Lawson Smith and Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Christopher

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For the more on Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Christopher Smith see:  Cherokee Pippin
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From the Cherokee Pippin webpage we learned that  Easter Lavinia Christopher is the daughter of  Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Christopher and her husband  George Washington Christopher.  Her paternal grandparents are  Andrew Christopher Christopher and  Easter Elizabeth Christopher.  Her maternal grandparents are  Lawson H.Smith and Lavinia Cox.  New information has come, with many thanks, from Deb Greant about the Lawson Smith line, which is provided here.


Generation 1: Enoch Smith and wife Elizabeth Hoover Smith

Enoch Smith and his wife Elizabeth are believed to be the parents of LAWSON SMITH. 

1770  ?  Enoch Smith born in 1770 in SC
1787 Elizabeth LNU is born.  She will marry Enoch Smith.
1810 Enoch Smith marries Elizabeth LNU in NC. 
1811 ? Enoch and Elizabeth Smith's son LAWSON H. SMITH is born in NC
1815 LAWSON H. SMITH's 1st  wife PRISCILLA  LNU is born in SC. (Deb's line)
1821 or 1814 LAWSON H. SMITH's 2nd wife LAVINIA COX is born (our line) in Ross County, OH.  Lawson will be 10 years her senior.
Generation 2: Lawson H. Smith and wives
                                               1)  Priscilla Pence 2)  Lavinia Cox Crouch

Enoch and Elizabeth's son Lawson Smith marries
1) Priscilla Pence from whom Deb's line descends through Enoch Jones Smith and
2) Lavinia Cox Crouch from whom our line descends through Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Smith.
Lavinia Cox and Lawson Smith are my grandchildren's 5th GGrandparents; Lizzie Smith is their 4th GGrandmother.

1832 LAWSON H. SMITH ? and Priscilla LNU (Pence) ? wed at Hickman County, TN.  Pence is the last name given to Priscilla in a family tree by a researcher that used the name "Pence" whenever the last name was unknown.  So, she is not Priscilla "Pence".  Her last name is yet to be discovered.
1833 LAWSON H. SMITH and Priscilla's son Pleasant Thomas Smith ? is born in TN
1843 Enoch Jones Smith born to Lawson and Priscilla Smith in Maury, TN
1846 Lawson's dad, Enoch Smith, dies in Hickman Co. TN at the age of 76.
1850 Census Lawson's mom, Elizabeth Smith, is now a widow and living with her son Lawson and his wife, Priscilla Smith, and their family in Ripley MO. 

The family is listed in the 1850 Ripley County MO District 77 Census as Family 175.  The parents of these vchildren are Lawson H. Smith and Priscilla Smith:

? L[awson]  H Smith 39 (born 1811) Farmer
? Precilter (Priscilla) Smith 39  (born 1811; actually 1815)

v? Pleasant Thomas Smith 17 male born 1833 TN and does farming; Pleasant died in 1910 at Morristown TN; he was a widower (Mary Jane LNU) and he died from paralysis.  3 children are James B. Smith (b. 1854) Caledona Smith (1857-1900) and Tom Moore Smith (b. 1861)                                                     Death Cert 

v? John Smith 15 male born 1835 in TN and does farming

v? Sarah G Smith 13 born in TN; about 1837

v? Rody J Smith 11 daughter born 1839 in TN; poss. Ruthy

v? Enoch "Jones" Smith 9  b. 1843-44 in TN Deb's -my great-grandfather - he was called Jones by his family. Jones married Kizziah/Kisarah Crouch , the daughter of Lawson's second wife Lavinia Cox with her first husband John Crouch.  Enoch and Kizziah were married step-siblings. Enoch died 1879 in TN.  Kizziah died 15 April 1921 in Velma,  Stephens County, OK.  Kizziah's full name is Susan "Susie" Kizziah/Kisarah Couch. After she was widowed by Jones Smith, Kisarah  married William Madison "Matt" Carter in Stone Co AR in Dec 1882.


Susan KIZZIAH COUCH wife of ENOCH JONES SMITH (her 1st husband).  Second husband was Wm. Carter:.  This is Deb's ancestry.






According to the 1880 Federal mortality schedule Jones Smith died in Sept 1880 in Stone Co AR. The cause of death is very hard to read but appears to be "consump", shorthand for consumption, i.e. tuberculosis. He was not living at home, but in what appears to be a sanitarium, which further suggests he might have had TB. 

