Beginning with Thomas G. Cater (Cator) and Caroline R. Locker Cator

Thomas G. Cater/or m. Caroline R. Locker

Son Wm. A. Cator m. Mary Sheckolls

Albert R. Cator m. Eliza Lavina Walson


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This line is very likely attached to "Our Cators" line as Albert Cator lived in the same area of Washington in the 1900s as did William and Charles in "Our Cators".  They are also  buried in the same section as part of "Our Cators", Belle and William Cator, are at Cedar Hill Cemetery.   

Possible earlier generation is Thomas Cater and Sarah Baden Cater.

This generation is George Thomas Cater and wife Caroline Baker Locker Cater/Cator

When George "Thomas" Cator (also found as George Thomas Cator) was born in 1801 in MD, his father, Thomas Cator/Cater, was 26 and his mother, Sarah Baden, was 22.

When he was about 24, he married Caroline Baker Locker on January 3, 1825 and they had six children together. Caroline was the daughter of David Locker and Sara Page Locker.  Caroline was born on Aug. 28, 1805 in St. Johns Parish in PGC, MD.  She died after the 1880 census in Marlboro, MD.

Her Christening record is:


George Thomas Cator died on August 1, 1854, in District of Columbia, at the age of 62. By living past the 1880 census, Caroline outlived George Thomas by 26 or more years and did not remarry.  



During the June 28, 1850 Census, Thomas and Caroline were living in Prince George's County in the Bladensburg District.  He was 49 and worked as a manager.  His wife Caroline Cator was 45 and they had 5 children in their home. Eldest daughter Sarah Elizabeth born in 1827 was no longer living with her parents. Sarah Elizabeth married James L. Brashears two years before this census.  

In the 1880 Census, Caroline is a widow and living with her daughter Sarah Elizabeth Cator Brashears and Sarah's husband James Lafayette Brashears (55 and 52 years of age respectively). James is a farmer.  Caroline is now listed as 85 years old. To be 85, Caroline would have been born in 1795!!!  It is most likely that this a recorded error and she was born in 1805. Also in the home is Emma E. age 18, William B. age 20 and Adolphus age 15.   They are in Marlboro, PGC, MD.


Sarah ElizabethCater/Cator was born in PGC Maryland in 1827.  Sarah married James Lafayette Brashears (1825-1898) on January 4, 1848 in the same county.  They have five children in 16 years:  Frances Edmonia born November 1848; James Thaddeus October 1853;  Emma E. May 1862; William Bradley Dec. 1963; Seth Adolphus 1864.  Sarah died September 24, 1903 in Maryland, at the age of 76.

Daughter, Nancy L. "Anne" CATOR:

Nancy or Anne L. Cater/Cator was born in Maryland in 1832.  No other information known about her. 

Daughter, MARY Emily CATOR:

Mary Emily Cater/Cator was born in PGC Maryland in January 1837. She died after the 1910 Census in PGC.

Son, Thomas Pratt CATOR:

In 1844 Thomas Pratt Cator was born in PGC MD.   He died 22 March 1872 in Marlboro MD.  SEE: 

 Son, RICHARD S. "Rich" CATOR:

When Richard S. "Rich" Cater/Cator was born in September 1849 in Prince George's County, Maryland, his father, George, was 57 and his mother, Caroline, was 44. He had two brothers and four sisters. He died in 1910 in Prince George's County, Maryland, at the age of 61.

RICHARD S. CATOR remained single throughout his life and had no known children.  As you can see from the following 40 years of census span, Richard S. Cator worked for the Ritchie Family for many decades.  Richard S. Cator is listed in the following Censuses:

JUNE 27, 1870 CENSUS IN  PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, Bladensburg, FORESTVILLE POST OFFICE, MD:  In 1870 Richard was 23 and working as a farm laborer with the John Ritchie family.

June 18 1900 Census PGC, MD.
Richard is a "Servant/Farm Laborer" with the John Ritchie family.  This census informs us that he was born in "Sept 1849" and is age 50/Single.

May 6, 1910 CENSUS IN  PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, 13th District. 
Richard, now 63, boards with and works as a farm laborer for the William Ritchie family.


WILLIAM ALFRED CATOR was born in 1836 Maryland, and died before the 1880 census as his wife is listed as widowed.  Right after Christmas 1858 (December 28th), William married MARY F. SHECKOLLS in Prince George's County. 




Mary was born in Maryland in July 1837.  She died Nov. 27 in 1923 in DC.  She was 86.   In the 1850 Census for Anne Arundel MD Mary is listed as 10 years of age and is the daughter of Richard and Susan Sheckolls.  She has a brother Thomas A, sister AnnR, and brother Edwin.

