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Bernice Lucille Cator  and her marriage to Charles Thomas Hill, Sr.

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Bernice Cator is part of our paternal direct line.  

 was born June 12th in 1915 to parents, Charles Conrad Cator, Jr., and his first wife, Ruth Ridgeway Cator. In 1935 Bernice married CHARLES THOMAS HILL (Sr.), the son of THOMAS DOMICK HILL and  his wife, ANNA GERTRUDE GREENFIELD HILL.  They had two sons together and then divorced.  She later married John Joseph Gately, Jr. and had four more children by him. 

       Bernice and Charles with their redheaded son in late 1936!

And, son below in the United States Navy:


Basilius Waring &     Anna Perche

Capt. Sampson Waring &  Sara Leigh

Basil Waring (1) & Sarah Marsham

Marsham Waring & Henrietta Boarman

Basil (Roman Basil) Waring & Susanna Darnall

Henry Waring & Millicent Brooke

Matilda Millicent Waring & John Oswald Hill

John Oswald Hill, Jr. & Henrietta Maria Hurtt

Thomas Domick Hill & Anna Gertrude Greenfield

Charles Thomas Hill & Bernice Lucille Cator


 Basilius Waring DE SHREWESBURY (b. 18 Sep 1584; d. 1620) and
 AnnA Perche (b. about 1592; d. 1638)

Basilius Waring was born in Wodecote, Shropshire, England and died 1620 in Salop, Shropshire.  He married Anna Perche (daughter of John Perche and his wife Anne) born in 1592 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire and died 1638 inShrewsbury, Shropshire

Basilius and Anne had 5 known children:

  • Richard Waring, born 1612; died 1668 in Calvert, MD.
  • Johannes Waring, born 1614.
  • Capt. Sampson Waring (See next generation below); born 1616-1617
  • Daniel Waring, born 1618
  • Margery Waring, born 1620 in Shropshire, England

See:  The Visitation of Shropshire, Taken in the Year 1623 on Google Books


Capt. Sampson Waring (b. about 1617; d. 1669/70) and
Sarah Leigh (b. about 1634; d. 1675)

Sampson Waring was born about 1616-1617 to Basilius Waring and his wife Anne Perche Waring in Shrewsbury, Salop, England.  Sampson died 18 March 1669 or 1670.  Per "Men of Mark in Maryland Vol. 2" Sampson Waring traveled to America from Shropshire, England to Norfolk County, Virginia in 1643 and in 1646 he settled at "The Cliffs" on the Patuxent River, Calvert County, MD, where he died.  Around 1647 in Calvert County, MD, Sampson married Sarah Leigh, Daughter of Francis Leigh; Sarah was born about 1634 and died about 1675.  Sampson was the first Waring in this country.  By 1650 he had received grants for land tracts such as "Sampsons' Division" and "Warington" in Charles and Calvert County, MD.

Sampson was a lawyer, a member of the Assembly and Council, a militia captain, and was a Cromwell Commissioner for the Province. 

Sampson and Sarah Waring's only child was Basil Waring who was born about 1650; died 1688.

basil Waring (I) (b. about 1650; d. 1688) and
1) FNU Hance (b. ________)
2) SARAH MARSHAM (b about 1655 d. bef. 1739) parents of ____________

Basil Waring (1) was born 1650 in Calvert, MD and died December 1688 at the Cliffs, Calvert, MD. 

Sarah Marsham was Basil's 2nd wife.  Sarah's parents Col. Richard and Katherine Brent Marsham were both born and married in England.  Col. Richard Marsham immigrated to America and died in Prince George's County, MD.  Sarah Marsham also immigrated.  Unknown if Katherine Brent did.

Sarah and Basil had two known children:

1)  Son Marsham Waring, born about 1680 (See next generation)

2)  Son Capt. Basil Waring, Gent, born about 1683 in MD and died about 1733 in PGC, MD. Capt. Basil Waring was a colonial planter and a landholder. He was a member of St. Paul's Protesant Episcopal Church. Capt. Basil married Martha Greenfield on 31 January 1708/09 in Queen Anne's Parish in PGC, MD.  Martha Greenfield was the daughter of Col. Thomas Greenfield and Martha Trueman Greenfield. Capt. Basil and Martha Waring had 7 known children: Thomas, James H., Francis, Basil, Elizabeth, Sarah H., Samuel Waring. His wife, Martha Greenfield Waring, survived her husband by many years, passing away in 1758.  Capt Basil Waring was commissioned in July 14, 1715 as Captain of a troop of Dragoons in Maryland.  Capt. Basil and Martha Waring had 7 known children:

