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George S. Colison, son of Charles and Sarah Cator Colison
George S. Colison

This webpage is designed to record information on Charles C. Colison and his wife Sarah Anne Cator Colison.  The sections below are:

  • Charles C. Colison's parents:  Cornelius and Catherine Wise Cullison
  • Sarah Anne Cator's parents: George Benjamin and Louisa Burgess Cator
  • Charles C. Colison and his wife Sarah Anne Cator Colison
  • Children of Charles C. Colison and Sarah Anne Cator Colison
  • Death of Charles C. Colison and Sarah Anne Cator Colison
  • Sarah Anne Cator Colison's sisters:  Jane Elizabeth and Mary Eliza Cator
  • Charles C. Colison's brother: George Z. Colison
  • Misc:  Ancestors of Margaret Cooke Colison, dau. of George Sanderson & Eva E. Carter Colison
  • Timeline
  • Maps

(Husband of  SARAH ANNE CATOR)
Cornelius and Catherine Wise Cullison


CORNELIUS  CULLISON, son of JOHN CULLISON, JR., grandson of  JOHN CULLISON, SR., was born 1790 St. Mary's Co., MD; died 15 Jan 1849 in DC.  His first wife was ELIZABETH BOHANAN whom he married on 10 Nov 1817.  Elizabeth was born sometime after 1799 in the same county; she died about 1826.

Elizabeth Bohanan's parents were Jonathan, born 14 August 1763 in St. Mary's County, MD; died there in 1838 and Mary Locker Richardson.  Per the Colonial Ancestors tree on Ancestry by William Johnson55447, Mary Locker Richardson's parents were William and Mary Tennison Richardson.  He notes that Elizabeth was born after 1797 and that she specifically died in December of 1830.

Cornelius Cullison's parents were John Cullison Jr  who was born in after 1755 in St. Mary's County, MD per imwhdim's Mills Family Tree on Ancestry.  John Jr married Juliet Greenwell in St. Mary's on 18 Nov. 1802.  Almost 16 years later he married Helen Cecil in St. Mary's on 2 Jan 1818.  John Jr died before 1820 per imwhdim's tree in St. Mary's County, MD. 

On findagrave Elizabeth Bohanan Colison is listed as born 1796 and died 1826; buried at Trinity Church Cemetery St. Mary's MD ==>



Cornelius and Elizabeth Bohanan Cullison/Colison had 4 children together:

1)  James R. Cullison, born 1818; died 1879:  In the 1840 DC local census, James R. Colison was living with Cornelius Colison, George Z and Charles C.  In the 1846 Boyd's Directory both James R. and Cornelius Colison were living at n side G n, btw 22 and 23 w. 

From The Sun November 11, 1879:
DIED.  COLISON.-- On November 9, at 6 P.M. JAMES R. COLISON, aged 61 years and 3 months, formerly of Washington, D.C.,   but for the last twenty-eight years a resident of this city.  His funeral will take place from his late

 residence, Nn. 237 North Ann Street, this (Tuesday) afternoon, 11th instant, at four o'clock.

2)  William H. Cullison
3)  Thomas W.  Cullison
4)  Mary E. Cullison  

In the 1820 Census, Cornelius Cullison is listed as living in Election District 2 in St. Mary's County, Maryland.  (Roll M33_45, Page 260),  at this time he is still married to Elizabeth Bohanan.  She dies in 1826.

Cornelius next married CATHERINE WISE on 19 Dec 1827 in St. Mary's Co., MD. She was born 1799, and died 1855.  (Note:  Catherine Wise Cullison at age 56 and her daughter Catherine Cullison Whitmore at age 26,  both died in 1855. Why??) 

          Cornelius and Catherine Wise Cullison/Colison had 4 children together:

5) Catherine C. Cullison, b. 1829; d. 1855 in DC; m. WILLIAM WHITMORE, 1846; b. 1822; d. 1855 DC.  Per the 1850 Census, we know William is a 28 year old blacksmith. Catherine and William had two children:  William C. b 1847 and Emma Virginia, b Oct 25, 1852 d 1937 m.  Ara M. Daniels; she is buried at Glenwood Cemetery.  

6) Susan Cullison b. 1830, MD; d. Bef. 1900, Wash. DC; m. DAVID W. GARST; b. 1827 in PA to a PA-born father and a NY-born mother. He worked in DC as a Huckster (sells small wares).  His wife Susan Cullison Garst was 50 in the 1880 Census and was "keeping house."   With them was their daughter, Mary C. Garst, a school teacher, single, age 22 (born about 1858 in VA). They all lived at 3rd St NW between D & G Sts in DC (6/5/1880).  Note:  Likely two other children are: Catherine M (boarder) b Oct 1856 (43) in VA, single, and Susie L, (boarder) b May 1868 (32) in DC, single.  They both have father born in PA and mother born in MD -- they were boarding with George Z Colison in the 1900 census. 

7) George Z. Colison,  b. Jan 27, 1834, Washington, DC; d. Jan 24, 1914, Burial at Glenwood (DC) Section B, Lot 197. Glenwood Cemetery is located at 2219 Lincoln Rd NE, Washington, DC 20002 Tel: (202)667-1016.    GEORGE Z. COLISON married (1) CAROLINE "Carrie"  FERGUSON in 1858.  She was born Jan 12, 1839 to Mr. ____ Ferguson and wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Ferguson (who died Aug 26 1862 and is buried in plot owned by George Z. Colison); and died Jan 16 1892.  They are both buried at Glenwood Cemetery.  In the year that George Z was born, Cornelius was working near Georgetown at the shipyard.  George Z. next married MARY JANE _____.  George Z was about 58 when he married Mary Jane.  Mary Jane was 20 years younger than he was per the 1900 Census.  She is listed as having no children in 1900 with George Z.  George's daughter Susie E. is living with them; Susie is age 26. 

