Descendants of (Dearebarne) Dearborn 
Dearebarne was the probable original spelling of 
the current name Dearborn.

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The full text of The Dearborns of Hampton, NH:

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Generation No. 1       ENGLAND
(DEAREBARNE)1 DEARBORN was born about 1510 in England. He married UNNAMED. She was born about 1511 in England.   Dearebarne was the probable original spelling of the current name Dearborn.    

WILLIAM (DEAREBARNE)2 DEARBORN, b. Abt. 1537, Willoughby, Lincolnshire, England.

Generation No. 2       ENGLAND
WILLIAM (DEAREBARNE)2 DEARBORN (DEAREBARNE)1 was born Abt. 1537 in Willoughby, Lincolnshire, England as the third child and youngest son of "Dearebarne".  William married his wife (name unknown),  who was born around 1541 in Willoughby also.  

 Children of WILLIAM DEARBORN and UNNAMED are:

  • WILLIAM (DEAREBARNE)3 DEARBORN, b. Abt. 1562, Willoughby, Lincolnshire, England; d. November 5, 1631, Willoughby, Lincolnshire, England.


  • Generation No. 3       ENGLAND
    3 D
    EARBORN (WILLIAM (DEAREBARNE)2, (DEAREBARNE)1) was born about 1562-1570  in Willoughby.   He married AGNES HAY May 2, 1594 in Markby, England.  Agnes was born around 1573 in Devonshire, England.  William died and was buried on November 5, 1631 in Willoughby, England and Agnes was buried in Willoughby 29 August 1613. 

     Child of WILLIAM DEARBORN and AGNES HAY is:  GODFREY4 DEARBORN, b. Abt. 1599, England; d. February 4, 1685/86, Hampton, Rockingham County, NH.    

    Thanks to"William was born in Lincolnshire, England probably in the early 1570s."  On May 2, 1594, he married Agnes Hay at a thatch church,  St. Peter's Church in Markby, England*.   "He married (2) Jane ____, who was buried there 16 Nov 1628. William was buried there 5 Nov 1631. He died intestate, and on 9 Dec 1631 administration on the estate of William Dearbarne of Habertoft in Willoughby was granted to his son George Dearbarne of Sloothby, weaver. The inventory of the estate, which totalled L35-18-2, listed a debt of 20 shillings owed the estate by Godfrey Dearbarne (Consistory Court of Lincoln, Admons, 1631 No. 41). Earlier sources specify Willoughby as the birth location but this will be changed to Lincolnshire, only.  On 2 May 1594 when William was 24, he first married Agnes HAY, in Markby...."   "Agnes died bef 29 Aug 1613; she was 40."  "They had the following children: 2 i. George (<1597-)  3 ii. Thomas (<1600-) 4 iii. Godfrey (~1599-1685) 5 iv. Henry (<1609-).   William second married Jane _____?. Jane died in 1631.   *Now the only thatched church in Lincolnshire County, England. 

    Generation No. 4                                                       (IMMIGRANT)

    GODFREY DEARBORN (WILLIAM (DEAREBARNE)3, WILLIAM (DEAREBARNE)2, (DEAREBARNE)1) was born 24 Sep 1603 in Exeter, Devon, England, a weaver by trade in England and America.  Religiously he was a Congregationalist, who came to America in 1639.  He lived in Boston, then Exeter NH, then Hampton NH were he died February 4, 1685/86.   The second child of William and Agnes Dearborn, his wives are unclear to me.  

    In trying to resolve who his wives might be, I have put the tidbits of information I have found to date in the following table format:

    1599 Godfrey Dearborn is born
    (He seems to have been born in 1599 with christening date in 1603).
    1605 Godfrey's future wife (1st wife?) Lucy is born.
    1605 Anne (Goody?)  (Godfrey's second wife?) is born. (Possibly born 1607)
    1605  Godfrey's future wife (3rd wife) Dorothy is born.
    Lucy Richardson marries 1st husband John Fields.
    1629 Godfrey and Lucy Richardson (Fields?) marry in England.   June 23, 1629.
    She is about 24 and he is about 30.
    1630 Son William dies (died young or at birth???)  Lucy died also??
    1631 Godfrey marries Anne (Goody?)  (Godfrey's second wife?). 
    *Seating plan for the Hampton meeting house has a pew assignment for "Goody Derborn."   "Goody" is a nickname for "Good wife" so "Miss Goody" may only be a nickname.  Some websites list Lucy Miss Goody Richardson as his wife.  Perhaps both his 1st and 2nd wife were called by this nickname.  *Per Terry Dearborn at Dearborn-L Archives August 1997.
    1632 Son Thomas Dearborn is born. Nov 1, 1632  (1632-1710)
    1633 Son Henry Dearborn is born. 22 Mar 1633     (1633/34-1724)
    1636 Daughter (name unknown) is born. 
    1638 Daughter Esther Dearborn is born.  
    1639 Godfrey, wife (Anne?), Thomas, Henry, Esther 
    and daughter (name unknown) come to America.
    1641 Daughter Sarah Dearborn is born.   (1641-1714)
    1642 Son John B. Dearborn is born.   (1642-1731)
    (He will be named as Executor in Godfrey's 1680 Will.)
    Abt 1662 Anne (Goody?) dies at age 57.
    1662 Godfrey marries Dorothy Dalton, widow of Philemon Dalton. 25 Nov. 1662
    1680 Godfrey completes his Will and names Dorothy as his wife, lists that a granddaughter Ann "Shatredg"* lives in his household, and states that all his 3 daughters are living in 1680, as well as Thomas, Henry and John.  No son William is listed.  *His daughter Esther, b. 1638; m. May 14, 1661 to Richard Shortridge (parents of Ann "Shatredg").
    1685 Godfrey dies.
    1696  Dorothy dies at age 91.

