DeSPAIN to Thomas Jefferson DURHAM and wife Violet DeSpain plus related family info on PIPPIN and JOHNSON

UPDATED FEBRUARY 2016  (Note:  Relationships given in relation of my grandchildren)

Grandparent relationships are regarding ancestry of my grandchildren
Ex:  5X great grandparents of my grandchildren


    It is thought that the DeSpain's originally came from the Basque Region of Europe. There is some evidence that some of the DeSpain's were known as DeSpainhower. In France as DeSpaigne and later as we know them today as DeSpain. It was not unusual in those days for the eldest of each generation to alter the spelling of their surname. There is also belief that they were French Huguenots and escaped to England to avoid religious persecution. Samuel DeSpain came to America in the early 1700's. Per

    This is a very complex family history as there is so much information that is contradictory on the web mainly due to the repetition of the same first names generation after generation.  You are likely to find some errors here too.  Please feel free to let me know so they can be corrected.   There are a lot of family memories for the Despains on the web and I have included some of the links within the generations for your enjoyment and genealogy research. Donna Cator


Jean Despaigne born 1526 in Lille, Nord, France and died 1594 in Canterbury, England.  He married a Jaquesmine _____ who died in 1594 also.

Gervois Despaigne born 1554 in North Wheatley, Nottinghamshire, England. He died in 1594 in French Church, England.  Gervois married Marquerite Bousemar, 1557-1629

Jean Despaigne born 1586 in Canterbury, England.  Died in January on the 18th in 1656 in St. Alphage, Centerbury, Kent, England.  Married Marie Sedt (Six) on Sept 19 1613.  

Gedeon Despaigne m. Marie Le Leu.  Gedeon was born on 16 April in 1626 in French Church, Canterbury, Kent, England.  Marie Le Leu was born in St.  Alphage, Canterbury, England, where Gedeon ultimately died on October 5 1690. 

Samuel Despaigne (Sr) m. Sarah Smith.


Generation No. 1  (Early 1700s)
Samuel Despaigne (IMMIGRANT) and Anna "Ann" Marshall DeSpain    

SAMUEL DESPAIGNE (IMMIGRANT) was born in French Church, Canterbury,  Kent, England on October 11, 1692  His father Samuel was 32 and his mother, Marie, was 34.  Samuel was baptised October 16, days after his birth, at the French Church. Per mjdespai on,  "FRENCH CHURCH" refers to the community of Walloons (Strangers) who came to England from Flanders and France and were allowed to worship in the Undercroft (crypt) of Canterbury Cathedral.

Samuel's ancestral lineage included many skilled silk and wool Canterbury weavers and other types of trades.  In the year 1710, with massive amounts of imports from China, India and Persia, the weaver craft slipped into near obscurity.

At age 27, Samuel married Sarah Smith (25) on June 6, 1720 at St. Botolphs Bishopsgate, London, Eng., per the parish register, page 181.  Samuel and Sarah had four children, but, alas, they all died young.   When he was 29, his mother Marie Six Despaigne died on January 22, 1722 in Shoreditch, Middlesex, England.  Marie was 64 years old (1658-1723).  Four years later in 1726, his wife Sarah died at age 31 (1695-1726) in Shoreditch.   By 1728 he had lost every family member -- wife, four children (Lewis, Mark, Sarah, Samuel), mother, father, brother Gideon.  He was the last of this Despain line to be born in England.  He came to America.  He was not the first Despaigne (Despain) (DSpain) (dSpain) (Dispain) (Daspain) in America.

Samuel married Anna "Ann" Marshall who was born about 1712.  This marriage was in a Brunswick County (VA? NC?) in 1730-1733.

Samuel received a land grant in 1748, about 20 years after he immigrated from England to the Colonies of America in approximately 1728.  His grant was for 200 acres in Brunswick County, VA on the southern side of the Meherrin River.  Because he had a family of four (he, wife, 2 children), Samuel was granted 50 acres per person, or a total of 200 acres of land. 

It is possible that he had a will in 1783 that gave a mere 5 shillings to each of his children, while giving his land (by now he had purchased 280 more acres) to his grandson Benjamin who was 26 and the rest to his wife Ann.

Samuel died July 1, 1783 in Warren County, NC.   He was 90!

Samuel and Ann Despaigne/Despain had two known children: 

John "Dispain" was born (1735-1806) in Virginia.

GGGGGGGGG Aunt Sarah Despain  (1737-1786).

 Possible other children who all died young are:  Aurela (1734-1748) Martha (1737-1748) and Susan (1742-1748).   Why would these young children all have died in 1748?  Could this have been as a result of the 1748 yellow fever epidemic?

Generation No. 2  (Mid 1700s)
John DeSpain (Dispain) and wife Susan Scott DeSpain

VIRGINIA:  John  was born in 1735 at Meherrin River, Brunswick, VA.