The children of George Z. Colison and wife Caroline Ferguson are: 
Charles Addison Colison, b.23 Feb 1860 in DC;  d. 2 Feb 1914; Age 53 yrs, 11 mo, 10 days 
GEORGE C. "Georgie" COLISON,  b. 1863; buried July 21, 1866, Died young -age 3 yr 5 mo
WILLIAM G. "Willie" COLISON, b. 1865; buried Jun 25, 1866, Died as infant - 1 yr 1 mo
CAROLINE E. COLISON, b. Bet. 1869, Washington, DC; m.  a Mr. Howard.  They had two children, George Colison Howard and Thomas Russell Howard. Caroline is buried in her father's lots at Glenwood Cemetery.  She died Nov 1895
CATHERINE ALICE COLISON, b. Aug 1861, Washington, DC; m. a  Mr. Benjamin RUSSELL, born December 1859 in MD.  Benjamin and Catherine had daughters Florence P. b March 1888 in MD and Elva E. b Sept 1894 in MD.  
MARY ETTA COLISON, b. Aug 12 1872, Washington, DC; m. a Mr. Gessford.  In the 1930 Census for Baltimore City, Mary E. Colison Gessford was the head of the household, widowed, married 33 years (about 1897) and not employed.  Living with her is her daughter, Katherine E. Gessford who is single, born about 1908 in MD and is a school teacher.  Katherine later married Edward Thompson b 1896, the same Edward Thompson who had been married to Mary Louise Derrick.
, b. Apr 1874, Washington, DC; m. a Mr. Chance.  They had two children, a girl Elizabeth and a son George, who died in WWI.  Family stories indicate that Susie was very well thought of by all family members.

8) Charles Cornelius Colison, b. 28 Oct 1836, Washington, DC; d. 28 Jul 1910, Wash., DC.  This Charles will marry a Cator!  First he marries Amanda Burch and then he marries Sarah Cator.  See next section below on Sarah Ann Cator.


1840 Washington DC Census for Cornelius Colison; Roll 35, Page 11 

In the 1850 Census above we see that Catherine Cullison (widow of Cornelius Colison) is living with her oldest daughter/daughter's husband/daughter's child, Catherine Cullison Whitemore age 21/William Whitemore age 27 a blacksmith/William C. Whitemore age3.  "Grandma" Catherine Cullison, age 51 lives with her daughter's family along with her own son Charles C. Cullison.

Now that we have discussed within this webpage some of the history of Charles Cornelius Colison's ancestry, let us move on to the parentage of his wife Sarah Ann Cator Colison.


George Benjamin and Louisa Burgess Cator

Louisa Burgess  married George "Benjamin" Cator* in Anne Arundel County in MD Feb 6, 1835, when she was approx. 21 years old.   His age is not yet known to us.  It is interesting to note that her death certificate lists Louisa as being born in PGC, MD.

*Per Anne Arundel Genealogical Society on 5/18/2005:  "In Anne Arundel County, Maryland Marriage Records 1777-1877 by John W. Powell (Pasadena, MD: AA Gen Soc, 1991), p. 20, there is a marriage license dated 6 Feb 1835 for Benjamin Cator and Louisa Burgess. This is the only license listed for a Benjamin Cator between 1777-1877. The only other Cator in these records is Thomas Cator and Lydia A. Neale (listed on Cator Tidbits webpage) obtaining a license 15 Dec 1866. It was not unusual for Prince George’s County residents to go across the Patuxent River to Anne Arundel County for a marriage license. Louisa’s family was of Anne Arundel County. The Cator family seems to have resided in PG Co." 

The Burgess family resided on South River in Anne Arundel County since colonial times and were members of the All Hallow's Parish in Davidsonville since the 1696 Act of Establishment made the Protestant Episcopal the "official church" of Maryland and charged the ministers with the duty of recording vital records in the parish registers. 

All Hallows' Parish, 3604 Solomon's Island Road, Birdsville, MD;  410-798-0808






1)   SARAH ANNE CATOR  born on April 3rd in 1836 in Maryland.  Married Charles C. Colison May 16, 1872. She died 12 Dec 1932 in Washington, DC.  Louisa is evidently buried at Glenwood Cemetery near her daughter Sarah A. Cator Colison.

2)  JOHN CHARLES CATOR  born in Feb 15 1838; Christened All Hallows Parish on same day, Feb 15 1838, in Anne Arundel County, MD.

3)   JANE ELIZABETH CATOR, born one year later almost to the day, Feb 12 1839. Christened Mar 31 1839 at All Hallows Parish, in AA County, MD.  Married George F. Timms in Aug 20 1864.
Per her death certificate, Jane Elizabeth Cator Timms died September 25, 1912 at 72 years of age.  She died at 646 B Street, SW, in Washington, DC.  Her husband was still living at the time of her death.   Jane lived in DC for 60 years...since 1852!  Louisa and Sarah did not move to DC until 1860!

I think the part of being in DC for 60 years is important, if true.  It would mean she came in 1852, which would be before Louisa and Sarah, who's death certificate's say they were there since 1860.

4)  MARY ELIZA CATOR, born May 30, 1842 or 1844. in Maryland*. Married   Washington Cook Sanderson on Dec 16 1869.  Mary Eliza died on May 16 1926.  He died on March 7 1909.  Both were buried at Loudon Park Cemetery in Baltimore.
* Per her death certificate, Mary Cator Sanderson is listed as being born on May 30 1842, instead of, as listed on Census records, May 1844. At the time of her death she was living at Homewood Apts. in Baltimore City, Ward 12, as was her daughter.  She was a Baltimore resident for 75 years, since age 9!  

