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Possible 1st Gen. Ancestors: Gruffydd Nanney and Jane Verch Humphrey

Gruffydd was born 1520 in Dolgelley Merionethshire, Wales; He died in Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales in 1609, at about 89 years of age.  He married a Jane Verch Humphrey (b. 1516) around age 20, or about 1540. 

Possible 2nd Gen. Ancestors: Son Hugh Nannau/Nanney (Colonel)
 and Annest Vaughn

Hugh (See Picture above) was born about 1542 in Wales.  He married Annest in 1567.  He died in 1603 at the age of 61.  Annest's dates were 1548 to 1627.  They had 2 sons (Gruffydd N. Nannau 1568-1609;  Robert N. Nanny 1573-__) and 2 daughters (Elin Nanney 1570-1600; Gwyn Nanney 1582-__).

Possible 3rd Gen. Ancestors: Son Robert Nannau/Nanney
 and Catherine Wheelwright

Robert Nanny born in London Eng 2 November 1614 d. 27 August 1663.  

In 1632 at the age of 22, he emigrated to America through Boston. 

In 1652 at the age of 39, he married Catherine Wheelwright. Catherine was born in England Nov. 1630. 

In 1663 he died in Boston at the age of 50; Catherine died Apr 10, 1716 at the age of 85. 

Possible 4th Gen. Ancestors: Son Samuel Nanney.

Samuel, born 27 August 1659, abt. 4 years before his father's death in Boston.  Samuel lived till 1690.  Samuel died in the West Indies, supposedly on a business trip to Bermuda.  Samuel married Chickahominy Tribe's Susanna Jenour in Isle of Wight VA, and they had John Wyatt Nanney in 1689 in Prince George County VA.   Another "some say" is that a "Hugh" Nanney was the father of John Wyatt Nanney. A reader, Nadine Nanney, told me she understands the Nanney family originally came from Wales, where the name was pronounced "Nannae," with the accent on the second syllable. Oh well...and the search goes on!

  • PER bobenefield Ancestry family tree:
    Samuel Nanney b. 27 August 1659 d. 10 May 1690
    Descendants (Inventory)
    Lineage Nannau Sex Male Full name (at birth) Samuel Nanney
    ♂ # Robert Nanney [Nannau] b. 2 November 1614 d. 27 August 1663
    ♀ # Katherine Wheelwright (Nanney, Nanny, Naylor) [Wheelwright] b. November 1630 d. 10 April 1716
    27 August 1659 birth, Boston MA
    10 May 1690? death, Bermuda
    1710 child birth, Dolgelly, Meriowethshire, Wales, ♂ John SR Nanney [Nannau] b. 1710 d. < July 1789?
    Notes: An inventory of Samuel's possessions on this date after his death is in the Bermuda Archives. He died intestate. His mother died in 1716 with no surviving Nanney children or acknowledged grandchildren.
    The surnames Nanah and Jenour are both listed among the residents of the Franco Dutch "Pirate Colony" located in the Bai d'Estaing Madagascar / Ile d'Sancte Marie between 1670 and 1699. Samuel's death inventory indicates that he died in or prior to 1969 in Bermuda, this is the same year that several of the Pirates associated with the same Madagascar colony (sailed with or aided and abetted Thomas Tew, and Henry Jones in defrauding the legal owners of the venture ship "Amity" by offloading cargo in parts unknown prior to arrival in Bermuda). Other names in this database associated with the events mentioned in this note include Arthur Jones, Thomas Henry Every, Francois Maximilian Mission. There is some evidence to suggest that the story of this colony as recorded by Daniel Defoe (alias Captain Johnson) had basis in truth as he was himself relative to the Events, as his Grandfather Daniel DeFore was related to the family of Francois Mission both being in turn related to the family Delaforce (De La Fougere).
    Bermudian records state: "Copy of inventory, taken by Daniel Johnson (Defoe) and Leonard White, of goods left by Samuel Nanny deceased with Mrs. Susanna Jenour, widow. Latter appeared May 10,1690 before Gov. Robert Robinson. Witnesses: Tho[mas] Bur[ton], Zachariah Briggs RG 1001/1-A p. 333-334".

    Chickahominy Tribe Susanna Jenour died in So'on, Horgin Youyigiangi, Nei Mongol (Inner Mongolia) China.