Lunenburg, NC:  John  married SUSAN SCOTT around 1756.  Susan was born about 1741 in Lunenburg Co. and died after 1783.  They had a total of eight children.  They moved to WV and ultimately to KY.  

Halifax County NC (East Coast):  3 of their 8 children were born here.  Benjamin, Peter, and James Scott.

Virginia:  5 of their 8 children were born in in the western part of Virginia (Botetourt County and Montgomery County).  Solomon, John Daniel, Temperance, Charlotte and Marshall.  The family lived in Montgomery County as late as 1787.

Wilderness Road to Kentucky:  John Despain's family made their way toward the frontier of Kentucky (soon to be the new state of Kentucky (1792). They would most likely travel the WILDERNESS ROAD and settled in what became Green County (est. 1793), Kentucky and elsewhere (except Benjamin). Only their 1st child, Benjamin, stayed in Virginia and never made the long trip to Kentucky (over 200 miles by horse and wagon)

The 200 mile Wilderness Road started in Ft. Chiswell in SW VA, wound through the Cumberland Gap and onto Central Kentucky.  Later it would extend further, but John's family went only to Kentucky. Originally the road was so rough and narrow that pioneers could travel by foot or horseback, but not wagon.  After KY became a state in 1792, the road was widened to accommodate pioneers and families in covered wagons and carriages. (Wikipedia)

John served in the Revolutionary War.  John died in or around 1806 in Brush Creek KY.  


GGGGGGG Uncle BENJAMIN DISPAIN, was born in 1757 in NC; Benjamin died 24 Jun 1838 in  Greenville Co, SC.  Ben married twice:  1) Diliah Winningham October 18, 1780, Granville Co, NC.  When his grandfather, Samuel, died in 1783, he inherited Samuel's 180 acre farm on Horse Creek, Granville Co, NC (purchased and not a land grant). Benjamin sold the land in 1784.  He served as a Private in the Revolutionary War in NC under Gen. Rutherford, Captain Daniel Trigg's Company. His father John also served in this conflict.  In his war pension request Ben listed that he spent most of the years after the war in Flour Gap VA and married 2) Lucy LNU there the day after Christmas in 1786.  He moved about then to Greenville County, SC near the Pickens County Border and lived in Greenville SC until his death 24 Jun 1838.  Ben and Diliah had a son Solomon G. Despain June 22, 1790 (later of Illinois); Solomon died 1856.  Lucy Despain died 22 Mar 1851.  He is buried at Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery in Simpsonville, Greenville County, SC.

GGGGGGG Uncle JAMES SCOTT DESPAIN, b. Halifax Co, NC; d. 1835, Green Co, KY; m. Susan "Sallie" Peterson about 1787.  10 known children;  James was a farmer. 


GGGGGGG Uncle SOLOMON DESPAIN, b. 1765 VA; died 1856 IL; m. 1807 Nancy Bell KY 4 Jul 1807 in Green Co, KY ; m. 1828 Celia Griffith in TN. May have had another wife too.  

GGGGGGG Uncle JOHN DANIEL DESPAIN, b. 1775 in VA., died August 1853 in TN.  Married Charlotte Daniel in 1801 in KY.  

GGGGGGG Aunt TEMPERANCE "Tempy" DESPAIN, b. about 1777 VA; d. 15 Dec 1855 KY; m. Barry Reuben Belcher in 1792   and had 7 children.   

GGGGGGG Aunt CHARLOTTE DESPAIN, b. 1779 VA; d. about 1835 KY; m. est. 1795, KY to Reubin Vaughn.


Generation No. 3  (Late 1700s)
Peter DeSpain and Nancy Skaggs DeSpain

PETER DeSPAIN,  born January 9th, 1764 in Halifax County, NC but raised in Virginia, married (1) NANCY SKAGGS  on December 20, 1791 in Green County, KY. She was born around 1775 in Fincastle County, VA, and died before 1830.  Peter died Mar. 31, 1850 in Larue County, KY.  He was the son of John and Susan Scott DeSpain.  He is buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery in an unmarked grave. 

KY County Marriage Records 1797-1954:

Peter served in the Revolutionary War when he enlisted in 1780 in Montgomery County VA as a Private in Capt. Bentley's Company and Col. Hawes Virginia Regiment.  Peter served in the battles at Camden, Guilford Courthhouse, siege of Ninety-Six SC and Eutaw Springs SC (the last Carolina battle Sept 8, 1781.)



Peter was a Revolutionary War Veteran through his 1780 enlistment in the Montgomery County, VA unit as a Private in Capt. Bentley's Company and Colonel Hawes Virginia Regiment.  Peter was 5'5 3/4" tall at that time, had been farming, had light brown hair, gray eyes and a "swarthy" complexion.  He could not read nor write, having farmed only during his young life.  After serving 18 months including BATTLES OF CAMDEN, GUILFORD COURTHOUSE, SIEGE OF NINETY SIX AND EUTAW SPRINGS, he was discharged in Salisbury, NC. 