1850 CENSUS, Spauldings, Prince George's, MD. Sept. 3; Pg 103; Roll M432_295: 
Louisa Cator and her daughter JANE ELIZABETH CATOR are living with the Methodist Minister's family (Rev. Thomas McGee age 53 b. about 1797  PA; Rebecca McGee, 53 year old minister's wife, b. 1797 in PA - perhaps Belafonte Center County, PA; son George Robert McGee, age 11, born about 1839 MD)JANE is 9 years old (born in 1839 in MD )and Louisa is 35. Louisa's husband is not listed with the family.  Note that the line that is smeared could be Mary and not Jane., but Mary would be 8.

It is also interesting to note that Jean Colison located another possible 1850 census for a Sarah Cator living with Rev. Thomas McGee's daughter's family: 

1850, Sep 6; MD, Baltimore County, Baltimore City; Ward 3
James K. Stewart, 23 [abt 1827], livery stable, born MD
Augusta E Stewart, 22 [abt 1828], born MD (daughter of Thomas McGee)
Margaret E Stewart, 8 months [1850], born MD
Sarah Cator (transcribed as Caton), 14 [1836], born MD.  1836 is the right birth year!

Commentary of Jean Colison:  I struggled with the 1850 census in Spauldings, PG County with Louisa and her "daughter", as the first name of her daughter was illegible. The age of the "daughter" was 9, which fits best with Mary. All 3 daughters were all born before the month of the census, Sept 3: Sarah 4/3/1836 (14) Jane 2/12/1839 (11) and Mary 5/30/1842 (8). (Now we know that Sarah was in another census in Baltimore in Sept 6 1850.) I think I decided it wasn't Mary as I couldn't see any hanging letter (y) in the place where the name should have been. (I should get some CSI agency to examine it ;) ) The age is clearly 9, closer to Mary's actual age. Also, Mary's death certificate indicates that she had lived in Baltimore since age 9. She married, spent her life and was buried in Baltimore. According to their death certificates, Jane had been living in DC since 1852 (13) and Louisa had been living in DC since 1860. Both spent their lives and were buried in DC.

1860, Oct. 23; Baltimore County, Baltimore City; MD; Ward 10
By the 1860 census, Rev. Thomas McGee has died and Louisa Cator is in DC.  Mary Cator, age 19 is living with the family of James K. Stewart and his wife Augusta Stewart.  James owns a coach and livery stable and have property worth $12,000.  With them are several others who may be lodgers or relatives by different names.  Mary Cator is listed as a domestic and is likely working now for the Stewart family home.  George R(oberts) McGee is the son of Rev. Thomas McGee.  By the 1880 Census, Nov 10, Baltimore Ward 19, George R. McGee is living with his wife, 5 children and James G. Stewart, the son of James and Augusta Stewart.  On the 1860 census, James G. is 4 years old; George R. is 22 and a clerk.

It seems clear that Louisa, Sarah and Mary Cator were being helped out by the Thomas McGee family members, probably after the death of husband/father Benjamin Cator. (In 1870 Thomas McGee's wife, Rebecca, maiden name Kephart, is living with her unmarried sister Anne, with a Thomas family. Thomas McGee died in 1860.

1860 CENSUS, Baltimore City, MD/Jean Colison Commentary:  I found a Thomas McGee living in Baltimore City 1860 Maryland Census,   LOUISA P. CATOR was also listed in same Census and in same ward (11th).  Different pages - not living together, but in same area.  That same year, 1860, McGee died. We know that Louisa was a widow in 1860...or before. The Methodist Conference Museum has a "memoir" on Thomas McGee's death:  It tells of his birth in PA and becoming an M E preacher ... Upon his death he was on the way to Baltimore with his wife to consult a doctor about his poor health.  He supposedly died of a heart attack.  No name of wife or children mentioned in the memoir.  Also of note: Thomas McGee was on the Charles Circuit at Pisgah, in Charles Co.

Some further Censuses regarding the McGees:

1870, Sep 7, MD, Baltimore City, Ward 7
James P Thomas, 51 (abt 1819), banker? MD
Ann E Thomas, 50, keeping house, born PA
Etterling W Thomas 28, born MD
George R Thomas, 24 [abt 1846], bank clerk, born MD
Frank A Thomas, 19, clerk in store, born MD
Samuel K Thomas, 16, clerk in store, born MD
Elizabeth K Thomas, 13, at schoold, born in MD
Robert Lee Thomas, 7, born in MD
Rebecca McGee, 73 [abt 1797], born in PA (wife of Thomas McGee)
Anne Kephart, 76, born in PA (unmarried sister of Rebecca McGee)

Eugenia Thomas, 10, at school, born in MD
Maria ?Sponce, 25, black, servant, born MD

1880, Jun 10, Baltimore, MD, Ward 19, 189 Lanvale Rd ?
George R McGee, 42 [abt 1838], married, traveling sales, born MD, fa, b PA, mo b PA
Rebecca McGee, 35, wife, keeping house, born MD, fa b Ireland, mo b Ireland
Maggie McGee, 16, daughter, at school, b MD, fa b MD, mo born MD
George McGee, 12, son, at school, born MD, fa b MD, mo b MD
Maude McGee, 9, daughter, at school, born MD, fa b MD, mo b MD
Thomas McGee, 5, son, born MD, fa b MD, mo b MD
Joseph McGee 2, son, born Md, fa b MD, mo b MD
James G Stewart, 23 [abt 1857], border railroad clerk, b Md, fa b MD, mo b MD
(son of Augusta McGee Steward and nephew of George R McGee)

This concludes this group on the censuses.  Now, back to Louisa and Benjamin Cator.