 She died Nov. 27 in 1923 in DC.Mary is buried at Congressional Cemetery in DC.

Their only child was son Albert Richard Cator, born on July 29, 1859 in Prince George's County, MD.  He died in 1928.

Remember from above that in the 1850 Census William A. Cater is 14 and living in Bladensburg, PGC, MD with his parents, Thomas G. Cater and Caroline R. Cater (49 and 45 respectively).  Also living in the household are William's siblings, Ann L. (18), Mary E. (12), Thomas P (7) and Richard S. (4).

By 1863, per the Civil War Draft Registration Records, William A. Cator is m a teacher. He and his wife lived in the 3rd District of Prince George's County, MD. As of July 1863, he was 28 years old, married and born in MD.

We learn from the 1880 Census that Mary is a widow.  William has died sometime prior to 1880.  Mary is living with her son Albert Richard Cator on Washington Street in Union Town, DC.  Albert is 20 and Mary is 40.  Albert is a painter; Mary cares for the home.

Mary F. Cator is listed in the DC 1891 Directory as a widow of William A. Cator of Anacostia, DC.  Per the 1900 Census, Mary F. Cator had only one child, who was living, making Albert R. Cator an only child.  In the 1910 census, Mary F. is 72 years of age and living with her son and working as a dressmaker at home. In the 1920 census Mary F. is listed as being "80."


Albert Richard Cator was born on July 29, 1859, in Prince George's County, Maryland, the child of William Alfred and Mary Frances. He married Eliza "Lavinia" Walson on November 23, 1880, in DC. They had seven children in 20 years. He died on April 25, 1928 in DC at the age of 68, and is buried in Suitland, MD.  Lavinia was born January 1862 and died May 1938.  She is the daughter of Eliza P. and Charles F. Walson.










Lavinia was called Ma Beanie and Ma Vinny (do you know where Ma Beanie came from?)

Albert R. Cator is listed in the 1880 Census as being "head of household" who is living with his mother 40 year old widowed mother Mary F Cator.  Albert was a 20 year old "painter" at that point in time.   He was still listed as a "painter", at 90 Nichols Street, in the 1892 Washington DC City Directory.  Eliza is listed as Eliza V. Cator on the 1900 Census.  Eliza's father was born in NY; her mother in DC.  By 1900 they are living at 139 Jackson Street in DC, per that year's census. In the 1910 Census Albert is a painter at the government hospital (St. Elizabeth's?) living on Nichols Avenue.  By 1920 he is listed as a general painter.  In 1920 Lavinia is listed as working for the government as a clerk.

Albert was buried April 25, 1928 in Cedar Hill Cemetery
(Interment 3092, Sec 7, Lot 531, Site 4)

Lavinia was buried next to her husband Albert on May 11, 1938.

Washington Post, May 11, 1938: 

(Interment 10110, Sec 7, Lot 531, Site 3)

Misc. News Articles on this family:

 Article from the Washington Post February 7th, 1890 

 Article from the Washington Post September 25th, 1903 

Article from the Wash. Post 1911-06-05 

The Washington Post Aug 6, 1889; p. 6

The Washington Post July 16, 1889; p. 6


Children of ALBERT CATOR and ELIZA WALSON are:

Tragically Albert and Lavina lost their first two children as babies.

LAURA MABEL CATOR (DIED YOUNG) was born in August 1881 at Anacostia DC.  She died of Diphtheria at her home on Washington Street in Anacostia  when she was only  4 1/2  years old (January 6, 1886).  Laura Mabel was buried the next day at a private funeral in Congressional Cemetery (Site R94/205).  Her gravestone reads: "Only daughter of Albert R. and E. Lavinia Cator.  Our angel has gone before us and beckons us on.". 

CHARLES RYLAND CATOR (DIED YOUNG) was born in December 1885 at the home in Anacostia DC. When only 6 months and 15 days old Charles died from Cerebral Meningitis with convulsions over a period of five weeks.  The date of his death was May 25th, 1886 and he died at home on Washington Street in Anacostia DC.  He was also buried the day after his death at Congressional Cemetery, next to his sister Laura Mabel Cator.  His site is R94/206.

IOLA ELIZABETH "LIZZIE" CATOR: When Iola Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cator was born on March 26, 1888, in DC, her father, Albert, was 28 and her mother, Eliza, was 26. On the 1920 Census she is listed as "Lora?" E. Cator, age 22, and works as a clerk for the Southern Railroad.   She married Milton Aubrey Harris on November 19, 1913, in DC. They had two children during their marriage. She died on December 29, 1965, in Jacksonville, FL, at the age of 77, and is  buried there.