He would have been 27 years old when he married Nancy.  Nancy was under age (16?) and had to obtain parental consent to marry; she was the daughter of Henry and Mary Thompson SkaggsHe and Nancy had at least 14 children.  Per the Kendall DeSpain web information found on (Five Generations of John and Susan Dispain), a Skaggs researcher, Nita Luttrell, found that Peter had 3 wives, not two, and that Nancy was the third and last.  In total he had 24 children per her research.

For $150 Peter and Nancy purchased 200 acres from a Nathaniel Owens in 1805 in Green County, KY  on Little Brush Creek bordering Francis Howell and Berry Belcher [his brother-in-law]. He lived on this 200 acre farm until his son, Thomas, turned him out in September 1848.  Peter had deeded the 200 acres over to Thomas in 1840, but Peter claimed that his son, Thomas DeSpain, obtained his land by fraudulent means (19 Sep 1840 Green Co, KY Deed Book 18, page 134).   Thomas was evidently quite the scoundrel.  Peter claimed that he had not signed the deed over to Thomas and went to court in 1846 claiming that Thomas and his brother-in-laws who were witnesses had lied about the deed.  In 1846 Thomas spent considerable time in court and then jail as he served 4 1/2 years with his brother-in-laws ____ Sutton and Joe Beauchamp for counterfeiting [Per Louisville Daily Journal, page 1, Col 2, 19 Dec 1846].  

Peter's son Marshall DeSpain sued his brothers, Thomas and Silas DeSpain on the 18th of March, 1851 (Circuit Case #5430 Green County, KY) stating that his dad, Peter, owned the tract of land on the waters of Brush Creek valued at $800 which he conveyed to his son, Thomas, ON THE CONDITION that Thomas would care for his father in his old age.  But, Thomas did not - he turned his dad out of the house in which he lived and Peter was forced to go to Marshall's house about 19 months before his death on March 31, 1850.  Marshall also charged that Silas DeSpain owed Thomas $100 and asked the court to have that money given to Marshall, not to Thomas, for payment on their father's upkeep.  

Peter died at age 87 at the home of his son, Marshall,  in Larue County, Kentucky  March 31, 1850.

At age 67 when he made his Revolutionary War pension request, only one daughter was living with Peter and she had been ill for 10 years. Nancy is not mentioned.  He stated in his request papers that his military papers were burned with his home in Salisbury, NC many years ago.  He received a Pension of $60/year as of March 4, 1831. 

From Despain Stories:
Submitted by Robert (Bob) De Spain April 1997
Written by Mrs Charles (Daysie) DeSpain. September 28 1970.

Peter DeSpain (b. 1763) of Montgomery County, Virginia fought in the Revolutionary War. On Sept 11, 1780, Peter DeSpain and three other men, ranging in age from 17 to 30 years, appeared before the Recruiting Officer at Chesterfield Court House, Va. and enlisted in the Virginia Line. They had traveled over 80 miles from Montgomery County, Va. to join the Revolutionary Forces at Chesterfield Court House, traveling over dim and poorly marked trails in order to join in the common cause. Peter DeSpain , age 17, -five feet five and 3/4 inches tall. He said he was born in North Carolina, but did not say in which county he was born in. He was then living in Montgomery County, Va. when he enlisted. The Enlisting Officer then proceeded to give whatever type of physical they gave in those days, pronouncing him fit for service and fighting and describing Peter DeSpain as follows...."his hair was light brown, his eyes were gray, and his complexion was "SWR ATHEY"", (yellowish). He enlisted for 1 year and 6 months. By trade he was a farmer. On his war records in Washington DC, his name is spelled "d Espagne". After the War, he moved to Green County Kentucky. Where he settled on Sand Lick Run and Brush Creek where he died March 31, 1850. He was born in 1763 or 1761. He was married twice, his first wife was Polly House. His 2nd wife was Nancy Skaggs whom he married December 15, 1791, daughter of Henry Skaggs. James and Solomon Skaggs, Nancy's brothers were witnesses, Nelson County Kentucky. William Perry DeSpain, son of Peter DeSpain and wife Nancy Skaggs, was born in Green County Kentucky August 2, 1837. He was a minor when his father died and William D. Skaggs, who was magistrate of Green County, Kentucky and the child's uncle, was made his guardian. The 1810 census of Green County shows that Peter DeSpain had 9 sons and 4 daughters. Peter DeSpain had sisters...Temperence and Charlotte, and a brother James Scott DeSpain.   