    Click here for Will of Godfrey Dearborn with wife Dorothy as beneficiary.
    Click here for western author Louis Dearborn L'Amour,
     a descendant of Godfrey Dearborn on his mother's side: 
    "The novelist was especially proud of his mother's ancestry, 
    beginning with Godfrey Dearborn...."

    Child of GODFREY DEARBORN and ___________  is (1 of 6 children):  
    5. i. HENRY5 DEARBORN, b. January 10, 1633, Hannah, Cum Hagnaby, Lincolnshire, England; d. January 18, 1725, Hampton, Rockingham County, NH.

    Dearborn Monument information can be found at :


    The Dearborn Monument
    Hampton High Street Cemetery
    Hampton, NH 

    Built on 4 elevated lots 
    (1,196 square feet)

    $10,000 bequeathed by Joseph Frederic Dearborn, Attorney, to honor his first American ancestor, Godfrey Dearborn.

     Made of Barre, Vermont granite where it was created October 1890. 

     The monument is 46 feet tall.

    Some of the inscriptions:


     "'Erected 1890, by Joseph Frederic Dearborn, son of Jonathan and Sarah Towle Dearborn, in memory of Godfrey Dearborn'

    "'Ancestor of the Dearborn family in America, who emigrated from Exeter, England, to Exeter, N.H., in 1639, settled in Hampton in 1650, and died in 1686"

    Godfrey Dearborn 
    is not buried here.

    PER:  Dearborn-L Archives:  On 10-31-97 :
    "Godfrey and his family came to America by 5 June 1639, when he signed (by making his "D" mark) the "Exeter Combination," an agreement for self-government signed by 35 men, at the establishment of Exeter, NH. Godfrey was one of the followers of Rev. John Wheelwright, the founder of Exeter, who was from Alford, Lincolnshire (just a few miles from Hannah), and was banished from the Mass. Bay Colony in 1639 along with his flock, for supporting his sister-in -law, the celebrated Anne Hutchinson, in the Antinomian controversy.  Godfrey lived in Exeter for about ten years after which he moved to the neighboring town of Hampton, NH. He built a house (still standing at 73 Exeter Rd. [Rte 27]) reputed today to be the oldest frame house in the state."

    Note:  Exeter, never officially incorporated, is the only NH town settled for religious reasons where founder John Wheelwright and his 175 followers could practice their Puritan beliefs undisturbed following Wheelwright's banishment from Boston (the Massachusetts Bay Colony).  Exeter's tiered local government, called the Exeter Combination, became a model for town meetings and selectmen-ruled communities all over the state of NH.  Godfrey served as a selectman in Exeter NH and again in Hampton NH where he moved to in 1648.  He owned farms in both communities. 

    (GODFREY4, WILLIAM (DEAREBARNE)3, WILLIAM (DEAREBARNE)2, (DEAREBARNE)1) was born January 10, 1632/33 in Hannah (Hannay), Cum Hagnaby, Lincolnshire,  England and was baptized in Hannay on the 22nd of March 1633/34.   When still a young child, he emigrated with his family to New England.  He was about 6 years old when his parents moved out of Boston and helped create the settlement of Exeter, NH.  When a teen, they moved on together to Hampton, NH where he remained throughout his life.    . He married ELIZABETH MARRIAN/MARION in the 11th month 1665 in Hampton. (I have also seen this date as January 10, 1665/66).  The daughter of John and Sarah Marrian, Elizabeth was born in America around 1644 in Watertown, MA.  Henry served Hampton as a Selectman in 1676 and 1692. He signed a petition to the King in 1683 called "Weare's Petition.  Elizabeth Marrian Dearborn died prior to her husband's death on  June 6, 1716 in Hampton, NH.   Henry died nearly a decade later on January 18, 1724/25 in Hampton.  
    Note:  King Philip's Indian War broke out in 1675. 

