Thomas and Sarah E. Cator are the parents of Charles Cator, Sr. (our line)
and his brother, William Cator.  Following information is on William Cator's dau.-in-law Belle Cator

Thomas & Sarah E. Cator
Son William Cator & Mary Margaret Liston ò
"Willie" Charles Cator & wife
Belle Pettit Cator

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Probable:  henry Tenley and elizabeth talbert

Henry Tenley was born in Prince George’s County, MD and married Elizabeth Talbert on December 7, 1820 in PGC.  Although not proven, George Tenley may have been the son of a Henry Tenley of Prince George’s County.  Henry had 2 wives:  Felly Tenley, married in Washington DC 13 Feb 1812, and Elizabeth Talbert married in Prince George’s County 7 Dec 1820.

George M. "Big RED Tenley and Mary Jane Webster

George M. “Big Red” Tenley  was born in 1817 in Prince George’s County, MD One site lists him as full-blooded Piscataway Native American Indian.   Click HERE also. He died October 1888 in PGC, MD at the age of 71.  Big Red married three times - Mary Jane Webster, Sarah Day, and Eliza Jane White.  He fathered six sons and ten daughters.  George "Big Red" Tenley owned a store, shown on various maps of the time, located on what is now Pyles Lumber Company, Clinton, Maryland.

His wife, Mary Jane, was born about 1824 in Maryland and died about 1860 from childbirth complications soon after the birth of Annie Violet Tenley. Together they had four children. 

Mary Jane’s father was James Gibbs Webster who was christened 4/17/1768 at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Broad Creek.  James moved with his parents to Prince William County, VA about 1781.  He married Sarah Edelen, Mary Jane's mother, on November 20, 1821.  They had had three children.  He owned 311 acres  2 miles from Centreville which was time-purchased from Charles B. Calvert.  The purchase price, with interest, was paid by James Webster before he died on December 3, 1852, but he never received a deed of conveyance and a sale of the land was ultimately held on 12/10/1855 and sold for $5 an acre.  (Biography of James G. Webster, Surratt House)

Following Mary Jane's death by childbirth complications soon after Annie Violet was born, George was left with children of the approximate ages of 13, 10, 3 and a daughter of a few months.  About a year after his wife Mary Jane’s death, he married Sarah Day who was about age 35 at the time.  She gave him 9 children in 11 years (age 46!).  Evidently the poor soul had enough on her plate without being concerned with churchgoing and christenings, so the last seven of his children were late baptisms, 5 on the day of their father’s marriage to Eliza Jane White, which incidentally was Christmas Day, 1884.  Eliza was about age 38 when she married George.  The 1880 census shows that Eliza White, age 34, had been a single boarder in George Tenley’s home.  His marrying someone already in the home and knowing the family certainly couldn’t have hurt George’s situation - but then poor Eliza was left with a number of these children after only four years. 

Since the lifetime of Big Red (1820 - 1888 period) had several major events of historical importance, let’s review some of what was happening in news of that day:  In 1820 when Big Red was born, Napolean had just five years earlier been defeated at Waterloo!  Photography and the single wire telegraph were invented and developing.  Florida was finally under the control of the United States through the Adams-Onis Treaty in which Spain gave the US control of East and West Florida.  Orchestras were expanding and the first conductors (with batons) were used.  Electromagnetism was found in 1820.  The Erie Canal was completed in 1825.  By the end of Big Red’s lifespan, Aluminum could be produced economically (1886) and radio waves were produced in 1887 by Heinrich Hertz.  1887 was also the year when the American Indians were confined to reservations.  And that same year, the Interstate Commerce Act was passed.  Whereas photography was invented near the time of Big Red’s birth, by his death Eastman had invented his photographic film and paper products.  Photography certainly changed the world! 

In the 1850 Census Big Red is 28 and wife Mary is 26.  Their son William P. Tenley is 3 and daughter Susanna Tenley is 1.   

In the 1860 Census Big Red and Mary lived in PGC/District 9, he was a merchant and their real estate was worth $1000 and personal estate was valued at $100.  Big Red was 43 and Mary was 36.  They had three children then - William (13), Susannah (10) and Charity (3).  The teacher, perhaps their teacher lived with them.  She was originally from Pennsylvania.

When the 1870 census rolls around, Big Red is now ONLY 50.  He is now married to Sarah Day who is 35.  Red is a farm laborer. With them are children: Charity 15, and now Violetta or Anna Violet who is 10 and is likely the last child of Mary who died the same year that Violetta was born - 1860.  The remainder of the children are Sarah and Big Red's...Louisa, Annie, William and George.  Living with them is Eliza White 22 whose family is likely the one living next door at the home of Elizabeth White. Eliza is likely helping Sarah with the large family. After Sarah dies, George M. Tenley, Big Red, will marry Eliza White.

Known information on Big Red and Mary Jane Webster Tenley’s children:

  • William P. Tenley, born 1847.  No more is known.