Peter's wife, NANCY SKAGGS DESPAIN had an interesting history also.  She was the daughter of Henry Skaggs, a pioneer Long Hunter. Henry, known as The Long Hunter, was born on January 8th, 1724. The Long Hunter's father was James Skaggs and his mother was Rachel Susannah Moredock. His paternal grandparents were Richard Thomas Skaggs and Mary Thear; his maternal grandfather was Abraham Moredock. He had nine brothers and four sisters, named John, Moses, James, Charles, Jacob, Richard, Abram, Stephen, Aaron, Susannah, Lydia, Elizabeth and Nancy. He died at the age of 86 on December 4th, 1810.  Henry's wife was Mary Thompson Skaggs born 1739 to John and Mary Thompson. HENRY SKAGGS' BURIAL SITE is located on the property of former Kentucky Governor LOUIE NUNN, at Hiseville-Park, Ky.  The site is in Barren Co., Ky., and near Green Co., Ky., where HENRY SKAGGS and CHARLES SKAGGS' wills are filed.

An exploring party of 13 "Long Hunters," so named because of the long periods of time spent away from home, camped along Barren River in 1775. Their names were carved on a beech tree, a silent record of the first white men in this area. Henry Skaggs and Joseph Drake of this group had been among first Long Hunters, 1769 - 1771, whose exploring helped open mid-Kentucky.  Her dad's hunter journeys would take him for their home for long periods. Her dad also helped Mrs. Jennie Wiley in her escape to avoid recapture by the Shawnees in October 1789. 







Portrait of a Well-Dressed Longhunter.==> The exploits of the longhunters have assumed the air of mythology. The longhunters were men who spent months in the wilderness, exploring new territories and living off the land. Some of the longhunters were attempting to make a living off the land by harvesting furs and game. However, most appeared to be motivated by a love of the outdoors and of adventure. The presence of potentially hostile Indians only made things more interesting.



Some children of PETER DESPAIN and NANCY SKAGGS are:

GGGGGG Uncle John Marshall Despain (see picture):  b. 1793 KY; moved to Iowa about 1852 to follow his older children; d. 1865 in Iowa.  He was married three times and had at least 13 children.  He died 1865 and is buried at Carter Cemetery in Danville, Des Moines, IO.  His 3rd wife was Mariah (see photo in right column).  Mariah and John came to Pleasant Grove Township in Iowa in 1852 and lived on a 24 acre farm until they died. He was a Democrat and a supporter of the Baptist church/

Mariah & John M.
DeSpain, 1860 Iowa

GGGGGG Aunt Susannah DeSpain.  Born March 1792 in Brush Creek, KY. Married John Mansfield Donan. Died in 1860 in Green County, KY.


GGGGGG Uncle Hiram Despain:  born Oct. 17, 1794 in Brush Creek, KY  He died Sept 14 1836 in Madison County, MO.  He moved to Missouri about 1829 with in-laws.  Hiram dropped the "De" in Despain at time he moved to Missouri.  Hiram served in the War of 1812 (Hyram D Spain 14 Reg't [Mitchesson's] KY Militia, Pvt.).  

GGGGGG Uncle Stephen Despain  b. Feb/ 2nd 1798 Green. KY; died Nov 19 1871 Martinsville, IN; he likely had a child with Emily Warren who evidently died in childbirth of their daughter in 1824.  They did not marry.  He married  Thea Shoemaker (1802 - 1880) on Nov 8, 1825 in Pitmans Crrek, Green County, KY. Changed  his name to just "Spain."  He is buried in the family cemetery, Spain Cemetery, Ashland, IN.  See Generation 5.

GGGGGG Grandfather James L Despain (See Generation 4)

GGGGGG Uncle Harrison Despain 1806 - 1877. Married Isabella Towne.

GGGGGG Uncle Silas Despain
1810 - 1858; Silas ran a Tavern and an Inn during his life time. 

1815 KY - 1880) Married Hester Ann Beauchamp, daughter of Joseph and Lydia (Bartlett) Beauchamp, 25 Jan 1837 in Green County.  The Scoundrel in the family!  They had five children: Eliza J Despain b. about 1838; Quintus Despain, about 1840; Joseph H. Despain, about 1842; Florence Despain, about 1858 and Cora Anna Despain, born May 29 1861 in Schuyler MO and died Sept. 15, 1880 in Butler, MO. She married Jesse Smith Cebolt Silvers on October 1, 1879 in Bates Co MO.  They had a son Quintes Charles Silvers, born Sept 5, 1880 in MO.  He died March 4, 1938 in Ketchum OK.  Just ten days following the birth of her son Quintes, Cora and her husband Jess Silvers tried to save their crops in a hailstorm.  She sickened and died.  She is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Bates County, MO.  Aside from illegitimately claiming to take over his father's land and to take care of him and then failing to do so (above); Thomas Despain was a scoundrel in at least one other matter in association with his in-laws. 

