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  Robert Fuller m. Sarah Dunkhorne, England

Robert Fuller was born about 1548 in Redenhall, Norfolk, England.  He worked as a butcher and he married Sarah Dunkhorn at Starston, Norfolk, England on January 29, 1572. Robert later married a Frances Blackwell in 1585. Robert lived to the age of 66 when he passed away on May 23, 1614 in Redenhall.  His burial place is in Harleston, Norfolk, England. 

Sarah Dunkhorne was born about 1558 in Starston and she died in July of 1584 in Redenhall. Sarah is buried in St. Mary Churchyard in Harleston, South Norfolk District, Norfolk, England.

MAYFLOWER:  Sarah and Robert Fuller had a son Thomas (our line; see next generation) and were the parents of sons Edward and Dr. Samuel Fuller.  Edward and Dr. Samuel Fuller who both traveled to America on the Mayflower, landing at Plymouth.  Samuel was the physician to the colonists of Plimouth Plantation.  Other children besides Thomas and Edward and Samuel were John, Edmund, Ann, Elizabeth and Mary Fuller.  Edward Fuller died in 1621 and Samuel in America. 

Sarah is buried in St. Mary Churchyard in Harleston, South Norfolk District, Norfolk, England.  This plaque is now placed in the cemetery area also:




  Thomas Fuller m. Audrey Anne Gylman of Redenhall, Norfolk, England

Thomas Fuller was born on 13 Dec 1573 in Redenhall, England.  Thomas was baptized at St. Mary church in Redenhall.  He married Audrey Anne Gylman of Redenhall, Norfolk England on January 22, 1599.  Thomas died in Redenhall England on May 30, 1659.  He was 85 years old!  One of their children was William Fuller, a Captain and a Puritan Governor of Maryland!

Entrance to the Church of St. Mary at Redenhall, England.

   Capt. William Fuller m. Sarah Martiau of Redenhall, Norfolk, England

William Fuller was born about 1610 in England.  William sailed from London to New England aboard the Ship Abigail April 1635 when he was 25 years old.  He married Sarah  Martiau around 1651 and two of their children were William Jr. (1673), and Ekeziel (1675).  When these sons were born, William was 48 and 50 years of age, respectively.  William was a soldier, a planter, and a politician.  Sarah was the daughter of Capt. Nicholas Martiau and his wife Jane, of York County VA.

Military:  Capt. William Fuller served in Oliver Cromwell's roundhead army.  He also was a leader in the Battle of Severn.

Politics:  Colonial Governor William Fuller served in Maryland, where he arrived in 1651 and became a leader of the Protestant forces.  He negotiated a treaty with the Susquehanna Indians in July of 1652, and he was commander-in-chief of an expedition against the Nanticokes and Wicomicoes on the  Eastern Shore Indians just 6 months later in November of 1652. The expedition was ultimately abandoned due to the weather and Providence settlers not willing to participate in the expedition.  In 1654 he served as a member of the Lower House Assembly of Maryland from which he ultimately served as Puritan Governor of Maryland. Governor Fuller, in 1654, agreed to the elimination of the Toleration Act which gave Catholics the right to practice the Catholic religion!  Puritan all the way, I guess...anyway this also led to the removal of Lord Baltimore from authority.  This Puritan assembly retained powers until April 27, 1658 when Lord Baltimore and religious freedom that also encompassed the Catholics was restored.

Jamestown Colony and beyond - 


SC:  A small party of Puritans went to SC, of which the Fullers were included.  This is the Fuller that was the founder of the Fuller family in SC in St. Andrew’s Parish on Ashley River.  William died in SC in 1695.

Children included Elizabeth Fuller born in Anne Arundel County MD about 1655, d. SC 1695; Edward b. 1657, d. 1699 in MD, Belinda, Mary Ann, William Fuller born about 1673 and died in Charleston SC, and Ezekiel Fuller (our line).

William Fuller is buried at Old St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Cemetery in Charleston, SC

   Ezekiel Fuller m. Deborah Spivey (2nd wife)

Ezekiel Fuller was born on the Isle of Wight in VA in the Newport Parish region in 1653.  He died in Newport, Isle of Wight VA on 24 June 1723. 