Per the 1890 DC City Directory, Louisa Cator was the widow of Benjamin Cator, and lived at 825 SW 6th Street which is the same address as listed in her 1880 census (see below).  Additional proof that Louisa Burgess married Benjamin Cator and they became the parents of Sarah A., John Charles, Jane Elizabeth. and Mary Eliza Cator: 


 Click on the following thumbnail picture
for tombstone of Louisa Burgess Cator:


Louisa Cator death notice from Baltimore Sun:


CHARLES C. COLISON married  (1) AMANDA E. BURCH 20 Jul 1859. She was born around 1839 in DC, and  died around November 20, 1870.  Their four children all died during their childhood.  How horrifically sad for both Charles and Amanda!  Amanda and children are all buried at Glenwood Cemetery Lot 91, Section Q:

George Colison was  born 19 Jan 1861; died 21 Mar 1862; buried March 24, 1862, site #1
Susan E Colison was born 6 Apr 1864; died 25 Jul 1864; buried July 27, 1864, site #1

Charles G Colison was born 21 Feb 1868; died 10 Jul 1868; buried July 12 1868, site #2

Thomas F Colison was born 18 Jun 1870; died 26 Sep 1870; buried Sept 38 1870, site #2
Mother, Amanda E Colison was buried Nov 23 1870, site #3

1870 Census at Washington DC, Ward 4 taken on 7/23/1870: 

CHARLES C. COLISON then married (2) SARAH ANNE CATOR, on May 16th 1872, daughter of BENJAMIN CATOR and LOUISA CATOR  (Louisa Burgess).  Sarah was born 3 Apr 1836 in Centerville*, MD, and died 12 Dec 1932 in Washington, DC, where she lived for 75 years...till her death at 96 years 7 months and 9 days old.   She is buried at Glenwood Cemetery in DC where her husband who died at 73 years and 9 months old also interred (Section C, Lot 105).  Sarah Anne Cator was christened at All Hallows Parish in Anne Arundel Maryland on July 17,  1836.   The following notation is from the family bible:

From:   The Critic, dated 1872-05-21
MARRIED.  COLISON-CATOR.-- On the 16th instant, by Rev. James P. Wilson, pastor of Fletcher (M. E.) church, Mr. Charles C. Colison and Miss Sarah A. Cator.

Metropolitan Memorial Methodist Church


Metropolitan Memorial Methodist Church in NW DC

Charles and Sarah, 825 6th St SW, joined between 1880-1882.   Their daughter "Mammie" (Mary E. Colison), joined in 1888.  George, their son, joined in 1893. 

*See Maryland Maps

  çClick on this thumbnail picture to see a large photo of
 Sarah Cator Colison.

çClick on this thumbnail picture to see a large photo of Eva Carter Colison, Sarah Cator Colison and Minnie Carter McKinley.




First Child, Catherine Louisa "Lulu" Colison (named for her grandmother Louisa Cator) died
at age 5.    "Lulu" Colison was born
Feb 11 1873 in DC.


Second Child, Mary E. Colison, born Dec 27, 1875 in DC, died Feb 22 1952 in Maryland. She married Luther   Lee Derrick on April 12 in 1897 DC.  Luther b. Sept. 18,  1870; d. November 17, 1960. Mary and Luther had 6 children,  Mary Louise 1898; Florence 1900; Charles 1902; Franklin 1906; Estelle 1908; and Martin 1909.  See below for more info.


Third Child, George Sanderson Colison, a wallpaperer and painter, married Eva Estelle Carter on 15 Jun 1904 in DC.  Eva Estelle Carter Colison  is the daughter of Walter Frank CARTER (1847-1925) and Arabella Martina HEADLEY (1847-1924) (See Obit below). George Sanderson Colison lived with his parents, Charles C. and Sarah Cator Colison, even after he and Eva Carter married in 1904.  Eva Carter Colison died May 15, 1965 in DC.  Eva and husband George are buried at Glenwood Cemetery in DC. See below for more info.

Marriage Announcements of George and Eva:

George and his family at one point lived on Virginia Avenue in DC and then moved to Kilborn Street.  George's home was eventually torn down and is now replaced by the Watergate.    Eva Estelle Carter Colison's mother, Carter, Arabella M,  is buried in Congressional Cemetery in DC.   SEE CORRECTION BELOW!


I'm sorry that it took me sometime to get back to you. I believe I have found the approximate site where the Colison Family lived while in DC, and it is not where the Watergate currently stands. 

The Watergate is located around 2600 Virginia Ave, NW, while the Colison's lived on 924 Virginia Ave, SW which was located only a few blocks south of the Smithsonian Castle. L'Enfant Plaza, a large complex of government building  stands there today. Below is a link to a Google Map; the green arrow on the map is the approximate area where the Colison house stood:

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Best Regards,

Colleen McKnight
Special Collections Librarian 
Kiplinger Research Library 
Historical Society of Washington, D.C. 
801 K Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20001
202-383-1831 or 202-383-1850


George S. Colison and Eva Estelle Carter Colison's Children: 

Margaret Cooke Colison born 24 Sep 1907 in DC; died March 8th, 1993 in Silver Spring, MD.  Margaret and her husband are buried at Parklawn Cemetery in Rockville, MD (Parklawn Memorial Park 12800 Veirs Mill Road Rockville, MD US 20853 301-881-2151). She married Arthur Stanley WOLFE, son of Roy Harman WOLFE and Nona Faith SCRIBNER. He was born 05-26-12 in Washington, D.C. and died 07-27-00 in Silver Spring, MD.

