandfather) Harry Joseph Wolf (next generation).


    (Late 1800s)

Grandfather Harry Joseph Wolf was born  June 12, 1889 in Columbus OH which is where he also died on November 12, 1926.

Margaret Barbara Haag was born about a year earlier on August 28 1888 in Portsmouth, Scioto County, OH.  She died in Columbus on September 15, 1943.  Margaret was the daughter of JOSEPH A. HAAG and CATHARINA C. "Katie" REIDER (Kathryn Ryder) who were both born in Ohio. 

HARRY JOSEPH WOLF, married MARGARET BARBARA HAAG married on June 15, 1909 in Franklin OH. Harry worked as a paperhanger and decorating contractor. Harry and Margaret had 3 children. 

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1920 Census for Columbus OH, Ward 16, 253 N. High Street:. 

In 1920 Harry and Margaret were living with their three children, Helen, Joseph, and Donald on High Street in Columbus OH.  Harry was born in OH to VA born parents.  Margaret in OH to OH born parents.  Harry owned his own business as a wallpaper hanger.

About a year after Harry died, Margaret married a Lewis Stiffler; they were said to be very strict and lacking in displays of affection for family.  

1930 Census for Columbus OH, District 147, 24__ Pontiac Street:
Brothers, Donald L. Wolf  (age 11) and Joseph Wolf  (age 17) were living with the Stiffler family as Stepsons.  Their mom, Margaret, had married Lewis H. Stiffler in 1927.  In 1930, Lewis owned their home valued at $2,500, was 44, worked as a mason. Margaret and her son Joseph Philip Wolf worked as paper hangers for an interior decorator.  She was 41; he, 17.  Lewis had first married at 19 (to another woman) and Margaret had married her first husband Harry at age 20.  The daughter listed on line 3 (name illegible) worked as a backer in a shoe factory.  No other members of the household were employed.

Tragedy struck this young family when Harry died of meningitis at the mere age of 37 (died November 12, 1926 in Columbus, Ohio).  His death was many years prior to Margaret Barbara Haag Wolf's death who died in Columbus, Franklin, OH on 15 Sept. 1943.


    (Early 1900s)

Harry and Margaret had three children - 2 sons and 1 daughter:

Their oldest child is daughter HELEN CHRISTINE WOLF who was born on May 10th in 1910.  These were living in Columbus OH.  We know that the family was living in Wisconsin by the time that Helen was age 4 (about1914).   Helen would grow to marry a man named Charles A. Cary and then William C. Peck and have a daughter.  William and Helen Peck divorced in Broward County, FL in 1953.  Helen died on February 22, 1995 in Hanceville, Cullman, AL.  She was 85 years old!  

In 1935 Helen and Charles Cary lived at the Hotel Gilbert in Ft. Lauderdale FL where they were cooks.  By 1940 census, they were lodgers at Bud and Pauline Wheeler's house in Ft. Lauderdale; Helen was not working and Charles was a truck driver for an express company.  They ultimately divorced.

In 1947, Helen at age 36 married 22 year old William Charles Peck in Ft. Lauderdale.  He had been married and divorced in Dade County FL.  She was now divorced from Charles Cary. William was born in Spring Lake, NJ and lived in Ft. Lauderdale FL at the time he married Helen. They had one daughter.

In 1950 Helen and William were living at 1905 SW 11 Court in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  (Below is a recent picture of their home from Google Maps)



Their first son and second child was JOSEPH PHILIP WOLF who was born February 10th in 1913 in WI.  Joe would grow up to marry MARY ELIZABETH BALENGER on February 12, 1934.  He was a painter of buildings.


They had three daughters, all born in Columbus Ohio; one of whom was in the Miss Ohio pageant.  

Their daughter named Nancy Earlene Wolf (Mrs. Beamenderfer) was born  March 10, 1939 and died March 6, 2003.  She was widowed when she died at her home at the age of 63.

Joe only lived to the age of  40.  He died 5 April of 1953, in Columbus OH.   He and Mary are buried at Union Cemetery, Columbus OH: Plot: Sect: 52; Lot: 137; Space: 4

Note:  Mary Ballenger was the daughter of Earl M. Balenger and his wife Adda M. Maxwell.  Mary was cremated; Joseph was not. Mary was born Nov. 17, 1914 in Zanesville OH and died Feb. 16, 1993 at the age of 78.

Mary married after Joseph's death - she married John Treib in Indiana:


Their last child and second son was DONALD LEWIS WOLF, born 1 day and 8 years after his sister Helen.  Don was born on May 11, 1918 in Columbus, OH, the family having returned from Wisconsin to Ohio. He married JEAN AUDREY REPLOGLE on the very last day of the year in 1939.  Jean was the daughter of RAYMOND REPLOGLE and MINNIE SCHMUHL. They ultimately moved to Florida for much of their married life.  Don died in Fort Lauderdale at the age of 66. 

1914 Photo:  Harry Joseph Wolf, his wife Margaret Barbara Haag Wolf, and their daughter Helen Christine Wolf.  Taken in Wisconsin when Helen was 4 yrs old.







Jean died of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1974 at the age of 54.  Don found her in their condo living room sitting on the sofa with her bible in hand and opened.  Her head was tilted down and he called the ambulance who took her to the hospital where she died within hours, never regaining consciousness. Jean was a devout Christian Scientist who had given many testimonies over the years. 

Don married Lyn Catherine Mcfarland on the 24th of November 1980 in Broward County.  They were married for several years before Don died on February 5th in 1985 of a heart attack at the age of 66.  This heart attack followed years after his heart bypass operation.  By this time they had a second home (mobile) in Lake Aston area of Florida as well as their home in Broward County, FL.   This marriage was problematic for the Wolf family as when Don died, she kept the vast majority of  Don's possessions for her side of the family and within months of his death she discontinued all communication and interaction with the Wolf side of the family. Very sad. 

Harry's sons, Joe and Don, both of whom grew to be tall men.  Don was 6'5" and Joe was 6'7".  They also had a sister, Helen.  Harry died when they were young.   The children endured numerous hardships after their father died.  Joe and Don, with their sister Helen, moved to Florida to try to find better times.  Don went to school till the 10th grade.  Then he did many odd jobs such as clearing the way for roads in the Everglades - until he eventually was hired with a major employer, Southern Bell, from which job he ultimately retired.   Don and Helen remained in Florida.  Joe married and returned to Ohio.  Don married Jean, built his own home - payday by payday - and became the father of three children.  Don and his son both loved hunting and fishing and were very close. He also has two daughters and several grandchildren and great grandchildren.




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