Newport Parish has served Isle of Wight County, Virginia. It was also known as Old Brick Church (founded 1632). It is located in Smithfield, Virginia. It is currently known as St. Luke's Church.

Ezekiel was a carpenter by trade and a well-to-do farmer.  Ezekiel married Deborah Spivey who was born in Newport Parish, VA, as his second wife. They married in 1699 when he was 46 at Newport Parrish.  Deborah is his second wife, much younger than he as she was born in 1680 on the Isle of Wight and was but 19. They had 12 children per his 1722 Will:

Milly and Carrie Fuller, Henry F. Fuller (1700, VA), Ezekiel (1701 VA), Martha Whitley Fuller, born 1702 VA, Solomon Fuller, born about 1703 VA, John Fuller born 1704 and died 1810 in Columbia County, GA (our line), Amy Fuller, born 1706, Honor Allen Fuller born same year, Ann Fuller (1707 died young) Mary Fuller (1709-1770), Benjamin Fuller born about 1710 in Isle of Wight, VA and died in Granville County NC and Arthur Fuller born about 1717 in VA.

Deborah, Ezekiel's wife, died on  23 Apr 1744 in Newport Parish, Isle of Wight, Virginia.  They had 12 children: Henry, Ezekiel, Solomon, John (Our line), Honour, Ann, Mary, Benjamin, Arthur, Joseph, Timothy, and Martha. For his will, click on Ezekiel's Will.

   Capt. John Fuller, Sr. (Lived to be 106!)
married Mary Warner

John Fuller was born on the Isle of Wight in VA in the Newport Parish region in 1704.  He died in 1810 in Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia. When he was 20, he married Mary Warner in Caswell, NC 1724.  Mary Warner Fuller was born in 1710 in VA and died in 1761 in Henry, VA.

In 1755 John was living in the Kershaw District of SC where he, an early volunteer,  joined General Edward Braddocks expedition (Srv #R3835) (British vs. the France in America) and they were defeated and Braddock died; John returned to Kershaw.  He joined the Army of the American Revolution at Kershaw and served several years for the colonies in the Revolutionary War.  He fought in the French and Indian Wars sometime between 1759 and 1760.  He moved to Columbia County in Georgia.

Sons John Jr., Stephen (see next generation), & Isaac were all soldiers in Revolutionary War.

John Fuller, Jr. was the Sr.'s only surviving heir in 1854 and Jr. at the age of 98 filed for his father's pension.  In this Jr. declared that "he recollects distinctly of hearing his Father frequently in his lifetime say that he was at Braddock's defeat and that he fought in the American line and saw General Braddock when he was dying and heard him say his last words to General George Washington whilst in the act of dying."


SIDE STORY:  John and Mary's son John Jr. who would ultimately become the grandfather of William Allen Fuller, the conductor of the General Locomotive in the great locomotive chase during the Civil War. In 1862 a band of Union spies (Andrews' Raiders) stole the General Locomotive at Confederate Camp McDonald while passengers and crew were at breakfast in Kennesaw. Confederate Conductor William A. Fuller pursued the raiders and ultimately regained his locomotive.  For more on the story see the Southern Museum webpage.  William Allen Fuller also lost his wife Maria Lulu and three of his children to TB by 1871 and lost his only remaining son to TB in 1890.  Most are buried in the Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta.

   Sgt. Stephen Fuller (Lived to be 100!) m. Catherine Elizabeth Bennett

Stephen Fuller, son of John Sr. and Mary Warner Fuller, was born in 1753 in Camden, Kershaw County, SC.  Stephen died September 1853 in Tom's Creek, Franklin, GA.  He was 100 years old.

Catherine Elizabeth Bennett, the daughter of John Bennett and an unknown mother was born in 1764 in Pendleton, Anderson County, SC.  She died in 1830 in Pendleton, 23 years before Stephen died.  They wed in Pendleton in 1790. 