(Colonel) Charles Walter Colison (b. 9 June 1905;  d. July 9, 1967).  Colonel Charles Walter Colison married Helen LNU who was born  Oct. 24, 1907 and died  Jan. 16, 2004.  Colonel Colison is buried at Arlington Cemetery and according to findagrave she is buried at Arlington Cemetery also!

Edgar "Warren" Colison born 1909 DC; died Nov. 14, 1967 in Bethesda MD; buried Parklawn Memorial Park in Rockville MD along with his wife.  Edgar Warren married Lois Anna Spencer who was born  Oct. 22, 1912 DC and died Oct. 28, 2008 Bethesda MD.  At the time Lois died her survivors listed two children Lois Jean Colison of Maryland and Warren Spencer Colison of Minnesota; niece Peggy Wolfe Luther and nephew, Jack Wolfe. Her funeral services were conducted at the Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church, Bethesda, Sunday, November 9, 2008.

  Warren b 1909, Margaret b 1907 and Walter b 1905

1880 Census, Wash., DC, District 83, Sixth Street By 1880, Sarah has married Charles C. Colison and is living at 825 6th St in DC with Charles, her mother Louisa, a son and daughter.  His brother George Z. Colison lives next door.  
823 and 824 6th Street, SW, Washington DC, District 83, 1880 Census:
824:  Home of Charles C. Colison. Charles, Sarah and Louisa's parents born in MD.

In the Washington DC 1880 Census (see below), Charles is listed as Head of Household at 43 years old, born in DC, a "paper hanger".  Sarah A. Cator Colison, his wife at 43 years old (born April 3, 1836 in Maryland to parents also born in Maryland).  She "Kept House".   Children in the household were  Mary E. Colison, age 5, George Sanderson Colison, age 1 (born 2/27/1879; died 1946), plus Sarah's mother, LOUISA CATOR, age 66 (born January 28, 1814 in Maryland to parents also born in MD).   Their daughter Mary E. Colison grew up to marry Luther L. Derrick.  Their son George S. Colison married Eva Carter.  This is the family bible notation for Mary and Luther Derrick: 

823: Home of George Z. and Caroline Colison. Caroline's parents born in VA;
George Z.'s in MD; rest in DC. 

Actual copy:

1890 Washington DC City Directory lists:
Charles C. Colison, Work:  405 7th SW; Home: 825 6th SW
Occupation: "Paperhangings and Window shades"

1900 Census for Washington DC District 84; 923 Virginia Avenue; taken in June. In this census we see that Charles Colison is head of household at 63 yrs, born Oct 1836 and married for 40 years.  Their son George S Colison is living with them at the age of 21 (born Feb 1879) and is single.  Sarah and Charles have had 3 children, 2 of whom are living; Lulu their first child is deceased at age 5.  Their 2nd daughter Mary E. is living with her parents along with her husband, Luther L. Derrick and their two children, Mary Louise born May 1898 and a one-month old newborn who has not been named as of the census but who we know will ultimately be named Florence Derrick, born May 1900.  We also know that Charles, Luther, and George are all paperhangers by occupation.

1930 Census for Washington DC.   Luther  Lee Derrick is Head of the Household in which his wife Mary E and their children Estelle S and John M. are living at age 22 and 20 respectively. Both single.  Derrick married Mary E. when he was 26 and she was 22 and the census lists them as 59 and 55 years of age in 1930.  Living with them is widow and mom of Mary E. Derrick, SARAH A. COLISON WHO IS 93! 




George Sanderson Colison=>

In Glenwood Cemetery the following are buried on sites in Section C Lot 105 owned by George Sanderson Colison: 

  • Louisa Cator

  • Charles C Colison

  • Sarah Cator Colison

  • Mary E Colison and Luther Derrick

  • Dada (George Sanderson Colison)  and Nana (Eva Estelle Carter Colison)

  • Catherine Louisa Colison, the daughter of Charles C. and Sarah CATOR Colison that died at 5 in June 9 1878.

  • So Charles and Sarah, and their 3 children and the spouses of two living children and mother-in-law are all buried together.  Charles and Sarah's daughter Catherine Louisa was the first to die, in June of 1878. 


Sarah Anne Cator Colison died December 12th, 1932. Sarah A. Cator Colison, is buried at Glenwood Cemetery in DC, Section C, Lot 105.  Sarah's mother, Louisa Cator, died on St. Patrick's day, March 17th, 1898.   Charles C. Colison died July 28, 1910.

Obituary from Evening Star, July 29, 1910
"Colison.  On Thursday, July 28, 1910, at 5:20 p.m., Chas. C., beloved husband of Sarah A. Colison, in the seventy-fourth year of his age.  Funeral will take place from his late residence, 928 Virginia Avenue, SW., Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock.  Interment private."

 Obituary from Evening Star, December 13, 1932
"Colison, Mrs. Sarah A.  On Monday, December 12, 1932, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Luther L. Derrick, 3701 Grant Rd., N.W., Mrs. Sarah A. Colison, in her 97th year, widow of the late Charles C. Colison.  Remains resting at above residence.  Funeral services Wednesday, December 14, at 2 p.m.  Friends and relatives invited.  Interment private."
   Her daughter Mary Colison (Mrs. Luther Derrick) was living with her on Grant Road when Sarah died.

Oldest Inhabitants Assn

Note: The Association of the Oldest Inhabitants of The District of Columbia
established Dec. 7, 1865 is the City's oldest civic organization. 
Address: 4425 Greenwich Pkwy, NW, DC 20007 202-383-1813



 Click on the following thumbnail picture
for tombstone of Charles C. Colison and his wife, Sarah Anne Cator Colison:


1910 Washington Post, on August 10, 1910:

Note:  Following the death of her husband, Sarah sold the land on Virginia Avenue and moved to live with her daughter:

June 27, 1911 Washington Post: Sarah A. Colison transferred/sold land at Virginia Avenue, SW to Stephen E. Colvin (Lot 50, Square 883 $10). 



