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Generation No. 1 MAINE: 
 James and Elizabeth "Betsey" Howard Eaton; please click here

Capt. Hiram Eaton's father, James A. Eaton, built our family farm on Turnpike Road in Searsport Maine.  It was then lived in by Hiram and Nancy, then Lester and Emily Prudence, then Esther and Charlie Bennett - then Esther and Austin Homer. My mom lived there at times and my parents brought me home from the hospital to this wonderful old farmhouse.  

(Our Ancestor) My third Great Grandfather, James Eaton was born on March 15, 1784 in Deer Isle, Hancock County, Maine; he died on April 30, 1863 in Searsport.

(Our Ancestor) My third Great Grandmother Elizabeth "Betsey" Howard Eaton was born at Deer Isle also about 10 years after James, around 1793.  Betsey died on February 14, 1850 in Searsport at the age of 57.  Her cause of death was throat disease from which she suffered 4 days per the 1850 Federal Mortality Schedule:

James and Elizabeth Eaton had only three known children:

SARAH E. EATON, b. 1829; died 7 Jul. 1853 at 24 years of age. 

OTIS EATON, b. about 1814 in Searsport and died about 1863.

(Our Ancestor)  HIRAM EATON, CAPT., b. 26 Dec 1814 in Maine; d. 23 Jan 1884, Searsport ME.

At the time of the 1850 Census for Searsport, JAMES EATON was 65 and living with his son HIRAM EATON and daughter-in-law, Nancy A. Staples Eaton.  Hiram and Nancy have three children as of the 1850 Census:   William M. Eaton age 5 (born 27 Jun 1844); Harriet M Eaton, age 3 (born 29 Sep 1846); Nancy E. Eaton, Infant (born 19 Jul 1849)

Also living with Hiram and Nancy is Sarah E. Eaton, Hiram's sister who is 21 in the census.  She will only live 3 more years, but her cause of death is unknown.  At this time, Hiram is a sailor/mariner.




My Great, Great, Great Grandparents, Betsey and James, are buried at Bowditch Cemetery in Searsport Maine.

Generations No. 2 and 3

Hiram and Nancy A. Staples Eaton
William M. and Anna E. Harriman Eaton

Capt. Hiram Eaton                                                             Mrs. Nancy A. Staples Eaton

 Tintype Photography             




At the time of the 1860 Census for Searsport, taken on June 22nd, Hiram and Nancy A. Eaton are 45 and 41 respectively.  Hiram is off the sea and is a farmer whose real property is valued at $2500 and personal property at $550.  Hiram's father, James Eaton is 75, farms, and lives with them.  Hiram and Nancy have 5 children to date:

William M. Eaton age 16 (born 27 Jun 1844)  -->
Harriet M Eaton, age 13 (born 29 Sep 1846)
Nancy E. Eaton, age 10 (born 19 Jul 1849)
Mary A. Eaton, age 8 (born 18 Mar 1852)
Abba A. Eaton, age 2 (born 19 Aug 1858;  Note: She died on 21 Aug 1864 at about age 6)

At the time of the 1870 Census for Searsport, taken on June 13th, Hiram and Nancy A. Eaton are 56 and 51 respectively.  Hiram is farming still.

William M. Eaton age 26 (born 27 Jun 1844) is now a mariner.  He is now married Anna  E. Harriman, age 25, born in Arkansas about 1845. 
Harriet M Eaton, age 23 (born 29 Sep 1846) is now married to Ralph S. Ellis, a mariner, and they are living with Hiram and Nancy.  It is likely that Ralph is at sea during this census.
Nancy E. Eaton, age 20 (born 19 Jul 1849).
Mary A. Eaton, age 18 (born 18 Mar 1852)
Note:  Abba A. Eaton died on 21 Aug 1864 at about age 6
PLUS:   James S. Eaton, age 9 (born 3 Mar 1861)
              Lester C. Eaton, age 6 (MY LINE) (born 27 Jun 1864)

These pictures are likely of:

Nancy E. Eaton and Mary A. Eaton, daughters of Hiram and Nancy Eaton.
These girls are about two years apart in age.

Nancy E. Eaton, daughter of Hiram and Nancy Eaton.
  Nancy E. is likely about 20.

At the time of the 1880 Census for Searsport, taken on June 19th, Hiram and Nancy A. Eaton are 65 and 60 respectively.  Hiram is farming still.

William M. Eaton age 35 (born 27 Jun 1844) is now a Sea Captain.  He is married to Anna  E. Harriman, age 34, born in Arkansas to parents who are both born in "Arkansas."  They have three children:
1)  Abbie A. age 9, born about 1871 NOTE:  Abbie A. Eaton will grow up to marry WILLIAM B. TEMPLE
          (see Temple section below)
2)  Maggie M., age 6, born about 1874 3) William M. Eaton, Jr., age 4, born about 1875-76.  All children are listed as attending school.

Anna Harriman Eaton

Harriet M. Eaton, age 33 (born 29 Sep 1846) is still married to
Ralph S. Ellis, who is now a Sea Captain also.  They are living next door to Hiram and Nancy and William M. and Anna E. Eaton.  Ralph and Harriet now have a son, Henry R. born 7 Mar 1874.  Note:   Henry R. will only live to be 7 years 4 months and 24 days old and will be buried at Bowditch Cemetery in Searsport Maine.  They had a previous son Henry S. Ellis who was born in 1871 and died June of 1873.  They have no known other children.  Sad. 
Nancy E. Eaton, (born 19 Jul 1849) is not listed as living with Hiram and Nancy.
Mary A. Eaton, (born 18 Mar 1852) is not listed as living with Hiram and Nancy.
Note:  Abba A. Eaton died on 21 Aug 1864 at about age 6
PLUS:   James S. Eaton, age 19 (born 3 Mar 1861) lives at home with parents Hiram & Nancy.
              Lester C. Eaton, age 16 (MY LINE) (born 27 Jun 1864) is also at home.