This is a confusing generation due to the years involved. 

1753 Stephen Fuller Born Camden, Kershaw, South Carolina
1764 Catherine Elizabeth Bennett born; Stephen would be 11 years old.
1790 Catherine and Stephen Marry; Stephen would be 37; Catherine 26 (11 years difference)
1795 Ruth Fuller is born.  This is five years after their marriage in 1790 and Catherine is 31.  Why no other children in first 4 years?  Is the marriage date wrong? Or were their lost children? Or were they apart for that time?  Note:  Ruth is 65 in the Carnesville, GA 1860 Census.
1800 TWIN? Diantha Fuller (1800; never married). Catherine is 36.  4 years have passed with no known children. Note:  Diantha is 60 in the Carnesville, GA 1860 Census.
1800 TWIN? Cooper is born.  Catherine is 36.  Note: He is 60 in the 1860 Census for Habersham/Clarksville, GA and 70 in the 1870 Census.
1802 Nancy Fuller. Born in 1802 in Pendleton, Anderson, SC per family trees on Ancestry  Catherine is 38.
1805 George Whitefield Fuller.  Born in Anderson SC.  Catherine is 41 .
1807 Mahalia Fuller born in Anderson SC. Catherine is 43.
1810 TWIN? Mary E. Fuller is born  Note:  Mary E. is 50 in the Carnesville, GA 1860 Census. Catherine is 46.
1810 TWIN? James Harvey Fuller is born.  Note:  Per ancestry family trees he died at 40 in 1850.  No other proof. Catherine is 46.
1830 Catherine Bennett Fuller dies at age 66 in Pendleton, SC
Sept 1853 Stephen Fuller Dies at 100 years of age Toms Creek, Franklin, Georgia,


   Cooper Bennett Fuller m. Anney Stonecypher

Cooper Bennett Fuller was born in 1800 SC and he married Anney Stonecypher, on the 16th of February 1832 at Franklin, GA.  Anney was 13 years younger than Cooper, being born in 1813.  Cooper died at Franklin GA on April 22, 1874.  It is believed that Anney died the same year in Franklin.  He was 70; she 57. 

Headstone Details:

  • Cemetery name Old Eastanollee Baptist Church Cemetery
  • Name on headstone C B F
  • Birth
  • Death 1874 - Franklin County, GA Photographer is Sarah Kesler of findagrave; there are 7 graves in this cemetery but he is the only one named "Fuller".

Anney Stonecypher, was the daughter of John Henry Stonecypher, Jr. (died age 96 from injuries sustained in a fall from his mill house steps) and his wife Nancy Curtis.  John Henry Jr was the son was Johann Heinrich Steinseiffer and Ellen Dortch and the grandson of Johannes Steinseifer and Elizabeth LNU.

Cooper married Anney and had many children, including our Garnett Fuller (see next generation):


Copied in part from Weekly Tribune 24 Jan 1890. By betsy0108:  Mrs. Anney Fuller was the wife of Cooper B. Fuller, who was something of a character but a most excellent man.  

In the 1850 Census for Franklin GA, Cooper B. Fuller is a farmer and his wife Ann keeps house.  He is 50 and she is 37.  Since Sarah C. Fuller is 19 and would have been born in 1831, one year before Cooper and Ann married, it is not clear that she is Cooper's child.  Omar B. Fuller is likely their first son together, at least following marriage.

Known Children of Cooper and Anney Fuller:

In the 1860 Census for Carnesville, GA, Cooper B. Fuller is listed as a farmer with his wife Ann (46) and housekeeper.

Additional info on three of their children:

Son Benjamin Bennett Fuller (B. 1839 D. 1918 in Banks County, GA.) ►

ΧSon John M. (B. 1847 GA; lived in Grimlog, Franklin, GA in 1880 with wife Phoebe age 21 and son Cooper B. Fuller age 5 or born 1875 and Dudley B. Fuller 1 month old or born 1880.) John was a farmer and could not read nor write and Phoebe was a housekeeper and could not write but evidently could read some at least.

