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WILLIAM J. CATOR (Jan 1862) and wife IDA E. LNU


MD Jan. 1862:  William J. Cator is born in MD.


MD April 1868: Ida E. LNU is born in MD.



__ 1885 William J. Cator marries Ida E. LNU.


MD May 1887 Daughter Genevieve Cator is born.


MD 5 Dec 1889 Daughter Elizabeth Amanda Cator is born (see next generation).


1891 Daughter Emma Cator is born.


1891 William J. Cator is a machinist living at 908 K SE, DC (City directory)


DC 1892 William J. Cator Watchman 710 10th SE, DC (City directory), about age 30.


DC 25 Aug 1894 William and Ida's daughter Emma died at 2 3/4 years of age:


DC 1895/1896 William J. Cator is a machinist living at 1410 E. SE, DC (City Directory)


DC 1897 William J. Cator is a machinist living at 214 9th St., NE DC (City Directory)


DC 1898 William J. Cator is a machinist living at 514 E. SE,  DC (City Directory)


VA 1900 United States Richmond VA Federal Census for William J Cator

William J. Cator is 38, born Jan 1862.  He is listed as born in MD to MD born parents.  Ida is listed as 32, born April 1868; she too was born in MD to MD born parents.  They have been married 15 years, or since about 1885. In 1900 they have had 2 children, both living; Genevieve born May 1887 and is 13 and Elizabeth who was born June 1890 and is 10.  Dad William J. is a machinist.  The family is boarding at 624 N. 7th St. in Richmond VA.


1)  Ida and William live in WV and the census for DC taken on April 23, 1910 shows that their daughter, now married, Elizabeth Amanda Cator Sikes is living with her husband in DC.

1910 CENSUS for DC taken April 23, 1910:

Elizabeth and Vincent are living at 1837 9th St. NW, DC; married 2 years; and at age 23 Vincent is a DC policeman.  He was born in Georgia to Georgia-born parents. Elizabeth is 19 and born in DC (other records indicate she was born in MD) to Maryland-born parents.  This is their first marriage and they have been married 2 years.

2)  Ida and William live in WV and the census their shows that Elizabeth Sikes is living with them in WV on the April 25, 1910 (2 days later) Federal Census Huntington Ward 3, Cabell, WV for William J. Cator

1910 CENSUS for WV taken April 25, 1910:

William J. Cator is 47 (b. Jan 1862) and has been married for 24 years to Ida Cator who is 42. Living with them is their daughter Elizabeth Sikes who is 20 and has been married for 2 years.  Elizabeth has no children.  William and Ida have 2 listed, with 1 living in 1910.  All three were born in Maryland to MD born parents.  William J. Cator is a machinist for the railroad. 


Elizabeth Amanda Cator m. Frederick Vincent Sykes in DC

Frederick Vincent Sikes (19 Apr 1886 in Early County, Georgia - 7 May 1936) 
Elizabeth Amanda Cator (5 Dec 1889 Maryland - 10 Aug 1956)


19 April 1886, Early County, GA:  Frederick Vincent Sikes was born.

5 Dec 1889, Maryland:  Elizabeth Amanda Cator was born.

1903 U.S. Marine Corps Muster Rolls:  It appears that Vincent Sikes from DC at age 18 enlisted in the U. S. Marine Corps in Port Royal SC.  He was a Private enlisted on Dec. 7, 1903.  In January of 1905 he was assigned to Camp Elliot, Panama (Isthmian Canal Zone) as a private.  In 1906 he was in the Marine Barracks at DC's Navy Yard. In Sept of 1906 he was on the USS Newark.  By Dec 1906 he was in CO B 1st Provisional Regt Camp Thomas Manzanillo in Cuba until at least July 1906 when he returned to DC Marine Barracks. I do not know when he was discharged from the Marines, but likely before 1908 as he married in March of that year.


1908:  According to the Washington Post on March 19, 1908, Elizabeth Amada Cator of Baltimore and Frederick Vincent Sykes of DC married in Rockville MD at the Christ Episcopal Church. 


Their marriage was an elopement which made the newspaper even though the couple tried to keep it out of the news.  Elizabeth Amanda's dad was very much opposed to the marriage to Vincent, which Vincent evidently spent some time talking with her to even get her to agree to the license for fear of her father's knowing. 


Elizabeth Amanda was 18; Vincent 21.  Later in this article it mentions that he is really 26 years old or born in 1882 (not likely).


Vincent Sykes is a policeman with a good record.  He had served through part of the time of the Spanish American War; per this article it was with the Navy, but his military records all indicate he was a Marine.  Now in 1908 he worked for the 9th Precinct in DC.


