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Hiram's Timeline
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1814 HIRAM EATON, CAPT., born the day after Christmas in 1814
in Maine; d. 23 Jan 1884, Searsport ME, 69 yrs 28 dys.
1819 NANCY A. STAPLES born 6 Jun 1819, Maine  
1829 Hiram Eaton's sister Sarah Eaton is born about 1929.  She will live until July 7, 1853.  When she is 21, she is living with Hiram's family in Searsport and is single then.  
1843 On April 2nd in 1843, Hiram married NANCY A. STAPLES who was 5 years his junior.  
1844 About 14 months later, HIRAM and NANCY EATON become parents of  WILLIAM M. EATON (Capt), b. 27 Jun 1844 in Maine.  
1846 HIRAM and NANCY EATON become parents of  HARRIETT M. EATON, b. 29 Sep 1846 in Maine.

Note:  Her future husband is sea Captain RALPH B. STAPLES ELLIS, son of Levi and Edith Staples Ellis,  born 12 Aug 1839, ME and died 5 Feb 1905, Brooklyn NY.   Ralph was 8 years her senior.   They would have two sons:  HENRY S. ELLIS born in 1871 and died June 1873...a mere toddler; and HENRY R. ELLIS, born several months later on March 7, 1874 in Maine.  He only lived to be a young boy - death came on August 1, 1881.

1849 HIRAM and NANCY EATON become parents of  NANCY ELIZABETH EATON, b. 19 Jul 1849
Note:  Nancy Eliz. Eaton will die 1 March 1920.  She will marry a _____ Dow.  
1849-1850 Hiram's vessel as a captain was the schooner MATILDA, 1849-50 per Searsport Sea Captains by Col. Black, Penobscot Marine Museum, Searsport, Maine, page 85.   
1850 Hiram and Nancy Eaton are living in Searsport with their small children William M. Eaton, Harriett Eaton, baby Nancy E. Eaton, and Hiram's father James Eaton (65).  Also living with them is Sarah E. Eaton, Hiram's sister, Sarah Eaton, who is 21.  Hiram is 34.   

1852 HIRAM and NANCY EATON become parents of  MARY A. EATON on 18 Mar 1852 in ME.
Note:  Mary marries  LINDLEY MURRAY ("UNCLE LIN") KNEELAND 11 Dec 1875; Lin was born 11 Jan 1851, Me and d. 11 Sep 1931.  Lin was a seaman per the 1880 census.
Mary dies in Dec 1908.
1858 HIRAM and NANCY EATON become parents of ABBA/ABBIE AMELIA  EATON on 19 Aug 1858 Note:  Abbie will die on 21 Aug 1864, about three months before her would-be sibling Lester was born.  Nancy was carrying Lester when Abbie died.  Had to be hard!  
1860 At the time of the 1860 Census for Searsport, HIRAM EATON was 45 and living with his wife, Nancy A. Eaton, 41.  Their children with them: William 15, Harriet 13, Nancy E 10, Mary 8, Abba A 2.  And Hiram's dad, JAMES EATON is living with them and farming at age 75.
Census taken 6/22/1860 in Searsport; M653-Roll 453.


1861 HIRAM and NANCY EATON become parents of  JAMES S. EATON on March 3rd 1861 Note:  James S. Eaton marries NELLIE M. WISE on 7 Oct 1882.  Nellie was born in 1861 also.  Nellie died in 1915.  James on 14 April 1939.  
1864 HIRAM and NANCY EATON become parents of  LESTER CLARENCE EATON (my line) on 27 Jun 1864, Searsport, Maine  
1865 WILLIAM M. EATON is the Capt. of Schooner Alfred F. Howe.  
1867 <-- WILLIAM M. EATON is the Capt. of Schooner Eva Adell.

He also married ANNA E. HARRIMAN in 1867.  She was born in 1845 in Arkansas.   

1) ABBIE A. EATON, born 1870.
2)  MARGARET M. "Auntie" EATON, born 1873
3)  WILLIAM M. EATON, JR.  This is the Uncle Will who used to love to eat his peas off a knife!


After another decade has passed, the 1870 Census is taken and Hiram is now 56 and farming.  Son William is still listed with the family, but is 26 and a mariner who likely is at sea, perhaps with his wife, Anna E. who is 25 and listed with this household.   Harriet now 23 is married to Ralph S. Ellis, a Mariner, and they are listed as living next door to the family.   Nancy E. is 20 and has not yet married _____ Dow.  Mary is 18.  Abba A. who would be12 has died during this decade period, as has Hiram's dad, James Eaton.   New in this decade are the children, James S., age 9, and Lester C. Eaton (my direct line) who is 6.


1880 <-- Hiram Eaton, age 65, living on farm in Searsport with wife Nancy A., age 60 and Son James E. Eaton age 19, and Lester C. Eaton age 16, both listed as "at home."  Each listed as born in Maine to Maine parents. 

Living next door is Hiram's eldest son, Capt. William M. Eaton (age 35) and his wife Anna E. Harriman Eaton (34) with their children, Abbie A. Eaton (9), Maggie M. Eaton (6) and William M. Eaton Jr.(4); all the children are students.

Living next door to them is Ralph S. Ellis and his wife Harriet Eaton Ellis and their second son Henry, their first child, also named Henry, having died at about age two.  Harriet is the eldest daughter of Hiram and Nancy Eaton, age 65, living on farm in Searsport with wife Nancy A., age 60 an and Nancy and is married to Ralph.


1884 Capt. HIRAM EATON died at Searsport ME.  Grave in Bowditch Cemetery,  Searsport:: "Hiram Eaton, died 1/23/1884, Age 69 yr 28 ds."  
1885 NANCY A. STAPLES died about one year after Hiram's death on15 Feb 1885, Searsport, at 65 yrs 8 mos.  
1890 Capt. William M. Eaton (son of Hiram and Nancy Eaton) dies on 15 Jan 1890 in Tampico Bay, Mexico*.  Grave or Memorial of William M. Eaton is located at Bowditch Cemetery in Searsport: "Wm M Eaton 1844-1890".  The ship was the Schooner W. W. Hungerford, lost under his command.

*Family Story:   William Eaton fell overboard in the Gulf of Mexico and was eaten by sharks! 

1904 LESTER CLARENCE EATON (my line) marries EMILY PRUDENCE BEACH on 16 Nov 1904.  She was born on 25 Sep 1873 in Waltham, Mass. or Belmont Mass.  Note:  His first wife, Sarah J. LNU was born on 11 Sep 1864 and died on 27 Dec 1902.   
1939 LESTER CLARENCE EATON (my line) dies on. 2 Apr 1939, Searsport, Maine.  He was a farmer, following having worked at sea for a while.  
1940 Lester's second wife (my line) EMILY PRUDENCE BEACH, dies in Searsport.  




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