     Child of Henry DEARBORN and ELIZABETH MARRIAN is (one of 7 children)
    6. i. SAMUEL6 DEARBORN, b. Jan. 27, 1669/70, Hampton, NH;  d. aft. 1746, N. Hampton, NH.

    Generation No. 6       NEW HAMPSHIRE
    SAMUEL DEARBORN (HENRY5, GODFREY4, WILLIAM (DEAREBARNE)3, WILLIAM (DEAREBARNE)2, (DEAREBARNE)1) was born January 27, 1669/70 or July 11 1670 in Hampton, NH, and died after 1746 in North Hampton, NH. He married MERCY BATCHELDER July 12, 1694 in Hampton, Rockingham County, NH. She was born December 11, 1677 in Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts, and died Aft. 1720. 

    Child of SAMUEL DEARBORN and MERCY BATCHELDER is (one of 12 children):
    7. i. NATHANIEL7 DEARBORN, b. January 21, 1709/10; d. November 11, 1754, Kingston, NH.

    Generation No. 7       NEW HAMPSHIRE
    NATHANIEL DEARBORN (SAMUEL6, HENRY5, GODFREY4, WILLIAM (DEAREBARNE)3, WILLIAM (DEAREBARNE)2, (DEAREBARNE)1) was born January 21, 1709/10, and died November 11, 1754 in Kingston, Rockingham County, NH. He married his first cousin, MARY BATCHELDER December 2, 1731. She was born October 21, 1711, and died October 30, 1769 in Kingston, Rockingham County, NH.  

     New Hampshire, Births and Christenings Index, 1714-1904 >


    Child of NATHANIEL DEARBORN and MARY BATCHELDER is (one of 10 children)
    8. i. EDWARD8 DEARBORN, b. February 13, 1748/49, Kensington NH; d. June 16, 1792, Deerfield NH.  Edward is the youngest son and the second youngest child.

    Here lies the body of Nathaniel Dearborn who died November Ye 11th 1754 in the 45 year of his age

    Burial: Upper Yard Burial Ground, Kensington, Rockingham County, NH

    Generation No. 8       NEW HAMPSHIRE
    EDWARD DEARBORN (NATHANIEL7, SAMUEL6, HENRY5, GODFREY4, WILLIAM (DEAREBARNE)3, WILLIAM (DEAREBARNE)2, (DEAREBARNE)1) was born February 13, 1748/49 in Kensington, Rockingham County, NH, and died June 16, 1792 in Deerfield, Rockingham County, NH. He married SUSANNA "ANNE"LONGFELLOW BROWN January 23, 1771 in Kensington NH. She was born October 15, 1751 in Hampton NH and died December 8, 1813.  

    Child of EDWARD DEARBORN and SUSANNA BROWN is:  9. i. SAMUEL9 DEARBORN, b. September 3, 1778, Deerfield NH; d. May 22, 1867, Lavant, Penobscot County, Maine. 

    Generation No. 9       NEW HAMPSHIRE TO MAINE 
    SAMUEL DEARBORN (EDWARD8, NATHANIEL7, SAMUEL6, HENRY5, GODFREY4, WILLIAM (DEAREBARNE)3, WILLIAM (DEAREBARNE)2, (DEAREBARNE)1) was born September 3, 1778 in Deerfield NH, and died May 22, 1867 in Lavant Maine.  Wife is Rachel Page.   They married 20 Jan 1800 in Deerfield.

    Child of SAMUEL DEARBORN is10. i. EDWARD PAGE10 DEARBORN, b. April 8, 1808, Monmouth, Kennebec County, Maine; d. January 29, 1885, Corinna Maine.








    Generation No. 10     MAINE  
    EDWARD PAGE  DEARBORN  (SAMUEL9, EDWARD8, NATHANIEL7, SAMUEL6, HENRY5, GODFREY4, WILLIAM (DEAREBARNE)3, WILLIAM (DEAREBARNE)2, (DEAREBARNE)1) born April 8th in  1808 at Monmouth, Maine; died January 29, 1885 in Corinna, ME.  He married Rosina/Rozina Drew of Athens Maine on March 21, 1831.  Rosina was born 12 Dec 1810 in Athens, ME.    She died 8 Oct 1900 in Corrina, ME.