1909 WASHINGTON POST ARTICLE ON 11/7/1909 :                         

Masquerade Party.
The home of Miss IOLA CATOR, in Anacostia, was the scene of a merry-making on Monday night when the members of the G. K. W. Club and others celebrated Halloween with a masquerade party.  The parlors were decorated with autumn leaves, black cats, pumpkin faces, and other features suggestive of the day.  Refreshments were served in the lantern-lighted dining room, after which ____ were resumed until the witching hour of 12.  The members of the club and its visitors present were Misses Janie Torney, IOLA CATOR, Florence Burns, Edith Mahoney, FANNIE CATOR; Nellie Lessner of Baltimore, Florence Gillott, May Molineu, Gertrude Tolson, Rosie Simpson, Margaret Torney, VESTA CATOR,  Pearl Murphy; Messrs. Elijah Kinseila, Harold Molineu, Ralph Williamson, William Davis, Woodell Frasier, Frank Tew, James Simpson, Robert Mahoney, Christ ____dorf, George Torney, and George Fer_____.


FRANCES "FANNIE" A. CATOR: When Frances "Fannie" Alberta Cator was born on March 20, 1891, in DC, her father, Albert, was 31 and her mother, Eliza, was 29. She married Joseph James Moniz/Monez in 1920. They had one child during their marriage. She died on February 7, 1979, at the age of 87 in Broward County, FL. Per the 1910 Census she worked as a stenographer at a school when she was 19.                                               Florida Death Index:              

1909 WASHINGTON POST ARTICLE ON 12/06/1909  NEW 6/22/04   

VESTA LORENA CATOR: When Vesta Lorena Cator was born on May 21, 1894, in DC, her father, Albert, was 34 and her mother, Eliza, was 32. She married John James Rodruck on July 9, 1919, in DC. She died on January 1, 1975, in Hollywood, Florida, at the age of 80, and was buried there.   Marriage License:

She is buried at Fred Hunter's Hollywood Memorial Gardens East Hollywood Broward County Florida, USA Plot: Section 9, Lot Circle 2

LUCILLE V. CATOR was born in Nov 1897* in Washington DC.  The 1920 Census lists her as married to a Claude M. SIMS, but living in her father's household (Albert R Cator's).  No husband is apparent from the census as living in this household.  Lucille does not have an occupation listed on this census. Two grandchildren listed as living with her in Albert's household as "Sims" grandchildren:  Claude M. Cator, born 1914 in Virginia (age 6 in 1920); and Helen Lorraine Cator who is listed as age 5. Wedding Announcement Dec 27 1913, when she was 16.

Another source told me that a CLAUDE CATOR was born in Virginia to Albert and Lavinia Cator and that Claude married three times and had children from each of these marriages. One time was likely in New England.  It is reported by another researcher that he has some relatives somewhere in Hollywood Florida.  Claude survived an electrical accident.  He was evidently a bit rowdy as somewhat separated from his family due to excessive drinking and smoking habits.  Note:  I am wondering if this man is really CLAUDE SIMS. If it is a son, Claude Cator, then the "grandchildren" Claude and Helen on the 1920 census are most likely his (Cators) and not Sims.   

MARY LAURA CATOR was 8 on 1920 Census (born in 1901/2)* in DC, a studentThe 1920 Census lists her as age 19, single, and not involved in an occupation.  When grown, June 9, 1923, she married LAWRENCE A. LIPSCOMB.  The 1920 Census lists Mary Laura as a stenographer for an unnamed factory.  
Marriage License Application                      

 Article from 17 Jun 1923 Society Section, Washington Post

Mary Laura and Lawrence Alexander Lipscomb has one known daughter, Jean Patricia Lipscomb who was born July 15, 1925 in VA.  Jean Patricia married Mario Joseph Russo.  She died July 10, 1994 in Chambersburg, Franklin, Pennsylvania.

Baby Jean Patricia Lipscomb



1910 US Census: District of Columbia, Washington, ED231, T624 Roll 149 Page 106: 
Albert R. Cator, born MD, Age 50, Nichols Avenue. Taken on April 16-18, 1910.  

1913: The following from the Washington Post lists the SIX high school graduates of 2/4/1913 (mid year grads) Vesta L. (Lorena) Cator, Meta Rosa Jaeger, Margaret Laufer, Allie Mackley Payne, Marvil Groves Armstrong, and William Alburtis Brockwell. 