JANE ELIZABETH CATOR  was born  12 Feb 1839 in Maryland; died 1912; buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Section C, Lot 108 right next to mother Louisa Cator and sister Sarah Cator Colison and her family.  Jane's husband George purchased the lot but neither he nor their son Cook is buried there..   She married GEORGE F. TIMMS in  August 20, 1864 in DC.  George was born in March 1844 in Virginia (born to VA born parents, James F. Timms and wife Lydia Ann Head Timms).  In the 1890 Washington DC City Directory George F. Timms was listed as living at 646 B southwest with an occupation of "clothing" "clerk."This is the notation in the family bible:

Their children were: 

1)   MARY ANTONETTE TIMMS, b. 09 Jul 1865, Washington DC; died 1879; buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Section C, Lot 108.

2)   CHARLES BUSHROD TIMMS, b. 25 Jan 1869, Washington DC; died 1937; buried Glenwood Cem., Section C, Lot 108. Note:  In his will written in 1922, 15 years before his death, Charles Bushrod Timms left $50 to the Metropolitan Methodist Episcopal Church and the remainder to his fiancée, ANNA JORG.  He died before he was able to marry for the first time at age 68 or so.  Charles occupations includes Salesman for George F. Timms Clothiers; clerk for an express company; and a clerk for the federal government by 1930.

3)   COOK SANDERSON TIMMS, b. 13 Mar 1871, Washington DC; died 1880.

In the 1900 Census for DC District 84, Jane Elizabeth Cator Timms and George Timms boarded at 646 B Street SW, DC.  They were listed as:

  • George F. Timms, Boarder, white male, b. March 1844, age 56, m. 34 years, born in VA to VA-born parents.
  • Jane E. Timms, Boarder, white female, born Feb 1840, age 60, married 34 years, born in MD to MD-born parents.
  • Charles Timms, Boarder, white male, born Jan 1869 ( or maybe 64), age 31, Single, Clerk, Express Company, born in DC to VA born dad/MD born mom.

In the 1930 Census for Charles Timms b 1869, son of George Timms and Jane Cator, Jean found that Jane has had 3 children with only one living -- that would be Charles.  He was 61 and single in the 1930 census.  Jane and George's children, Mary Antonette b 1865 and Cook Sanderson  Timms b 1871 both died before 1900.  See above.

1930 DC District 393 Federal Census for Charles Timms (3906 Morrison Street, DC):  What is that middle name?

Jean found a Washington Post article dated October 22, 1904 in which Charles Timms was listed as an officer of Eldbrook Methodist Church's Epworth League.  Family stories say that the Derrick family "owned" Eldbrook Methodist Church, meaning they were all very active there.
Eldbrooke United Methodist Church
4100 River Road, NW
Washington DC 20016, (202) 362-1444:


 MARY ELIZA CATOR, born May 1844 in MD.  She married WASHINGTON "COOK" SANDERSON 16 Dec 1869 in Baltimore, MD, where they lived.  He was born in MD.  Cook and Mary had a daughter E. Louise Sanderson, born  Oct 1880.  E. Louise grew to marry Arthur Fredrick Booze who was born 10 years earlier than she was.   Washington Cook Sanderson and Mary Eliza Cator married on December 16th in 1869 in Baltimore and had two daughters and another child, but no information known on sex or name of this additional child.    The Booze family was reportedly wealthy.  Cook died on March 7, 1909 and Mary died May 16, 1926.  From the Loundon Park Cemetery Records in Baltimore, Jean learned that W. Cook Sanderson was buried there on March 8, 1909 and Mary was buried there on May 18, 1926.  They are both in Section 121 N 1/2.  

New:  Loudon Park Cemetery:

SECTION L 244-246 is Eva I. Booze permit July 1889, age 6 years 5 months.  Not yet linked to Arthur Booze family. 

SECTION O, Lot 121:

George Cook Sanderson, died June 3, 1877, age 2 years, 3 months, died of diphtheria (Child of Mary E Cator and W Cook Sanderson.) who are also buried at this Section/Lot.) 

Arthur Frederick Booze, died May 8 1933, age 63
Louisa Sanderson Booze, died Jan 9 1935.

   Walter H Booze permit 1830
   Susan M Booze permit 1884
   William F Booze permit 1889
   Elizabeth J Booze permit Aug 5 1931, age 62
   Dr William Booze permit Dec 8 1933 (he was on the 1900 census with a Walter Booze and Arthur F, w/o relation, but appear to be part of Arthur Booze family.

Washington Cook Sanderson was born on 17  Sept 1847 and was christened 29 May 1848 at Christ Church Parish. Case and St. Paul Street in Baltimore MD. (per MD Birth and Christening Index)

This is their family bible wedding notation:

1870 Census Baltimore MD Ward 20: This indicates that he went by name "Cook" and his wife   by "Mary."  They have an Ella Sanderson, age 20, living with them, but is not their daughter.         

BELOW:  Cook and Mary Cator Sanderson's daughter, Louise Sanderson Booze   


Grace M-E Church in Baltimore City, MD:
Washington Cook Sanderson joined May 6, 1883, by pastor J Sinclair Neal.
Mary Cator Sanderson attended this church, as did Louisa when she visited daughter, Mary
Their daughter Eva L Sanderson joined the church February 25, 1887, by pastor E Todd. 
Note:  Eva Edmondson
, her married name, is mentioned in the records.
A Lula Sanderson was alsobaptized here in the 1890s.