    For More information on Rozina Drew's heritage, Click Here


    RACHEL E. DEARBORN, b. 1831, St. Albans, ME; d. Apr 1893; m. JOHN K. FOX, Aug 12, 1850.
    JOHN B. DEARBORN, b. Apr 27, 1833, St Albans ME; d. Nov 19, 1915, Newport, Maine.
    EDWARD MARSHALL DEARBORN, b. 1835, Levant Maine; d. May 10, 1903, Corinna, ME.
    DAVID PAGE DEARBORN, b. January 27, 1837.
    ISREAL DEARBORN, b. October 29, 1838.
    WILLIAM HARRISON DEARBORN, b. December 30, 1840.
    CLARA JANE DEARBORN, b. June 22, 1843.
    CORA DEARBORN, b. June 23, 1845.
    HENRY HOWARD DEARBORN, b. March 11, 1848.
    ARABELLE DEARBORN, b. May 6, 1850.



    Edward's Burial: Morses Corner Cemetery Corinna Penobscot County Maine. Inscription: Edward P. Dearborn, died Jan 29, 1885 aet 76yrs 9mos 21dys

    In the Corrina ME 1870 Census,  Edward Page Dearborn and his wife (in their 60s) are farming.

    In the 1880 Census for Corrina Edward Page (age 72)  and his wife Rosina (age 70) are now living with their son Edward Marshall Dearborn (age 44), a farmer and his wife Martha LNU.   Also living in the household is the son of Martha and Edward, Clarence L., age 12, a student; and Betsey Spear, an aunt to Edward Marshall Dearborn or his wife Martha.  I believe Betsey is Rosina's sister though  (aunt, age 68) . 


    Edward passed away in 1885 and in the 1900 Corinna Maine Census, Rosina (89) is living with her daughter Clara and John Young.  According to this Rosina had 10 children of whom only 7 are now living.

    Generation No. 11     MAINE  
    JOHN B. DEARBORN (EDWARD PAGE10, SAMUEL9, EDWARD8, NATHANIEL7, SAMUEL6, HENRY5, GODFREY4, WILLIAM (DEAREBARNE)3, WILLIAM (DEAREBARNE)2, (DEAREBARNE)1) was born April 27, 1833 in St Albans, Somerset County, Maine (possibly Athens, Maine) and died November 19, 1915 in Newport, Penobscot County, Maine. He married BETSY RANDALL BRACKETT June 26, 1856. She was born June 3, 1833 in Berwick, Maine.  Betsy died August 10, 1916.  John was a blacksmith.  He was in the Civil War Draft Registration Records for Detroit Maine.

      EDWARD DEARBORN, b.1858 in Summerworth, NH ; d. April 30, 1858, Died Young.
    CHARLES THOMAS DEARBORN, b. 1860.  Died on April 22 in the 1930s, in Seattle WA. 
    ROSINA (ROSE) S. DEARBORN, b.  1862, ME; d. 1944,  Maine.
    JOHN W. or JOHN HOMER DEARBORN, b. November 4, 1865.  Died February 6, 1900.
    THIRSEY OR THURSIE DELLA DEARBORN, b. 1871, Newport,  ME.  Died November 29, 1944




    Generation No. 12     MAINE
    ROSINA (ROSE) S.  DEARBORN (JOHN B.11, EDWARD PAGE10, SAMUEL9, EDWARD8, NATHANIEL7, SAMUEL6, HENRY5, GODFREY4, WILLIAM (DEAREBARNE)3, WILLIAM (DEAREBARNE)2, (DEAREBARNE)1) was born September 15, 1862 in Detroit, Maine or Palmyra, Maine; and died March 6, 1944  likely in Stockton Springs, Stockton Village, Maine. She married LaFOREST  Sumner TITCOMB September 21, 1879, son of NATHAN TITCOMB and CLARISSA CAVERLY. He was born November 9, 1853 in Exeter, Penobscot County, Maine, and died July 25, 1934 in Likely Stockton Springs, Stockton Village, Maine.  Other siblings of LaForest Titcomb were Frank L. Titcomb and Flora E. Titcomb (Curtis).   Gravestones from Morse's Corner Cemetery in Corinna, Maine:

    When she was 17, Rosina married Laforest Sumner Titcomb on Sept 21, 1879 in Newport, Penobscot County, Maine.    Laforest became a diabetic; lost foot; died from amputation).  Rosina died at age 82 while living with her daughter's Vivian Virginia's family in Winterport, ME (March 6, 1944)

    Children of Rose and LaForest Titcomb:

    Clarissa D., died Sept 12, 1893 aet 63yrs 26dys

    Nathan Titcomb, died Dec 14, 1890 aet 69yrs 3mos

    LaForest and Rose Titcomb about 1885


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    Grave of Frank L. and Carrie B. Titcomb at Morse's Corner Cem.

    Grave of Alphonso C. Curtis and Flora E. Titcomb

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