From Deb and Donna: In a time of traditionally bathing once a week on Saturday night in time for churchgoing on Sunday, Kizarh broke the trend by bathing daily at 4pm.  My grandmother, Esther Homer, did the same as Deb's grandmother Kizarh.  She would heat the water on the wood-fired stove, scat everyone from the room, and enjoy her bathing. I don't know if my grandmother Esther Homer bathed daily as Kizarh did. Deb's father described with great emotion that Kizarh was a "wonderful" person. Deb also wrote on about her Granny K's funny traits, such as not wanting to venture out at night less she might hear an owl call the name of the next family member to pass on, and calling her fairly distinct ears "saddlebags," and she could weave baskets, and still spoke fluently in her native language, Tuscarora, which she taught her grandchildren two of whom (Charlie and Susie) could still speak 80 years later.  This was new to me - Tuscarora!  So I looked it up. Please contact Deb for more information about her grandmother Kezziah/Kisarah.


So what is Tuscarora?  The online encyclopedia for Brittanica, Tuscarora is defined as an "Iroquoian-speaking North American Indian tribe. When first encountered by Europeans in the 17th century, the Tuscarora occupied what is now North Carolina. They were noted for their use of indigenous hemp for fibre and medicine; their name derives from an Iroquoian term for “hemp gatherers.”

v? Wm H Smith 2 (b. 1848) Born in KY.

v? Elizabeth Smith 63 born in SC


Generation 3: MARY ELIZABETH "LIZZIE" SMITH and husband          GEORGE WASHINGTON CHRISTOPHER, both Cherokee Indians; daughter of Lawson and Lavinia Smith

Lawson Smith marries his second wife, Lavinia Cox (Crouch), a widow with her own children from her first marriage.  Lawson and Lavinia is our ancestral line.  Deb's would instead descend through Lawson's first wife, Priscilla.   Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Smith and George Washington Christopher marry and become my grandchildren's 4th GGrandparents.

1851 Elizabeth LNU Smith dies in Ripley Co MO or perhaps Carroll Co AR.

1852 or 1853 in Izard County, Arkansas

LAWSON H. SMITH married his 2nd wife, Lavinia Cox Crouch (widow of John Crouch); daughter of William Cox and Casiah Barbee ).  Lavinia brought to the marriage her sons and daughters from the Crouch marriage, including one child that was born in 1852 several months after the death of Lavinia's first husband, John Crouch:

Aaron Crouch 1835 – 1910
Benjamin Crouch 1836 – 1867
Mary Ann Crouch 1840 –
Thomas Crouch 1842 –
Levina F Crouch 1844 – 1851 (deceased before this 2nd marriage)
Kizziah Crouch 1845 – 1921 - Deb's great-grandmother Kizziah was born in May of 1845 in Stone or Izard County, AR, and died in 1921 at Velma Stephens County, OK. 
George Washington Crouch 1847 – 1927
James W "Andrew" Crouch 1850 –
Sarah Louanna  or Susannah Crouch 1852 – 1918

John R. Crouch;
 Died age 34

1856 March 8 LAWSON H. SMITH and his wife LAVINIA COX CROUCH SMITH have their first child together, a new daughter ? ? MARY ELIZABETH SMITH!!  This is our "Lizzie"  Smith.  Born 1856 in Arkansas City, AR.   See:  Cherokee Pippin
1858 LAWSON H. SMITH and his wife Lavinia have TWINS!
1)  ? Priscilla Smith. She dies 1926.
2)  ? Jacob Henry Smith.
1860 Census 1860 Bell County TX Census on Page 92, taken July 31, 1860 in Belton, Bell County, TX.  597-609 Lawson and Lavina (Cox) Smith Household:

L(awson) Smith 48 Farming Personal Values of $700 but did not own his home; born in NC
Levina/Lavinia Smith 39 b. 1821  Indiana
[Enoch] Jones Smith 17 Laborer b 1843 Tennessee (Deb's GGandfather)
Wm [H] Smith 18 b. Kentucky b. 1848
Elizabeth Smith 4 Arkansas This is our "Lizzie"  Smith; born 1856 in AR
"Jacob" Henry Smith 2 Arkansas twin; born 1858
Priscilla "Cilla" or "Seller" Smith 2 Arkansas} twin; born 1858; d. 1926