The Louisville Daily Journal page 2 col. 2, 19 Dec 1846
Counterfeiters Convicted: A letter from Greensburg KY says "Our circuit court has just adjourned. It did a good business among the counterfeited. Old Joe Beauchamp was sentenced to the penitentiary for 10 years for making counterfeit money, and two of his son-in-laws, Despain and Sutton were sentenced for 4 1/2 years each for the same offense.


Generation No.4  (Early 1800s)
James L. DeSpain and Mary A. Roark DeSpain

JAMES L DESPAIN was born October 24, 1804 in Green County, KY, and died at the age of 35 on October 30, 1839 in Montgomery County, IN. Before John Baird, he married MARY A. ROARK on July 11, 1826 in Green Co., KY.   She was born there in February 23, 1807 and died August 7, 1865 in the same county as her husband James.  They are both buried in Old Salem Cem., Shannondale, Montgomery County, IN.



Children of James L DeSpain 1804 - 1839 and Mary A Roark 1807 - 1865

John MARSHALL DeSPAIN August 1828-1910 wed 1st cousin Frances (Frankey) Despain 1833-1876.  Died Morris County, KY  abt. 1909  (SEE Next Generation)

<==GGGGG Aunt Sarah Jane DeSpain  (Click on Picture) When Sarah Jane Despain was born on June 10, 1829, in Green County, Kentucky, her father, James, was 24 and her mother, Mary, was 22. She married Kentuckian William Alexander Endicott  on August 30, 1849, in Montgomery County, IN. They had eight children in 13 years. She died on September 13, 1908, in Richland, Wisconsin, having lived a long life of 79 years.  They moved to Richland WI from KY around 1858.

Sarah's husband William A. Endicott was a pioneer family in Indiana where he was reared and schooled.  He married there and resided there until 1859 whereafter he moved to Wisconsin where he farmed until he joined the Civil War, Company H, 37th Wisconsin volunteer infantry.  He participated in all battles for this company.  William was killed in battle in front of Petersburg in April 1865.  Sarah survived for several more years in her widowhood and lived in Richland County until she died. 

William was a Whig and then a Republican.  Sarah and William were members of the united Brethren Church.   

GGGGG Aunt Nancy DeSpain b. 1830 IN; m. Henry Endicott in Montgomery County, IN on 20 Dec 1848. 

GGGGG Aunt Elizabeth C DeSpain born 1833  in IN.  Wed Josiah Burrough in 1851 in  IN.  They had one known child, Jasper DeSpain Burroughs born April 1857 in Tippecanoe County, IN.

GGGGG Aunt Mary Ann DeSpain b. 1836 IN; d. 1836 - infant death at birth.

GGGGG Uncle James Henry DeSpain born August 12, 1837 in IN; died Feb. 16,  1899 in KS. Wed Isabella "Bell" Turner about 1867.  James H. was in Civil War as a Sgt in the 10th Battalion Light Artillery.  Enlisted 13 Sep 1862 at Darlington, IN and  applied for his pension 10 Jul 1869 as an invalid. He is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Council Grove, Morris County, KS in Plot 511.  Inscription on grave is Bat B 10 Ind Art


GGGGG Aunt Julia A DeSpain b.1838 IN. Wed James Van Eaton in 1858; residence: Tippecanoe IN in the 1860 Census.  She died there about 1863.

Eliza J DeSpain b. 1839 IN; died 1877.  She married William L. Costin (?) on Nov 24, 1869 in Tippecanoe County, IN.

Generation No.5 (Mid 1800s)
MARRIAGE OF 1st Cousins

John Marshall DeSpain married his first cousin
Frances "Frankey" DeSpain


John Marshall DeSpain was born August 1828 in Green County, KY to parents James L. and Mary Roark DeSpain.  John died around 1909 in Morris County, Kansas. 

He married (1) FRANCES (FRANKEY) DESPAIN in 1853 in Indiana.  Frankey, born in 1833 in Kentucky,  was the first cousin of her husband  John and  the daughter of  STEPHEN DeSPAIN and THEA SHOEMAKER Frankey died in the late 1870s in Indiana. 

Then John married (2) Mrs. America L. Rogers Whitworth several years later on  September 11, 1884 in  Missouri.

In the 1860 Census John Marshall DeSpain was living in Ray, Morgan, IN with his wife Frankey (27) and children, Twins Mary E and Dorothea ages 7, James H. age 3 & William H. age 1.







In the 1870 U.S. Census Morris, Tippicanoe, Wea, Indiana, John who was born in KY and his wife, Francis are 43 and 41 (1827?) years of age.  He is a farmer.  They have several children at home with them:  Marget, age 17; Martha J, 16; James H. 13, William H. 9; Sarah 7; Stephen 4 and Margaret 2.  All, other than John were born in Indiana.  Their personal property is worth $350; unknown if they own a farm/home.