Capt. William M. Eaton (son of Hiram and Nancy Eaton) died on 15 Jan 1890 in Tampico Bay, Mexico*.  Grave or Memorial of William M. Eaton is located at Bowditch Cemetery in Searsport: "Wm M Eaton 1844-1890".  A ship, the Schooner W. W. Hungerford, lost under his command.  Not known if this is the one he died on in Tampico Bay.

*Family Story: William Eaton fell overboard in the Gulf of Mexico and was eaten by sharks!

Generation No. 4 PENNSYLVANIA:  For  "Abbie A. (Anna) Eaton" and her husband, William B. Temple

1910 Census Philadelphia PA Ward 31, District 724, taken April 25, 1910 for 2523 Dauphin Street.

William B. Temple, Head, age 48 or born about 1862 in Florida to unknown Maryland-born parents; he works as a foreman for a shipyard in or near Philadelphia evidently.  Abbie Anna Eaton Temple, Wife, is 39 years old or born about 1871. Abbie A. is born in Maine to a Maine-born father (William M. Eaton) and Arkansas-born mother (Anna E. Harriman Eaton). William and Abbie A. Temple are listed as having 5 children, 4 of whom are living.
Anna A. Temple is 22 (born about 1888 Alabama) and she works as a Saleslady for a Dry Goods store.
Son: Amor E. Temple is 20 (born about 1890 Alabama) and works as a machinist for a machine shop.
Son:  William B. Temple, Jr., age 16, born about 1894 in Pennsylvania) and works as a Finisher in a Hat? Factory.  This "Uncle Will" who used to love to eat his peas off a knife!
Ralph W. Temple, age 8, born about 1902 in Pennsylvania. 

Anna and Amor Temple when children

Anna Temple, about Age 12

1920 Census Philadelphia PA Ward 31, District 1039, taken January 3, 1920 for 2128 Susquehanna Avenue.

William B. Temple has passed away sometime before the 1920 Census.  His wife Abbie is now a "widow" living with her son Amor in Philadelphia:

Son, Amor Eaton Temple, Head,  Age 30 (born 1890) in Alabama to a Florida-born father (William B. Temple) and a Maine-born Mother (Abbie Anna Eaton Temple); working as a Civil Engineer for the State of PA.
Abbie Temple (Abbie Anna Eaton Temple), his mother, age 49 (born 1871) in Maine.
Ralph Temple (son of Abbie Anna Eaton Temple; and Amor's brother) is listed as "son".  Ralph is 18 and was born in Philadelphia to a Florida-born father and a Maine-born mother.  He is a jeweler for a jewelry repair business in 1920.

More info on Amor (Generation 5):

1930 Census Philadelphia PA District 785 taken 4/2/1930 for 3619 North Sydedam Street:

Amor Eaton Temple, Head, Owns house worth $4000. Owns a radio,  Age 40 (born 1890) in Alabama to a Florida-born father and a Maine-born Mother; Amor married at 34 (married about 6 years or in 1924).  Amor is an Engineer for the City of Philadelphia:
Ada R. Temple, Wife, age 35 (born about 1895); Married at 29 (married abut 6 years or in 1924)
Son:  Edwin A. Temple, Age 3 years and 1 month. Died April 21, 2009.  There is a story about Edwin Temple on findagrave:  Click HERE
Daughter:  Edythe Jean Temple, Age :  2 years.  Married Mr. Housworth 1952.

SSDI on Amor Temple:

U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942 Record about Amor Eaton Temple, born 25 July 1889 in Mobile, Alabama and residing in Philadelphia at time of registration..  Please click on the thumbnail pictures below to see full size.   


Generation No. 5:  Anna Temple and Charles Winters

Ink Bottle House in Oxford NY
where Charles and Anna Temple Winters raised their four children

Anna Temple grew up in Philadelphia, PA.  She and Charles Winters met while both were students at Nyack Bible College in Nyack, NY.   Anna Temple (1887-1978) married Charles A. Winters (1882-1936) and they had four children, three of whom are deceased.  A daughter is still living.  Charles came from somewhere near the border of PA/NY.  Both of his brothers worked for the railroad and both lost their legs in separate Railroad accidents!

Nyack Bible College

Anna and Charles settled in Oxford, NY after they married and Charles was a minister until his death at a relatively young age from Bright's disease (penicillin was not yet available).  This is the same disease that killed the famous poet, Emily Dickinson. Sad.  Anna never remarried.   Anna passed away in a nursing home in neighboring town, Norwich, NY.

Their children are:

1.) Paul Winters, (deceased) settled in Hawaii after the war (he was a Navigator in the Pacific theater) and  raised his family of 4 children there.  Paul was very musical, as were all of Anna and Charles Winters' children.
2.) Ruthie Winters, (deceased) married Andrew Uvanni after the war and they lived in Indianapolis until their deaths.
3.) Albert Winters, (deceased) was a bombardier during WWII, also in the Pacific, settled in Fort Lauderdale with his wife and 2 adopted children, both children are living, to my knowledge
4.) Living Daughter Grace.

Wedding of a daughter of Anna and Charles Winters.
LtoR:  Anna Temple Winters, a friend, daughter Grace and Anna's new
son-in-law Leon, a friend, and the father of the groom Leon.


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