1890 Baltimore Maryland Directory lists: 
W Cook Sanderson 104 w German; 914 n Arlington avenue; gents' furniture 

1900 US Federal Census Baltimore District 239, Ward 18, 906 North Arlington Avenue. 
Jean found that Washington Sanderson and Mary have been married 30 years in 1900 and he works as a merchant.  Their daughter Louisa is living with them and is 19 years old (born October 1880).  This Census states that Washington was born in September 1845 and is 54 years old; Mary born May 1844 and is 56 years old.  They have had 3 children, of which 2 are still living.  
Note:  Mary and Cook Sanderson moved from 906 N Arlington St to 2000 Baton Ave, no date.

1900 Census Baltimore City Ward 1, Maryland; Roll: T623 608; Page: 9B; ED 10.  This appears to be Arthur F. Booze, born June 1870 in Maryland, 29 and Single.  William S. Booze is a physician while Walter and Arthur are clerks for the US Government.  

1910 US Federal Census Baltimore District 233, Ward 14, Bellaire Apt House, 2101 Madison Avenue, NE, by Bloom Street, Apt. 5a:   Jean found that Mary is alone as "Head of Household" in the 1910 Census as Washington Cook died in March of 1909.  Mary evidently had 3 children, 2 of whom are living. Mary and Louise are listed as having their "own income" and William W. Edmondson is listed as a "wholesale..." Eva has no income of her own.  Louise is now 29, still single, and listed as Louise E instead of E. Louise.  One child previously unnamed to me is now known to be Eva L. Sanderson, age 37 and married 11 years to William W. Edmondson, without any children.  

1930 US Federal Census Baltimore District 179
Both born in MD to MD-born parents.  He is an insurance salesman and they Live on North Charles Street in Baltimore.


Loudon Park National Cemetery, 3445 Frederick Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21228, Phone: (410) 644-9696


Brother of Charles C. Colison was George Z. Colison  born January 27, 1834; died January 14, 1914.  George grew up to become a Grand Master; Washington Post,  1908-03-21.  George was born Jan 1834 and died in 1914 at age 80.  He joined the Gorsuch Methodist Church at 4th & L St, SW (drawing below), now Christ United Methodist Church in 1877 and was on the Board of Trustees and Board of Stewards in 1878.  He is buried at Glenwood Cemetery in DC.  


Washington Post: 1913-11-23

1860 Census Taken 5th of July 1860 in Washington DC:
This Census lists George Z. Colison family living in either the boarding house owned by his wife's mother, Elizabeth Ferguson or next door.    Her home is worth $1200 and she has personal property of $100.  George is listed as owning property worth $1000 and having personal property of $200.  Mother, Elizabeth Ferguson was born in VA, but her children living with her in 1860 were all born in DC:

George Z. Colison, Head of Household, age 26, b. DC, carpenter.
Caroline Colison, Wife, 21 years old female, born DC
Charles A. Colison, Son, 3/12 months old, male, born DC

1900 Census Taken 5th of June in Washington DC:  In this census, George Z. Colison is listed as born Jan 1834 and is 66 years old having been married 36 years.  This is interesting since Mary J. his wife is only listed as age 46 and surely did not marry George when 10!  Kidding aside, errors occur.  They do have a daughter listed, Susie E., born April 1874 and age 16/single.  They also have two boarders.

Ancestors of Margaret Cooke Colison,
daughter of George Sanderson and Eva Estelle Carter Colison


Carter, Arabella M. d. 6 May 1924 75 yrs. R89/380

On Sunday, May 4, 1924, at 4 a.m., at her residence, 1624 Hobart St.. NW., Belle M., beloved wife of Walter F. Carter, Sr.   Services at her late residence on Tuesday, May 6, at 10 a.m. Relatives and friends invited. Interment (private) in Congressional Cemetery.

The Rebekah Assembly will be called at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, May 6, and adjourn immediately to attend the burial services of our sister. Belle M. Carter, P.P. Business will be resumed after interment. Alice S. Thomas, Pres. Edna Ohlander, Sec.

Ruth Rebecca Lodge, No. 2, I.O.O.F., announces with deep sorrow the death of our beloved treasurer, Sister Belle M. Carter, P.P. A memorial service will be held this evening at the close of a short business session. J. Griffith, N.G. R. Volland, Secretary

The Evening Star, May 5, 1924  
Mrs. Belle Carter Dead
Prominent Member of I.O.O.F. Dies at Her Residence

Mrs. Belle M. Carter, seventy-five years old, for many years prominent in the Ruth Lodge, I.O.O.F., and a life-long resident of this city, died at her residence, 1624 Hobart street yesterday. Mrs. Carter was past noble grand of the Ruth Lodge, I.O.O.F., and a life-long resident of this city, died at her residence, 1624 Hobart street yesterday. Mrs. Carter was past noble grand of the Ruth Lodge, I.O.O.F., and was its treasurer for thirty-eight terms. She was also a past president of the assembly of the I.O.O.F.

Funeral services will be conducted at her late residence, tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. Rev. Dr. John E. Briggs, pastor of the Fifth Baptist Church will officiate. Interment will be in the Congressional Cemetery.

The Rebecca Assembly, I.O.O.F., which has its regular meeting tomorrow, will meet and adjourn in order that its members may attend the services.

Her sons and sons-in-law will act as pallbearers. The sons are Dr. Emmett M. Carter, Charles Carter, Frank Carter and Walter Carter, while the sons-in-law are George S. Colison, Howard McKinley, and W.S. Macdonald.