In the 1900 Coffey KS census, John M. DeSpain was 62, born in July of 1828 and widowed; living alone.



Children of John M. and Frankey DeSpain:

GGGG Uncle William H. DeSPAIN Oct. 1859 m. Matilda Molly Bosch) (SEE NEXT GENERATION)

GGGG Aunt Mary Ellen DeSpain (Twin) b.1853; m. George W. Secrest July 7, 1870, Tippecanoe, Indiana.  Likely Mary died after being married to George and giving birth to her daughter, Anna Elizabeth Secrest.  Later George Secrest married Mary E. Asher on March 7, 1880. 

GGGG Aunt Dorothea DeSpain (Twin) born 1853 in Morgan County, IN. 

GGGG Aunt Martha Jane DeSpain, b. about 1854 in IN

GGGG Uncle James H. DeSpain b. May 16, 1856 IN.  D. in his 20s on 2/23/1882 in Tippecanoe IN

GGGG Uncle William H. DeSpain b. Oct. 3, 1859 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, IN; died Jan. 4, 1938 in Council Grove, Morris County, KS.

GGGG Aunt Sarah DeSpain, born 1863 in IN

GGGG Uncle Stephen DeSpain, born 1866 in IN

GGGG Aunt Margaret Annie DeSpain born March 24, 1868 in IN.  She married Thomas Hamilton Endicott on April 18, 1885 and had 4 known children.  She died in KS in 1962 at the age of 94. 

Generation No. 6 (Mid-Late 1800s)
William H. DeSpain and Matilda Molly Bosch DeSpain
Matilda M. Bosch DeSpain is first generation American
 from German born parents

born October 3,  1859 in Morgan County, Indiana, owned a farm in Garfield, KS, that he worked per 1930 census, with his wife, MATILDA MOLLY BOSCH, born in Harrison, MO in April 1, 1875. 

They had  married in 1895, when he was 35 and she was 18 years old.  It was the first marriage for both. 

William died in Council Grove, KS on Jan. 4 1938. 








Matilda Molly was born to parents who were both born in Germany: 

1)  Anna Caroline Borkenhagen, born 11 Feb 1843 in Prussia, Germany and died October 11, 1920 in Council Grove, KS.

2)  Alois Bosch, born 28 Jan 1842 in Ringingen, Germany and died April 5, 1915 in Council Grove, KS.

Caroline Bosch, Matilda's mother, was living with William and Matilda in Garfield KS per the 1920 Census.  

Burials at Greenwood Cemetery,  Council Grove, Morris County, KS Plot: S13 curved east

Children of WILLIAM H. and MATILDA DeSPAIN are:

GGG Aunt BERTHA JULIA DeSPAIN, born January 9, 1894 in Morris County, IN and died in Salina KS.

GGG Aunt MABEL DeSpain, about 1905 in Kansas.

, b. August 22, 1908, Kansas; d. July 1987.  (See next generation)

GGG Aunts Twins:  NORA and DORA DeSPAINBoth born in 1912 in Kansas. 

1920 U.S. Census Morris, Garfield, Kansas - District 93
W. H. DeSpain, a farmer, and Matilda
are 56 and 45 respectively.  Living with them is daughter MABEL age 15 and single, VIOLET, age 11 and twins Nora and Dora, both 8.  Also living with the family in W. H.'s mom-in-law/Violet's mom, Caroline Bosch who is a widow at 78.  ALL the children were born in Kansas, and their father was born in Indiana.  Matilda was born in Missouri to German born parents (IMMIGRANTS) and Matilda spoke German. 

In the 1915 Kansas State Census for Morris, Garfield KS, Wm. H. and M.M. Despain are 55 and 41 years of age respectively.  M. L. is 11; V.L is 6, Twins N.D. and D.D. are 3 and they all live on a farm which is owned free and clear by W.H. Despain.






1930 U.S. Census Morris, Garfield, Kansas - District 11
It has now been another decade, and William is 70 (instead of the expected 66!) and Matilda is 54.  They were married when William was 35 and she was 18 per this census. Wm. is listed  as born in Indiana, and his parents were born in Kentucky and he remains a farmer.  Matilda is still listed as born in Missouri to German-born parents (IMMIGRANTS).

  • Generation No. 7 (1900s)
    Thomas Jefferson Durham and Violet DeSpain Durham

  • Hourglass Ancestry of Thomas Jefferson DURHAM:

    John Coleman Durham

    John was a school teacher.  He left his first wife, Rachel, to raise their five children and returned to Missouri where he filed for divorce and married Martha Washington.  John Coleman Durham had six children.

    Children with wife Rachel LNU:

    Married as his second wife:

    Child of John and Martha Durham, Thomas Jefferson Durham:

    Children of Tom and Violet DeSpain Durham:

    Son, Bruce:

    Son, James:
    James Col(e)man Durham was a PFC in the US Marine Corps during WWII. He is buried at Ava Cemetery in Ava, MO.  He was married to FNU/LNU and had a son Ronald Dean Durham born Dec 16, 1948 in Wichita KS; d. 28 March 2004 in Springfield MO.