My original tree was:  

5th Gen. Ancestors: Son John Wyatt Nanney and wife Francis Howard.

In 1689 (some list birth as 1719) John Wyatt Nanney was born in Prince George County or Brunswick County, VA.  He married Francis Howard evidently at a very young age in 1735 if he were born in 1719.   He died in 1789.  Francis was born in 1715 and died in 1786 at the age of 71.   I do not have documented proof of this information. <==Their children are listed to the left per West Kentucky Genealogy family tree on Ancestry.



joybenninghoven62 on includes the following note in her tree regarding John Wyatt Nanney:

WILL:John NANNEY, Brunswick County, Virginia, B 5, p. 283, made 17 July 1786: Probated, 26 January 1789 Brunswick county, Virginia. All spellings, "NANNY". Mentions six children: 3 sons, John, Amos and Uriah and 3 daughters, Elizabeth, Frances and Silvanus. Son Thomas died in 1780. John NANNEY Sr., married (1) Frances HOWARD in Virginia. Frances, born about 1722; died before 1786. MARRIAGE:Research notes of Stancil Nanney, 6865 Brandon Mill Rd., Atlanta, GA 30326-2031; Frances Elaine Nanney Spencer notes, Okla., Mississippi.


Children of John Wyatt Nanny/Nanney (Sr.) and Francis Howard are:

1) John Wyatt Nanny, Jr. 1746 - 1804  married about 1772  in Brunswick County to Ellie Cator (Moore)  born abt. 1745 in VA..  Ellie also has been written as Alse and Aisley.  John and Ellie had one known son, DRURY NANNEY who was born in 1763.  Drury married Mellie Wesson who was born in 1768, both in Brunswick County, VA.  Mellie and Drury had a girl, Middy Nanney who was also born in Brunswick about 1789.  Per West Kentucky Genealogy family tree on Ancestry, Middy married a Robert Whitby on Dec 11, 1809 in Brunswick.  Other children per this family tree for Drury and Mellie/Millie on Ancestry are ==>:


2) Elizabeth Nanny born 1750 who married a JOHN Cator in 1768; John was born about 1747 in Greenville Co., VA and died in 1794 in same place.  Died at age 47.    John had six known children 2 of whom may be by another wife as Crissy and Charlotte  are listed as born before Elizabeth and John supposedly married in 1768 (per Majdan tree on Ancestry)

1)  Crissy Cator, born about 1766 in Greenville County, VA
2)  Charlotte Cator, born about 1767 in same location. 
3)  Priscilla Cator, born about 1769 same location.
4)  Jennett Cator, born about 1771 same location.
5)  John Cator, Jr., born about 1772, same location.
6)  George Cator, born about 1774 same location.

3) Silvanus Nanny born 1754 and died 1786.  She  married a John Moore.
4) William Nanny born about 1750; married (wife's name unknown)
5) Francis Nanny
who married FNU Massey 1752-1786
6) Amos Nanny
born 1756 in VA
7) Uriah Howard Nanny
(also called Hugh) 1745 Isle of Wight, VA -1831 Allen Cty, KY. 

John Wyatt Nanney Land Record:

John's transcribed will from

In John Wyatt Nanney Sr.'s Will dated 26th of January 1789, he named his children:

John Nanny Jr.
    (In John Jr,'s Will his wife is listed as "Elcy" instead of Ellie Nanny) 
William Nanny
Frances Nanny Massey
Silvanus Nanny Moore
Amos Nanny
Uriah Nanny (Executor) All children received 1 shilling each, except Uriah who received the plantation of 246 acres, one slave named Hagan and all livestock and household goods. 

John Nanny made his X mark in presence of Christopher Mason, DRURY NANNY (John Jr.'s son) and SHADRACH NANNY (who made his mark; also John Jr.'s son). 

NOTE:  Mary Moore's 1784 Will named a daughter as Alse Nanny...and Mary Moore's son John married Silvanus Nanny per a deed.

NOTE:  When John Nanny Sr. gave 150 acres to his sons, William and John Jr., the wives families witnessed the deeds -- in John's case it was a Moore.

NOTE:  John Jr. named a son, Drury for his wife's brother, Drury Moore. 

6th Gen. Ancestors: Son John Wyatt Nanney Jr
and wife Ellie (Ellen) Cator or Ellie Moore

Ellie was born about 1745 in Virginia;  she died there in 1776 at age 31.  John Wyatt Nanney, Jr. was born about 1804 in Brunswick and died at age 58 in same town.  They wed in 1762. 