The following is Matilda R. Fuller married to John Franklin Hammond and three of their boys. LtoR: Monty Lee Hammond, Fred Hammond, and Benjamin Hill Hammond.  Matilda was born in 1860 and died March 8, 1904 in Carnes AL at age 44.  Her husband John with his three brothers, James, Miles and William traveled from Chattooga Valley Georgia over the Sand Mountain in a wagon making railroad ties during the journey.  Small pay; meals.  John is also seen as Frank and Hammon or Hammons.  John was ultimately killed in a cotton gin accident in 1818.

In the 1870 Census for Carnesville, Franklin County, GA, Cooper is now 70.  His occupation is illegible to me, but his wife Ann is keeping house.  They still having many of their children living with them.

   Rev. Garnett F. Fuller m. Allie M. Voyles

Garnett F. Fuller was born on April 29, in 1845 in GA.  He died on April 23, 1926 in Greenville County, SC.  His wife was Allie M. Voyles born many years later on October 2, 1879 in GA and died on July 23 in 1939 in Union County, SC (See gravestone).  They wed in Franklin GA on July 24, 1896 (per Family Search's Georgia, County Marriages, 1785-1950; see below) when Allie was 16 and he was 51!

The obituary for Allie has multiple mistakes, but is the one that appeared in the Spartanburg Herald News on July 24, 1939:









Looking back at the 1910 Census, Garnett was living in Greenville SC with his family.  In 1910 Garnett was listed as 68.  Others in the household were Addie (32) who was his wife and their children Ansel (18) Mary Ann (17) Birdy May (14) and Matildy (9), Garnett L. (7), Loyd B. (4) and infant Henry W. Fuller (11 months old).  Garnett was a clergyman and also worked at the a local cotton mill as were Mary Ann and Birdy May who were spinners, though only 17 and 14 years of age respectively. Ansel worked at odd jobs as a laborer. 

♥ Son Leonard "Ansel" Fuller was born in GA on 9/10/1892 and died on 7/28/1955 in Greenville County, SC.  Ansel married Ada Miranda Chambers.  Leonard and Ada:





♥Daughter Mary Ann Fuller married Bart Paul Chambers.  She was born 2/8/1895 in GA and died in Greenville County, SC on 3/2/1930.  She had married Bart Paul Chambers.  Her death certificate (from peripheral anemia) lists her as 35 years old. Her husband Bart was born in 1896 and lived till 1946, dead at 49:


Son Joe Voyles Fuller.  He and wife Edna May Hipps are buried at Hillcrest Gardens in Mount Holly, Gaston County, NC.  


  Benjamin Perrin Fuller m. Jessie Lewis Davis

Benjamin Fuller was born in January 10, 1904 in Columbia, SC.  Jessie Lewis Davis was born April 2, 1908 in Union, SC.   They both died in a house fire in Union SC on February 8, 1964!  Tragic!  Note:  It is unusual to see a gravestone engraved with the "A Loving Mother and a Forgiving Father" words.  They are buried together in Rosemont Cemetery in Union, SC. 


1940 Census shows that Ben (34/born in SC) and Jessie L. (32/born in SC) are living on Cedar Street in Buffalo, SC with their children:  Walter P (11), Ross G. (8) and Samuel R. (4).  They lived in the same house at 76 Cedar Street that they did in 1935. Ben is a carder and Jessie a spinner at the local cotton mill.  They rent this home for $280/month.  Ben's formal education ended in 7th grade.  Jessie at 5th grade per this census. From the census it appears that Ben made $750/month and Jessie 350/month.

Χ Benjamin and Jessie had three known children, all boys.






  Walter Perrin Fuller m. Mary Ann Seymour

Korean War Veteran, SFC Walter Perrin Fuller was born December 19, 1928 in Buffalo, SC.  He died at age 60 in West Columbia SC on February 4, 1989. He is buried in Woodbridge Memorial Park in Lexington, SC.

Walter married Mary Ann Seymour and they were residents of Buffalo, SC for some time.

At one point they lived at 412 Sirrine St., Ninety Six, SC


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