Ancestors of two of my grandchildren


DNA 8th Great Grandfather Gislem Gershom Allen and wife Patience "Patty" Snow, parents of Ananais Allen = Speculation!

Gislem was born on February 10, 1734, in Raritan, NJ, the child of Ananias Allen and Hannah Hester Allen.  He was an Indian Agent.

Patty is a mystery. 

She may have been born in 1739 in Surry County, NC and lived to 1820.

She may have been "Eli" kidnapped daughter of American Indian Dragging Canoe or Little Dragging Canoe. 

Patience and Gislem married on May 12, 1755, in Orange County, NC. They had several children, including Squire Allen (1763) and Ananias Allen (1756).

Appears Squire married Martha Tilda Snow who is believed to be a kidnapped daughter of Dragging Canoe. a Red Chief or War Chief of the Western Nation of the Cherokee. 

At age 86 Gislem died in Jackson, TN.  Patty appears to have died in 1820 in Jackson, TN.


DNA 7th Great Grandfather Ananais Allen and wife Jane Elizabeth Laxton, parents of Mary "Polly" Allen

Your 7th Great Grampa Ananias "John" Allen was born in  June 1756 in Orange County NC.  He was the son of Gislem Gersham Allen and Patience ???____.  Your 7th Great Gramma Jane Elizabeth Laxton Allen was born there in September 1757, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Grayson Laxton of Kings Creek County, British Colonial Virginia .  In 1775 John and Jane married in Wilkes County.  They had nine children, including Mary "Polly" Allen (Mrs. Rippitoe) {See Next Generation}.

In July 1781 Ananias served as a Private under Capt. John Cleveland in the Wilkes County Regiment during the Revolutionary War.  He was engaged with the British and the Tories at the lands by the Drowning Creek and Little Pee Dee River.  He was discharged in Oct. 1781.  A short 3 month term of service.  He did not receive a pension due to the briefness of his militia service.

In 1823 Ananias bought land in the Huntsville Meridian section of Alabama.  By the 1830 census, he had 11 slaves.  The land he settled on was in Stevenson, an area recently taken from the Cherokee Indians. 

John died 23 Sept. 1840 at the age of 84.  His grave has the following inscription: Pvt. Cleveland's Co, Col. Smith's NC Regt. Rev War.  His grave is located at the Allen Cemetery in Stevenson, AL and his marker was provided through the DAR. 

Unsourced info on Ancestry indicates that his wife, Jane, died on the 22nd of September, one day before Ananias died.  If this is true (and they were both living during the 1840 census and were in their 80s), she may well be buried with him at the Allen Cemetery.  I can find no cause of death for either of them.  Lifelong loving couples have been known to die within days of one another and this may be the case here.   








Sophia, who is your 6xGG Mary Polly Allen's sister, is your 6th Great Grand Aunt.



Your DNA match, brbyler is the same generation as your Great Grandmother, Mildred LaFaye Pippin who married Bruce Edward Durham


DNA 6th Great Grandfather John Rippetoe and Wife Mary "Polly" Allen

Mary Polly Allen   John Rippetoe

Your 6th GGmother "Polly" was born in 1795 in Wilkes County NC.  Her parents were Ananias "John" Allen and Jane Elizabeth Laxton Allen.

John Rippetoe was born in 1784 in Burke County NC in the town of Morgan. His parents were William David and Ruth Ann Antle Rippetoe. 

John and Polly married in Adair County, KY on July 20, 1812 when she was 17 and he was 28.   After the birth of their 2nd child, your 5th Great Grandmother Sallie, the family left Kentucky and moved to Jackson County, TN about 5 miles from Cookeville. John was still working on his farm at age 87 and he died after the June 1880 census, meaning that he was 96 years of age or older at his death!  Polly was 64 when she passed away in 1859. She and John are buried at the William Rippetoe Graveyard in Cookeville, Putnam County, TN.

Their children were:

Emily (Mrs. Bullington) born 1813
Sarah "Sally" (Mrs. Laycock) {see next generation}
Celia Ann (Mrs. Roberts) who married Rev. Joseph Porter Roberts
William Alexander who married Sophia Buck
Wilson Law who married Cornelia Jane Allison


DNA 5th Great Grandfather Thomas Laycock and Wife Sarah "Sallie" Rippetoe Laycock

On the Laycock side of your heritage, Thomas Laycock was born in 1819 in Orange, NC and he died after June 1880 census.  Little is really known about his life, as far as I can find.  He is the son of Timothy and Polly Warren Laycock. 

Your 4th GGmother Sallie was born in 1819 also, but in Adair, Kentucky.  She died in 1862 in TN.  Sallie's dad was John Rippetoe, who lived to be 96 years old and her mom was Mary "Polly" Allen.  

Thomas was a miller and a farmer and they owned their land.  Their children were all born in TN, including Celia who is your 4th Great Grandmother.


Your 4th Great Granddad was Richard Freelon Pippin, born on March 1, 1837 in Jackson County, TN.  When Richard was born his dad Lewis was age 31 and mom Jane 30.  Richard married three times! Celia was his first wife.  Note:  His other two wives were Amanda Jane Huddleston and Sarah M. Bohannon.

4th Great Grandmom Celia was born a few days after Christmas, on December 30 in 1838 TN.  Whereas Richard was born to parents in their 30s, Celia's parents Thomas and Sarah were both just 19. 

When the Civil War was brewing, your 4th GGdad Richard was a Confederate Soldier - Private then Corporal - in Company B, 28th TN Infantry in which he enlisted on September 7, 1861 at Camp Zollicoffer, TN. This company was also called the "2nd Tennessee Mountain Volunteers."  Although he was never officially discharged,  he was forced to leave his command at Tullahoma TN on the 22nd or 23rd of July 1863, after almost two years of battle. He did receive a pension (application #7653). Interestingly, Richard was cut off from his command at Tullahoma and was forced to hide in some bushes for several days while quite a number of the Union enemy passed by.  He and Capt. A. C. Pippin managed to get home, but they were unable to get through to rejoin their men. Richard did suffer and die from kidney disease which began while serving in the Civil War while in Kentucky.  http://www.tngenes.info/military/cw/pccsa/s07653.pdf

Your 4th GGrandparents were Christian members of the local Freewill Baptist Church for about 35 years.  Despite this, Richard owned a distillery and a farm located on Pippin Road, 1 mile NW of Cookeville, TN. His distillery was registered for distilling and, of course, for tax collection purposes:  Registered Distillery No. 488 in the 5th District of TN.  He granted his son John W. Pippin permission to use this real estate.  Wonder if they distilled handmade sour mash Tennessee whiskey?

Richard and Celia had married in 1857 in Putnam County, TN.  Their last child together was Celia Ann Pippin born January 22, 1881, the same day that her mother died while giving childbirth.  She was just 42 years of age.   Sad.

Richard died on June 20, 1913 in Putnam County, TN at the age of 76 after a long and failing health battle of 3 yrs and 7 mos. 

They are buried in William "Plunk Whitson Cemetery in Double Springs, TN.  The cemetery was original the Lewis Pippin Family Burying Ground for members of Lewis' family.  Eventually the Whitson family acquired the land and changed the name.



Delia is your 4th Great Aunt

Virgie is your 1st cousin 4x removed.







Freelon Pippin has a son Henry "Max" "Mack" McCarver Pippin who married Mary Jane Walker and they had a son, Elbert Lee Pippin - one of our direct ancestors. 

Genealogical information on Max's and Elbert's families:

Durham & DeSpainCherokee PippinSmithsSmith/ChristopherPfiel
DNA Durham Pippin




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