Note: John Jr.'s Will was written in Brunswick County, Virginia on February 11, 1804, and probated on September 24, 1804. The will names his wife Ellen, his sons Drury, Jordan, and Shadrack Nanney. It list his daughters as Molly Whitey, Rody Moore, Salley Wasson, and Rebecca Wasson.
This link lists the following children, one of whom is born before they married.

Many times over the years I have read that Elizabeth Nanny was the wife of John Cato (Cator) of VA.  They are both of the same county, Brunswick.  John was born 1710 in Brunswick and died in his 90s in 1806.  One marriage was to Elizabeth Nanny; another to Jane Cooke born about 1720 as the daughter of Henry Cooke and Mary Clarke.  Jane died 1803 in South Carolina.  I am unaware at this time of any children born to Elizabeth Nanny and John Cator.  This possible line is not sourced by me but has come from others on web.   In John Nanney's Will Elizabeth Nanny Cator is listed as his daughter and heir in 1789.  The dates below indicate that John and Jane are more likely the parents of all the children and that if this John Cator did in fact ever marry Elizabeth Nanny Cator, he must have divorced his first wife, the mother of his children, as Jane is still living after the alleged date of the marriage of John and Elizabeth Nanney Cator. Help!! 

Per Sue King 8/14/05:  Many say John Nanny Jr. married Ellie Cator, but nobody shows proof.  The typewritten (printed) version of his Will says "Ellie" Nanny, but on my copy of his actual Will (where the clerk scribbled between the lines trying to add all the kids) the wife's name is spelled "ELCY."  Like everybody else I thought it was "Eley." 

Then years later somebody challenged it by producing a Will of Mary Moore dated 1784,.in which she named her daughter "ALSE" Nanny. Mary's son, John Moore, also married John Jr.'s sister, Silvanus Nanny (proved by John Nanny Sr.'s Will) and a deed of John Moore.

To top it all off, John Jr.'s sons named a daughter, "Ailsey" for their mother.  I can't prove John Jr. was never married to an Ellie Cator, but I'm sure he married "Ailsey" Moore by at least 1784...probably years earlier.

The spelling of names always depends on who's doing the Elcy, Alse or's all the same.....hope this helps...

Oh, John Jr. had a sister who did marry a Cator....Elizabeth Nanny Cator. We're not positive which one she married.   She was already married to him when John wrote his Will in 1786. He didn't die until 1789.

1710 Born: John Cator of Brunswick VA
1720 Born Est: Jane Cooke born to Henry and Mary Clarke Cooke.
1724 Born John Wyatt Nanney, Brunswick VA (father of Elizabeth Nanney) 
1750 Born Elizabeth Nanney of Brunswick VA (her father abt 26 years old).

Children of John Cato(r) and Jane Cooke Cato(r) supposedly are:  
DANIEL CATO, Brunswick County, VA. (Jane about 13; Elizabeth unborn)
1735: MARY CATO, Samson County, N.C.  (Elizabeth unborn)
1736: BURWELL CATO, VA.(Elizabeth unborn)
1736: JOHN CATO VA. (Elizabeth unborn)
1740 Est GEORGE CATO, VA; d. 1831 NC (Elizabeth unborn)
          Father of William Cato/Cator born 1757 who married Susannah Echols
          William and Susannah are parents of Stephen Francis Cato/Cator b 1787
          in SC.  Stephen married an Elizabeth and they had children Phillip,
          Stephen Francis, Jemima, Nancy, Sarah, Elizabeth and William.

1740 Est:  HENRY CATO, Kernshaw County, SC (Elizabeth unborn)
1755:   STERLING CATO,  Kernshaw County, SC (Elizabeth would be just 5)
1757:  WILLIAM CATO,    Kernshaw County, SC (Elizabeth would be just 7)

1778 John Cator and Elizabeth Nanney marry (He would be 68 and she 28).
           Note Jane Cook still alive at age 58.

July 17, 1786 Will of John Nanney Sr probated per Mary Ann Nanney
1789 Date of Elizabeth's father Will (he is 65 years old; Elizabeth is 39)
           per Sue King 
1803 Jane Cook died in South Carolina (she is 83 years old)
1806 John Cator dies (he is age 96)

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