Vincent was living with his uncle, M. P. Roper who is also a policeman at that time, but in the 6th Precinct.  Sykes was living at 655 F. Street NE, DC.


Wash Post 3/19/1908:  


1910 CENSUS for DC taken April 23, 1910:

Elizabeth and Vincent are living at 1837 9th St. NW, DC; married 2 years; and at age 23 Vincent is a DC policeman.  He was born in Georgia to Georgia-born parents. Elizabeth is 19 and born in DC (other records indicate she was born in MD) to Maryland-born parents.  This is their first marriage and they have been married 2 years.


1917 U.S., WWI Draft Registration Card, 1917-1918 for Frederick Vincent Sikes

Vincent is living at 2335 Guilford Ave., in Baltimore MD.  He was born on April 19, 1886 and is 32 years old at the time he signed his registration card.  At this time he is working as a policeman for the State of Maryland..  He is tall, medium build and has blue eyes.

1920 CENSUS for MD taken January 5, 1910:
Elizabeth and Vincent are living at 2335 N. Guilford Ave in Baltimore MD.   Vincent still works for the police department (in DC or MD?) and is 32 years old.  He was born in Georgia to Georgia-born parents.  Elizabeth is 28 and born in "MD" to Maryland-born parents.  Elizabeth and Vincent now have two children:
  • Genevieve Sikes, age 8, born in SC. (1912)
  • Evelyn Sikes, age 1 year 11 months (born about 1918).




1929:  City Directory for DC:  Frederick and Elizabeth are living at 4921 Georgia Av. NW in Apt. 404 and their daughter Genevieve is living at 4408 Georgia Av. NW (likely an apt.) and works as a saleslady at the Palais Royal.

1930 CENSUS for DC taken on April 17, 1930

Frederick V. and Elizabeth A. Sikes are back in DC.  This census was taken in Precinct 10, Tract 16.  I do not know what this indicates regarding housing. The family lives in a home that they rent for $40/month.  On his last birthday Vincent was 40 (about 1890.  Humm...dropped a couple of years off his age!).  Elizabeth is 37 (b. about  1893; same-o, same-o!).  According to this he was married at 20 (not 21) and she at 19.   Change in employment:  Vincent appears to now be a dispatcher for the bus company and no longer a policeman.  Elizabeth is now employed as a salesperson for a department store and she may work with her daughter Genevieve 18 since her employment is identically listed.  Evelyn is 12.

Daughter Genevieve eventually married a W. L. Ruffner; they lived at one time in Silver Springs MD.   They had one known daughter.

Evelyn Naomi Sikes eventually married Arthur H. Jones.  They had two girls and two boys.

1935 DC Directory lists Fred V. as an asst. mgr. He and Eliz. A. live at 1458 Columbia Road NW in Apt 110, DC.  Genevieve, their daughter is a saleswoman at Hecht Co. and lives at 4403 14th NW. 





May 7, 1936:  Death of Frederick Vincent Sikes.  Burial at Arlington Cemetery in DC.



1940 CENSUS for DC taken on April 9, 1940

On April 9th 1940 Elizabeth Amanda Sikes, now a widow, is living with mother Ida Cator at her daughter Evelyn's home in DC on Columbia Road, NW.  Evelyn N. is 22 and her husband Arthur H. Jones is 22 also.  They each finished 8th grade.  Arthur was born in VA.  He and Evelyn have lived in this home at least since 1935.  Arthur is a service manager at a garage and works 40 hours a week.  Evelyn takes care of their 10-month old daughter Janet E. Jones who was born in DC.  According to this 1940 census, Evelyn was born in MD.  Elizabeth is now 40.  Ida Cator (Kator) her mother is listed as a lodger and is 75 years old.  Elizabeth and Ida were born in MD. Elizabeth Amanda occasionally works as a kitchen aid at a restaurant; Ida E. does not work outside the home.

August 10, 1956:  20 years after her husband died, Elizabeth Amanda Sikes w/o (wife of) Frederick Vincent Sikes died and is buried with her husband at Arlington Cemetery in DC.  She had been living at 626 Eye St. in DC.



According to Ard/Lash family tree on Ancestry, Vincent was born 19 April 1886 in Early Co., GA to Andrew Jackson Sikes and Ella Roper (1867-1957).  Roper is consistent with the Uncle Roper that Vincent was living with per the marriage article in the Washington Post in 1908.


According to the Martin-Dees family tree on Ancestry, Vincent was born the same date/place and his mother was Ella BELL Roper and his father Andy Sikes. 



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