    Son, Floyd:
    Floyd L. Durham was born on Feb 14, 1929 in Wichita, KS and died there on Jan 5, 1987.Married a Jeanne LNU.

    When Violet M DeSpain was born on August 22, 1908, in Morris County, Kansas, her father, William, was 48 and her mother, Matilda, was 33. She married Thomas Jefferson Durham on March 15, 1925, in Lacrosse, Izard County, Arkansas. She was 17; he was 21. Thomas was born May 3, 1904 and was a farmer.  Violet gave birth to 3 sons (James Coleman, Bruce Edward and Floyd Leon) by the time she was 20. Bruce Edward is my grandchildren's Great Great Grandfather. Violet died in July 1987 in Wichita, KS at the age of 78; Thomas died in 1968. They are both buried in Izard County, Arkansas.

       Above Photo: Thomas and Violet


    1930 Census for Thomas J. and Violet Durham family:

    In 1936. Thomas was a Janitor working for SW Bell Telephone Company.





    1940 Census for 1306 No. Jackson Avenue in Wichita (as it looks today) lists Thomas as owning their home valued at $1500.  He is 35.  Violet is 31.  Both completed the 8th grade which is common in those days.    Living with them are their three sons and a niece, Marie.  Thomas is now advanced to Lineman with the telephone company. 










    Photo: Bruce, Floyd and Coleman Durham




    1) GG Uncle  JAMES "Jim" COLEMAN DURHAM. b. Christmas 1925 in LaCrosse, Izard County, AR when his dad was 21 and mom 17.  He died 8 July 1995 in Mansfield, MO at the age of 69. His residences included: 123 E Lee St # 14, Mansfield, MO. 405 W Commercial St, Mansfield, MO, 65704; 407 W. Commercial st., Mansfield, MO.  James Coleman Durham was a PFC in the US Marine Corps during WWII.  He is buried at Ava Cemetery in Ava, MO.  He married Lois Arlene Edmond who is buried with him.  She lived from 1927 to 2014.  Their son and daughter-in-law are buried at Ava Cemetery also.From findagrave:

    Arlene and Jim had a son named Ronald "Ronny" Dean Durham who was born on December 16, 1948 in Wichita KS and died in Springfield MO on March 28, 2004.  Ronald married Patricia Louise Coombes.  Ronald Dean Durham was a SP4 in the US Army during Vietnam.  He is buried at Ava Cemetery, in Ava, MO. 


    2BRUCE EDWARD DURHAM, b. Halloween, Oct. 31, 1927, Wichita, KS; d. Oct. 12, 1964, Orlando, FL.▼ ( See next generation)











    3)   GG Uncle FLOYD LEON DURHAM b. Valentine's Day 1929 in Wichita KS. Died on January 5, 1997 in Wichita..  In 1993 he lived at: 19067 SE Bryant Dr, Jupiter, FL, 33469-1609 (1993).  At some point he also lived at 360 Fiesta Dr in Jupiter.  Floyd married Imogene LNU, born 1928 and died 2006.

    In the 1955 Wichita City Directory Floyd was a driver for Frontier Chemical and they lived at 1123 Handley Avenue.

    Generation No. 8 (1900s)
    Bruce Edward Durham and Mildred LaFaye Pippin

    BRUCE EDWARD DURHAM was born on Halloween October 31, 1927 in Wichita, KS, and died October 12, 1964 in Orlando (Orange County) FL at the age of 36. He married MILDRED LaFAYE PIPPIN, daughter of ELBERT PIPPIN and MILDRED JOHNSON. She was born August 26, 1929 in Wichita, KS.

    Mildred and Bruce had three sons and two daughters.

    Note:  Elbert Pippin was born October 6, 1910 in OK.Elbert died March 21, 1991 in Rogers, Benton County, Arkansas.)  For more on this line regarding wife Elbert and Mildred Johnson Pippin, please go to  







    Bruce with first child, Carolyn





    NEW:  Grave of Bruce Edward Durham is located in Kissimmee Florida at the Rose Hill Cemetery in Osceola County.  He is located in Plot 1 73 3 C.

     Rose Hill Cemetery is located at 1615 Boggy Creek Road Kissimmee, FL 34741. 

    Our Evans/Balch line has ancestors from Barren Fork Arkansas, 12 miles from the Durham/Despain line in LaCrosse Arkansas.  Both are in Izard County. 

    Mildred's family name is Pippin.