                    From Deb:

The "Seller" Smith you note living with the George Christopher family is Priscilla, daughter of Lawson and Lavina, and twin sister of Jacob. In 1870 their parents had died so 12-year-old "Scilla" and her twin Jacob were living with my great-grandparents Jones and Kizziah Smith and their baby daughter Lavina (page 3 HH18 Family 18) in Holley, Van Buren, Arkansas. Just down the page HH 25 is Esther (Easter) Christopher and family, George, Nancy, Mary, Susan and Elizabeth, and continuing as 26 Christopher, Alfred, Nancy and two year old child May.

Thos Crouch 20 Arkansas, b. 1840 Laborer
Levinia [F] Crouch 17 Arkansas b. 1844 ;d. 1851
Casiah [Kizziah] Crouch 16 Arkansas b. 1845 (Deb's GGrandmother)
[George Washington] "Wash" Crouch 12 b. 1847 Arkansas
Andrew Crouch 10 b. 1850 Arkansas
Susanna Crouch 8 b. 1852 Arkansas

1863 Oct 28 UNION soldier:  Enoch JONES Smith enlisted in Co.G, Arkansas 3rd Cavalry Regiment, Conway AR.  Enoch Jones Smith has blue eyes, fair skin and bonde wavy hair!
1865  LAWSON H. SMITH dies in probably Bell County, TX  (Deb's GG Grandparents)
1867 Marriage of Kizziah Cox (Widow Crouch) to Enoch Jones Smith, step-siblings.
1870 Census Holly Township in Van Buren, Arkansas on July 27, 1870: Enoch Jones Smith and Family - note:  Enoch Jones cannot read nor write. The rest of the family can. Jones and Keziah are 24 and he is farming and she cares for the home.

On the same census page is Esther Christopher (40) and children:



NEW!!! 1880 Census 1880 Census for Turkey Creek, Stone County, AR late June 1880:

Kisaie (Kizire) Smith, age 35 born in AR.
Daughter Mary Levinia Smith age 10 born in AR to TN-born dad and AR born mom.
Son John W. W. Smith  age 7, born in AR too. 
Mahala A. Smith, age 5, born in AR too.
Priscilla J. TWIN Smith, age 2, born in AR too.
Eliza A. TWIN Smith, age 2, born in AR too.


William and Levina Seeley

1880 18 Sep  Enoch Jones Smith dies at Stone County, AR and is buried at Turkey Creek Cemetery (now Finch Cemetery), Stone County, AR. No stone.
1881 May 8 EASTER LAVINIA CHRISTOPHER is born to Lizzie Smith and George Washington Christopher.  Easter is the granddaughter of Lawson and Lavinia Smith.  Easter Lavinia Christopher is named after her maternal grandmother Lavinia Cox Smith and her paternal grandmother Easter Elizabeth (McBroom?).    

                                  Daughter Easter Lavinia Christopher Johnson ►

▼Easter Lavinia's Dad, George Washington Christopher.
He and Lizzie married when she was just 14 and he was 17!


Easter Lavinia's dad George Washington Christopher was a full blooded American Cherokee Indian and he certainly does look it in this picture to the left.  George delivered mail via horseback on his route from Searcy to Little Rock, Arkansas. George braided his hair and wore a leather band around his head.  He also made American Indian pottery which he would then sell by the roadside. In their later years, George and Lizzie moved closer to daughter Easter Lavinia's family.  Their mode of transportation?  Covered wagons!  George then helped farm for several years.
Cherokee Pippin

1908 Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Smith Christopher dies.
1921 Deb's ancestor Kizziah, widow of 1) Enoch Jones Smith and 2) died in 1921 in Velma, OK and is buried in the old Velma Cemetery.  Deb calls her "Granny K."  Granny K's second husband Matt Carter died before she did and he is buried at the Comanche Oklahoma Cemetery.


1965 Easter Lavinia Christopher Johnson's husband, James Thomas Johnson died.Cherokee Pippin
24 Nov 1966 Easter Lavinia Christopher Johnson died in Tulare, CA Cherokee Pippin

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My grandchildren's
4th Great Granddad
 George Washington



George and Lizzie Christopher's

daughter Annie filed for SS
and named them as her parents.


California Death Index

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