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First Generation - Immigrant - Tetsuichi Karasaki

Tetsuichi Karasaki was born on the 2nd day of May in 1888 in Minamigata, Japan.  He died March 1st 1982 in Honolulu Hawaii, having immigrated in 1906 (Left Yokohama, Japan on 10 Jan 1906; arrived HI on 19 Jan 1906.)  See immigration listing for the steamer Mongolia:


Tetsuichi Karasaki married (1) Soyo Takabayashi (born 1878 in Kyushu, Yamauchi, Japan; and died 14 Feb 1927 in Hoea, Kapaau, North Kohala, Hawaii.  According to Ancestry's One World Tree, her father was Chosaburo Takabayashi.  She previously had married Ikujiro Nishimura who was born in Hiroshima, Toyota Gum, Japan; he died in 1909 Kohala, HI. 

Tetsuichi Karasaki married (2) Shizuyo LNU who was born on March 25 in 1896 in Japan.  Several years after Tetsuichi passed away, Shizuyo died in Honolulu on 12 January 1988.
               Note:  It is possible he had three wives.

Note:  This is the manifest for Japan Airlines for a trip that Tetsuichi and Shizuyo Karasaki made to Japan in 1954.

Tetsuichi Karasaki signed his WWI Registration Card on July 31, 1917.  He provided information on his birthplace and birthdate, his wife and 5 children, and his occupation in Hawi, Hawaii.


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IN 1920, the family was still living in Hawi Plantation (Dist. 99) where Tetsuichi was a mill hand for the sugar mill per the Census.  Tetsuichi was now 33 years old and his wife Soyo was 41 (born about 1879).  Per the Census she came to Hawaii in 1898 (about age 19).    Although somewhat illegible, the 1930 Census clarifies that he came to HI from Japan in 1906, several years after his wife-to-be.  Their children per this Census taken on Jan. 24/25 1920 are:

Son Moris (17 7/12) a carpenter at the sugar mill,
Son Takio (16 5/12)
a mill hand at the sugar mill,
Daughter Kemergo (Kimiyo?) (13),
Son Ikero (Ikuo) (12 4/12),
Son Toshiyo (Toshio) (10 8/12),
Daughter Fusano (7 6/12),
Daughter Sueko (5), and
Son Haruto (1 9/12).



IN 1930, Tetsuichi (aka "ohgeegee"), now 42, is widowed and living in Honolulu City, Oahu, HI.  This Census was taken on April 9th in District 4.  He is listed as immigrating in 1906 to Hawaii from Japan; he is still listed as AL for "alien". No longer working for the sugar mill, he is now a construction truck driver.   Living with him are his children, all of whom are listed as being born in HI.:

Son Moris "Modi" Karasaki would now be about 27-28 years old; not living in the household.  Born about 1902. 
Son Takio Nishimura is 25 (born about 1905, before Tetsuichi immigrated in 1906 - was Takio born in Japan rather than HI as listed?).  He was a house painter.
Son Ikuo is 21 and is a building carpenter.
Son Toshio is 19 and is a truck driver for a poultry farm. 
      Note:  Toshio is also known as "Richard."
Daughter Fusano is 17 and is a barber at a barber shop.
Daughter Sueko is 15 and is not employed.
      Note:  Sueko is also known as "Doris." Obituary: "Doris 'Sueko' Fukuda, 86, of Honolulu, a retired waitress for Kapiolani Flamingo Restaurant, died Monday. She was born in North Kohala, Hawaii. She is survived by husband Yoshio, daughters Katherine and Janice, and sister Ayako Karasaki. Memorial services: 6 p.m. Monday at Nuuanu Mortuary. Casual attire. No flowers." Obituaries:  Thursday, June 14, 2001  Star-Bulletin, HI
Son Haruto is 12.
      Note:  Haruto is also known as Robert Haru Karasaki.  He was born on March 8, 1918 and died March 11, 1999.  Robert was a sergeant in the US Army from 1940-1945.  He is buried at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, Oahu, HI:  Karasaki, Robert H, b. 03/08/1918, d. 03/11/1999, US Army, SGT 100 BN 442 INF, Res: Honolulu, HI, Plot: CT4-P600621, bur. 03/17/1999.  Click on thumbnails for more info:






And, a new daughter has been born.  Daughter Ayako is 6.  Since Tetsuichi is a widower now, his wife Soyo must have died sometime after Ayako was born, or about 1924 and before the 1930 Census. 

County Honolulu; Island Oahu; City Honolulu; Census Tract 25;
April 5, 1940; ED 2-62; Rep Dist 4; 3326 Brokaw Street

IN 1940, Tetsuichi, Japanese, is now 51 and widowed still.  He is still a construction truck driver working 40 hours per week.   Living with him are his children, all of whom are listed as being born in HI.  Tetsuichi was born in Japan and his highest grade of schooling was the 8th.  Living with him, all born in HI, are:

  • Ruth Fusano Kawasaki, daughter, age 27, Born Hawaii, Barber, Private Shop; highest grade of school attended was 6th.  She works 40 hours per week.
  • Margaret A. Karasaki,  daughter, age 16
  • Toshio Richard Karasaki,  son, age 29, married to Dorothy; worked as "owner" in "transportation" (See next generation)
  • Dorothy Genevieve Avilla Karasaki, daughter-in-law, age 24, race caucasian, married to Richard; worked as a bookkeeper for an auction (See next generation)
  • Richard Karasaki JR, grandson age 5
  • Jack Karasaki, grandson, age 2
  • Tom J. Nishimura, step-son, age 31; worked as a carpenter in constructio.


Tetsuichi Karasaki SSDI: 

Tetsuichi Karasaki Burial:

Diamond Head Memorial Park
Honolulu County
Hawaii, USA
Plot: Love #1-Cc-4

Shizuyo Karasaki SSDI (2nd wife):

Shizuyo Karasaki Burial: Diamond Head Memorial Park Honolulu         
 Plot: Love #1-Cc-4


Second Generation - Born in Hawaii
Toshio "Richard" Karasaki and wife Dorothy Genevieve Avilla

Third Generation - Born in Hawaii
Richard Joseph S. Karasaki and wife Genevieve Catherine Freitas

Son, TOSHIO "RICHARD" KARASAKI, was born about 1911 in Hawaii, and died there in 1956.  He eloped to Kamawela HI with a very bright young woman,  DOROTHY GENEVIEVE AVILLA.  One of Dorothy's pet sayings was "love you to pieces!"  Toshio and Dorothy had three sons, Richard Joseph S. Karasaki, John P. Karasaki and Jarrett William Karasaki.

Richard Toshio Karasaki:  Buried: 1956-03-25 at Diamond Head Memorial Park
Honolulu, Honolulu County, Hawaii, USA Plot: Sec. F, E-42

Richard Joseph S. Karasaki was born on November 14, 1934 in Honolulu and died in 1996 in Hawaii; he married Genevieve Catherine Freitas on November 6, 1954.  Genevieve was born on July 8, 1934 and died in Hawaii around 1985.  Richard J. S. Karasaki retired from the Pearl Harbor Naval Base as a Group Superintendent.  He is buried at Hawaiian Memorial Park.

Note that Dorothy and Toshio divorced.  She married a second time to a George Goeas and had a daughter with him. 

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