Besides her sons, she is survived by her husband, Walter F. Carter, and five daughters, Miss Belle Carter, Miss Maud Carter, Mrs. George S. Colison [Eva Estelle Carter], Mrs. Howard McKinley and Mrs. W.S. MacDonald, all of this city.

Carter, Edward Warren d. 27 Mar 1896 5 yrs. 4 mos. 14 days R89/379 
Carter. At 8 o'clock p.m., Friday, March 27, 1896, after an illness of several months, Edward Warren, the
youngest son of Walter F. and Arabella M. Carter, aged 5 years 4 months and 14 days. 

A sweet little voice from earth has gone to join the angel band; May we each meet him by and by in heaven, that happy land.

The funeral service will be held in the Sunday school room of the Fifth Baptist Church, D street near 4 1/2 street southwest, Sunday, March 29, at 2 o'clock p.m. Relatives and friends of the family are invited to be present. (Baltimore Sun).



1814 Jan 28th Louisa Burgess  Born in MD
1835 Feb 6th   Louisa Burgess Married Benjamin Cator in Anne Arundel MD
1836 April 3rd SARAH ANNE CATOR born to Louisa and Ben Cator MD
1836 July 17 Sarah Anne Cator christened at All Hollows Parish, Anne Arundel  First awareness that Sarah's middle name is Anne.  Info from LDS
1836 Oct 28th CHARLES C. COLISON b. to Cornelius "Cullison" & wife Catherine Wise  Born in DC; 

4th child; youngest son 

1838  JOHN CHARLES CATOR born to Louisa and Ben Cator Likely in MD
Feb 1839 JANE ELIZABETH. CATOR born to Louisa and Ben Cator MD
1844   MARY ELIZA CATOR born to Louisa and Ben Cator MD
1859 July 20th Charles C. Colison married 1st wife Amanda Burch
1860 LOUISA CATOR is listed as WIDOW OF  Benjamin, home 5th west n M nth Living at "5th west n M nth" per 1860 Boyd's Directory
1860 George Z.  Colison and wife Caroline and son Charles A. Colison boarding. Caroline Ferguson, Boarding House.
1870 Census  Charles and Amanda Colison living in DC; no children.  He is 34 (b. 1836) and she is 33 (b. 1837).  He is a paper hanger and she is keeping house.

Both are listed as born in "DC". 

November 23, 1870
Amanda E. Colison has died and is buried on this date at Glenwood Cemetery in DC in section Q, lot number #91, Site #3.
Early 30s, likely 31.
1872 Charles C. Colison married 2nd wife SARAH CATOR Both are age 36
1873 Sarah (age 37) and Charles have first child, Catherine Louisa Colison Catherine died at about age 5, in 1878.
Dec 1874 Sarah (age 38) and Charles have 2nd child, Mary E. Colison Born in DC; she will live to 1952 (dies at age 78; marries Luther Derrick) 
1879 Feb. 27th Sarah (age 43) and Charles have 3rd child, George Sanderson Colison Born in DC; he will live to 12/7/1946 (dies at age 67; marries Eva Estelle Carter)
1880 Census LOUISA CATOR is 66 years old;  SARAH CATOR COLISON is 43 years old.  Louisa is living with daughter Sarah and her family.   825 6th St, SW DC
1880 George Z.  Colison and wife Caroline live in DC 823 SW 6th St, DC
1890 DC Directory LOUISA CATOR, widow of BENJAMIN CATOR is living at:   825 6th St, SW DC
1898 St. Patrick's Day LOUISA CATOR died Buried at Glenwood Cem. in DC
1900 Census Charles and Sarah Cator Colison living on Virginia Avenue with their son George S. Colison (age 21 and single) and Daughter Mary E. Colison Derrick's family lives with her parents (Mary's husband and two daughters). June 1900 living at 
928 Virginia Ave., SW
1910 July 28th CHARLES C. COLISON died in DC at age 74. Died at home: 923 Virginia Avenue, SW
1911 June 27th Sarah Colison sold the Virginia Avenue land  Sarah A. Colison transferred/sold 
Lot 50/Square 883, Virginia Avenue, SW to Stephen E. Colvin 
1920  George Colison and his wife Eva and children 1762 Kilbourne Pl., Washington DC
1932 December 12th SARAH CATOR COLISON died in DC at age 97. Died at home of daughter, Ms. Mary E. Colison/Mrs. Luther L. Derrick, 3701 Grant Rd., N.W. Buried at Glenwood Cem. in DC
Please share information....  Questions? Comments?

 *See additional Maryland Maps

1895 St. Mary's County, MD



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About 1916.  Warren Colison born 1909 is youngest child.  Margaret born 1907 and Walter 1905.  Likely they are 7, 9 and 11 here.  This is believed to be the house on Kilborn Street. 

Abt. 1907 - Colison Family at 923 Virginia Ave, SW DC.  George S Colison (28)holding daughter Margaret who is a few months old. (b. Sept 24, 1907).  The young boy is son Walter, born 1905.  (Son Warren  was not born yet.)   Eva Carter Colison age 26. Charles and Sarah bought this house around 1894, when George was 15; George and Eva were married in 1904 and lived there until the house was sold by Sarah in 1911, after Charles' death in 1910.

About 1947.
50th anniversary picture of Mary Colison
Derrick & Luther Derrick. Mary Colison is the daughter of Sarah Cator Colison and Charles C Colison, sister of George S Colison, granddaughter of Louisa Burgess and George Benjamin Cator.

Loudon Park Cemetery  in Baltimore MD

Loudon Park
Cemetery Map

Glenwood Cemetery in DC
2219 Lincoln Rd NE

Hundreds of Prince George's County
From book: Prince Georges Heritage by Louise Joyner Hienton



















































































































































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