  • When Susanna "Susie" Tenley was born in December 1850 in Maryland, her father, George, was 33 and her mother, Mary, was 26. She married John Thomas Hutchinson on September 15, 1868. They had six children in 28 years. She died on June 27, 1916, at the age of 65, 4 of whom were living per the 1900 census.  She is buried at Christ Episcopal Church, Clinton MD. Died in July of 1916.   Susannah ð
  • Charity Tenley was born 1857 in Clinton MD.  Lived in Surratts MD in 1870 (census). Lived in Wash. DC when she was 65 in 1920.  She married Samuel Pettit.  Charity is buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery in Suitland MD.   She became the mother of Belle Estelle Pettit who married William Charles Cator. (SEE NEXT GENERATION)

  • Annie Violetta Tenley was born in 1860 in MD and died November 27, 1914 in Capital Heights, MD.  She is buried at Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington DC.  She married Columbus Burgess, b. 1852 in MD. They had one known child, Virgie Anna Burgess (1886-1939)


CHARITY A. TENLEY  was born in August 1857 in Clinton, MD.  She died in 1932 in DC.  Charity married HENRY SAMUEL PETTIT on August 24 1881 and they had one known daughter, Belle Estelle/Estella Pettit. She was a homemaker and she was an Episcopalian.  Charity with daughter Belle►


Per the 1900 Census for Surratts, MD, Charity was widowed and working as a "washerwoman".  She was living in the household of her daughter Susanna Pettit Hutchinson and Susie's husband, John.   

Charity is buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery in Suitland, PGC, MD. 





Belle Estella/e Pettit was born on September 6, 1893, in Clinton, Maryland, the child of Henry Samuel and Charity A Tenley Pettit. She married William Charles "Uncle Willie" Cator on October 15, 1913, in DC. They had seven children in 16 years. She died on December 14, 1969, in District of Columbia and was buried in Suitland, Maryland at Cedar Hill Cemetery.  Her husband Willie was born 20 August 1893 and died Feb 3, 1938 in DC.  He also is buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery.   Willie was only 44 years old.  Belle did not remarry after her husband's death even though she lived to the age of 76.  Willie was the son of James William Cator and Margaret Liston Cator


Marriage license: 










Belle Cator Grave:





William Charles & Belle Pettit Cator's Children:

Margaret Estelle Cator - Birth May 27, 1914 in DC; death November 16, 2005 in Tucson, Pima, Arizona.  On Feb. 12, 1938 she married Edward Philip Young, born 1/21/1911 in Baltimore, MD and died 12/31/1977 in Tuscon, AZ.  Margaret Estelle Young was 91 when she died.

Helen Lorraine "Peggy" Cator - Birth  January 10, 1917 in District of Columbia;  Death January 13, 1967 in District of Columbia. age 50.  Married Kenneth Wyvill.  She is buried at Washington National Cemetery.

Thelma Irene Cator. Born 1917-18 in DC. She married.

William Charles Cator, b. January 29, 1920, 203 14th Street Washington, D. C., d. January 26, 1971.  Buried Epiphany Episcopal Church, Odenton, MD.

Robert Edward Cator (Sr.) - Birth Dec 14, 1922 in DC; Death Dec. 1 2007 in DC.  He married Bernice Eliza Hart (see photo to right) on June 25, 1947 when she was 22.  She died July 13, 1990 at the age of 65 in MD.   They had a son, Robert Edward Cator, Jr., was who born on Aug. 15 1947 in Providence Hospital in DC.  Robert Jr. died Feb. 2, 2011.   Dad, Robert Sr. served with the U.S. Coast Guard, WW II (Ret.).  He was a member of the Sheet Metal Workers Union Local Union No. 100, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Moose Lodge, American Legion, and Elks. Preceded in death by his wife, Bernice E. Cator. Survivors include children, Robert, Jr., Connie, & Louanne; grandchildren, Bobby, Carl, Shelly, & Danny; sisters, Thelma & Marie; son-in-law, Donnie. Interment followed funeral services conducted Monday, December 10, 2007. PER: Find A Grave Memorial# 33741221 for Maryland Veterans Cem. in Cheltenham, PGC, MD;  Plot: SECTION A E7 ROW 17 SITE 6. Note: Robert Jr has died:

Elizabeth Ann Cator -
Birth June 17, 1925 in DC.; Death July 10, 1978 in Surrattsville MD. She married Raymond Leroy Purdy, son of John Alphonso and Mary Estelle Purdy.  Elizabeth Ann Cator was baptized at St. Frances Church in DC; buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery in Suitland MD on July 12, 1978.  Raymond Leroy Purdy was born 1919 and died 2009.  They had two children. 





Belle Marie Cator - She married and they had 4 children. See Belle Marie's baby photo:







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Belle Estelle Pettit Cator  1893-1969 Cedar Hill Cemetery, Suitland, MD

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