    1910 Census,  Former Tennessean Henry McCarver Pippin and his family are residing in Fannin, Bonham County, TX.  Henry is 36 and married when he was 20 to the 20 year old Mary.  Children are: Henry 18, born about 1890; Charlie born about 1895; Sallie12 born about 1898; Comer 10 born about 1900; Robert 8 born about 1902; Cora 3 born about 1907; Fannie 2 born about 1908; Elbert who is 5 months old.  Cora, Fanny, Elbert are all born in Texas; rest in Tennessee.  Dad Henry, son Henry and son Charlie all work the home farm in TX.

    1920 Census,  Fannin, TX taken April 23, 1910:
    Dad and Mom are Henry M. (48; born about 1872) and Mary J (48; born about 1872) who were both born in TN.  They have four sons living with them, "Comer D." age 18 and single; Robert E, 16 Single; Elbert, 10; Alvin 8 and three daughters, Cora B. 14 and Single; Fannie M. 12 and Bessie 6.  Alvin and Bessie were born in Texas so they must have moved from Tennessee to Texas sometime after son Elbert was born. Dad is a farmer and Comer is a laborer.  Mary's dad was born in TN, but her mom was born in NC.  Henry's parents were born in TN.

    1930 Census, 1844 Silver St., Sedgwick, Wichita KS taken April 9:
    Elbert, the son of "Max" and Mary Pippin in living with them, along with his bride Mildred.  Elbert is 19; bride Mildred is 17.  Elbert and Mildred married when she was 16 and he 19. Elbert was born in TX; Mildred in TX.  Her parents are from OK; his from TN.  Dad Max is 58 and rents their home; Mom Mary is 53.  They have other children besides Elbert, namely: Alvin age 18, born in TX and Bessie 16 born in OK.  Max is a building carpenter; son Alvin is a laborer in brick home construction; Elbert works odd jobs.  So, this household seems to have moved a bit - from TN to TX, to OK and to KS!  Note:  The 1920 census lists Bessie as born in Texas but this one is Okla.

    In the 1937 City Directory for Wichita Kansas we find the following Pippins:
    Seven yrs after the 1930 census, son Alvin is a factory worker at Coleman Lamp and Stove Co.  He lives at 1702 S. St. Francis Ave.  He appears not to be married.  Charles D. Pippin is married to Grace and is a building contractor living at 2812 E lst. I do not know what the "h do" stands for.  Comer Douglas Pippin  is married to an Othel A. (Othelia? Jenkins) and works with Alvin at the Coleman plant.  Edward and Winnie may not be of this line.  Elbert and Mildred live at 1702 S. St. and Francis Av. in Wichita and he works as a surveyor.  NOTE:  Two of the sons are working at the Coleman factory in 1937 and 1939.  In 1938 Elbert L. is also working at Coleman!  A family affair!!

    In the 1939 City Directory for Wichita Kansas we find the following Pippins:

    Nine years after the last census son Alvin is married to Dorothy A LNU and Alvin works for Coleman Lamp and Stove Co.  Alvin and Dorothy reside at 1321 S. Wichita (St?).  A Charles D. Pippin, who may be the "Charlie" listed in the 1910 census above, is married to a Grace LNU and has a home at 235 N. Bluff Avenue.  Son Comer D. is married to an Othel (Othelia?) and works as a plumber.  Comer and his wife live at 1341 S. Santa Fe Ave.  An Edward is listed but is not known to be a part of this line by that one name.  He is married to a Winnie M. LNU and works at the Allis Hotel and resides at 327 Pattie Av.  The last two listings are important to this line as they are Elbert L. who is married to Mildred L. Pippin.  Elbert works as a machine operation and has a home at 1109 S. Fern Avenue.  Lastly, Elbert's father H Mack Pippin is listed as a carpenter living at 447 N. Main St.  Interesting!

    The 17-story Allis Hotel in Wichita was the state's tallest building when it opened in 1930.  It was art deco styled and considered Kansas' finest hotel. The Allis closed in 1984 and imploded in 1996 when it became greenspace for the city.

    Comer Douglas Pippin died 30 Jun 1972 in Wichita and is buried at Highland Cemetery, Wichita KS; born 03 Oct 1901 died 26 Jun 1972 buried  30 Jun 1972 Plot: 4 213 6A

    Grave of Mildred Johnson Pippin and Elbert Lee Pippin.  According to this, Elbert was born on 10/6/1909 and Mildred Jane Johnson Pippin was born May 28 1912  in Oklahoma and died in Rogers Arkansas in 1991.  This tombstone is located in Elm Springs, Washington County, Arkansas. Mildred was the daughter of James Thomas and Easter Lavinia Christopher Johnson.  Elbert is the son of H. M. Pippin and wife Mary Pippin.                                Cherokee Pippin                                        

    Children of BRUCE EDWARD & MILDRED LaFAYE PIPPIN DURHAM:  They had 3 children - two sons and a daughter.  Mildred LaFaye Pippin Durham was just 14 years old when her oldest son was born.

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