1918 Washington D.C. Boyd's Directory:  Family History Center Microfilm #1606045)
Per this source, Fannie, Mary Laura, and Vesta Lorena Cator all live next door to their father's home.  They live at 1930 Nichols; he lives at 1940 Nichols: 

     Frances A "Fannie" Cator, resided at 1930 Nichols Avenue, SE
     Mary Laura Cator, stenographer at  Genl Baking Co, resided at 1930 Nichols Ave SE
     Vesta Lorena Cator, teacher at Cranch School, resided at 1930 Nichols Avenue, SE 
     ALBERT R. CATOR, painter, home:  1940 Nichols Avenue, SE

1920 US Census: District of Columbia, Washington, ED354, T625 Roll 211 Page 142: 
Albert R. Cator, born MD, Age 60, 1050 (?) Nichols Avenue.
Taken on Jan. 13, 1920.  *New 3/21/04:
Albert R. Cator, head, 60 years, Married, born MD to MD parents, Occ:  general painter
Lavinia L. Cator, Wife, 56 years, born DC to PA father and "US" mother.Govt Clerk
Lucille V. Sims, dau, 22 years, Married, b, DC; No occupation.
Claude M. Sims, grandson (son of Lucille), age 6, born DC to a VA father & DC Mother.
Helen L. (or T) Sims, granddaughter (dau of Lucille), age 5,       (ditto).
Mary F. Cator
, Mother (of Albert R. Cator), 80 yrs, Widow, b. MD to MD Parents.  

TIMELINE (Not Updated 2016)

1801 Thomas G. Cator born Maryland
1805 Caroline Locker born Maryland
Jan 3
Thomas and Caroline marry PGC
1832 Daughter Ann L. Cator born to Thomas and Caroline Maryland
1836 Son William A. Cator born to Thomas and Caroline Maryland
1838 Daughter Mary E. Cator born to Thomas and Caroline Maryland
1840 Future daughter-in-law Mary F. Sheckolls born. Maryland (Anne Arundel?)
1843 Son Thomas P. Cator born to Thomas and Caroline Maryland
1846 Son Richard S. Cator born to Thomas and Caroline Maryland
1850 June 28 Thomas and Caroline living in Bladensburg with 5 children; he is a manager. Bladensburg, PGC
1858 Dec 28 Son, William A. Cator weds Mary F. Sheckolls. PGC
1859 July Son, Albert R. Cator born to William A. and Mary F. Sheckolls Cator Maryland
1862 Jan Albert's further wife, Eliza "Lavinia" Walson, born DC
1870 Census:  Son Richard S. Cator working as farm laborer Bladensburg, PGC Forestville Post Ofc
Bef 1880 Son,William A. Cator dies.  
1880 Census June 2nd:  Widow Mary F. Sheckolls Cator is living her her son Albert R. Cator Washington St. in Union Town, DC
1881 Albert R. Cator married Eliza Lavinia Walson. DC
1891 Widow Mary F. Sheckolls Cator listed in city directory as keeping house.  Anacostia, DC
1892 Albert R. Cator is painter per DC Directory 90 Nichols St., DC
1900 Census Albert and his family living in DC 139 Jackson St, DC
1909 Per Fannie Cator's ad for work, they ae living in DC 42 Nichols Ave., DC
1910 Census Richard S. Cator a farm laborer for Ritchie Family.  Widow Mary Sheckolls Cator lives w/son Albert Cator.
Albert R. Cator painter at St. Elizabeth


Albert and his family live on Nichols Avenue, DC
1918 Fannie, Mary, Vesta Cator live at 1930 Nichols Avenue, SE
Albert R. Cator, painter, home:  1940 Nichols Avenue, SE
 Nichols Avenue, SE
1920 Widow Mary Sheckolls Cator is 80 per Census  
1928 April Grandson, Albert R. Cator, 68, dies. Albert buried 4/25/1928 Cedar Hill Cemetery
nterment 3092, Sec 7, Lot 531, Site 4)
1938 May Eliza Lavinia Walson Cator, 76, spouse of Albert R. Cator dies. On 5/11/1938 she is buried next to husband Albert.   (Interment 10110, Sec 7, Lot 531, Site 3) Died at her home 5533 Hawthorne Place NW,  DC


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Lucille Cator's Appendicitis Attack 3/21/1910 Wash.Times


One Ancestry family tree lists Thomas and Caroline BAKER Locker Cator as having as their first child, Sarah who married into the Brashears family.



U.S., Civil War Draft Registrations Records, 1863-1865 Record for William A Cator


Eliza P. Walson,mother of Eliza Lavinia Walson Cator



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