  • Thomas Waring
  • James H. Waring
  • Francis Waring. Major Frank Waring married Mary, dau. of Col. Leonard Hollyday and his first wife Sarah Smith.  Francis and Sarah were the parents  of Leonard Waring whose gravestone reads:  Here h'es the body of Leonard Waring, who departed this life in the year 1806, in the 60th year of his age; he was the son of Major Frank Waring, who was the son of Basil Waring, Gent; commissioned Capt. of Dragoons by His Majesty George the 3rd on 14th of July 1715, he was the son of Basil Waring the 1st, who was son of Capt. Sampson Waring of His Majesties Provincial Commissioners of Md. who died in the year 1663.  Major Francis Waring died Feb. 23, 1769 at his home in PGC, MD.  He was a Major in the Colonial Army, Chief Justice and a representative of his county, and vestryman of St. Paul's Protestant Episcopal Church.  Major Waring left The Gore, Terra Exultabalis, Truman's Hall and Waring Park to his 11 children.
    ["MARYLAND GAZETTE", Annapolis, MD, reprinted in MD Historical Mag. Vol 17-18, 1922 -- Sub. by K.T.]; Across the Years in PGC.
  • Basil Waring
  • Elizabeth Waring
  • Sarah H. Waring
  • Samuel Waring

Dragoons Commission:

"John Hart, Esquire, ye Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief in and over this, His Majestie's Province of Maryland, and the Terrytorys thereunto belonging.  "To Basil Waring, of Prince George's Co., Gentlemen, Greeting:

"Whereas I have, and do repose great Trust in Your Courage, Conduct and Loyalty to His Most Sacred Majesty, King George of Great Britaine, and your good affection to this his Majestie's Government as by Laws established; I have though fit and do, by these presents, Constitute, Commissionate, and Appoint you, ye said Basil Waring, to be a Captain of a Troop of Dragoons, hereby enjoining all the officers and Dragons under ye Contrary to pay all due and ready Obediance thereto as they will answer ye Contrary tat their Perills, And I do Hereby command you to observe all such other superior Officer or Officers, and that you shall take care to have ye men under your Command, well and Skillfully Trained and Exercised, Hereby granting unto you to hold and enjoy this Commission during pleasure.

"Given at ye City of Annapolis under my hand and seal this fourteenth day of July in ye first year of ye Reigne of our Sovereign Lord, George, By the Grace of God, King of Britaine, France, and Ireland and the Dominions thereunto belonging, King Defender of ye Faith, Anno Domini 1715.


MARSHAM WARING  (b. about 1680; d. 20 Oct. 1732) and
1)  HENRIETTA BOARMAN (b. about 1687; d. 1713); and 2) Eleanor LNU

Marsham Waring, gentleman, was born about 1680 in Calvert County, MD.  He married Henrietta Boarman around 1701 in PGC, MD.  Henrietta Boarman Waring died in 1713.  Marsham remarried to an Eleanor whose last name is unknown.  Eleanor became Marsham's widow. Marsham Waring died 20 October 1732 in PGC, MD.  He did have probate.  Henrietta and Marsham Waring had at least three children; known are:

  • Son, Richard Marsham. Waring:  Born Plantation, Marsham's Rest in 1710.  Married Elizabeth Hawkins; 4 children. Died 1743 in Maryland.  He inherited 48 acres from his father's will. 
  • Daughter, Sarah Waring
  • Daughter, Ann Waring
  • Son, Basil Waring, who inherited 300 acres known as "Hearts Delight' on the western branch of the Patuxent River. See next generation below.

BASIL (aka ROMAN BASIL) WARING (1711-1793)

Basil Waring , also known as Roman Basil.  Basil was born in Nottingham, Prince George's County, Maryland in 1711 at the family home.  Basil Sr. passed away on 17 April 1793 at the age of 82 in PGC, MD.  The inscription on his gravestone at the Waring Family Cemetery in Collington, PGC, MD is:  Here lies the body of Mr. Basil Waring who departed this life the 15th day of April 1793 in the 82nd year of his age. May he rest in peace.

Basil Waring was a landowner and planter, he received from his father 300 acres known as  "Heart's Delight" on the west branch of the Patuxent River in PGC, part of which about 200 years later became the site of the Collington Episcopal Life Care Community. 


1) Henrietta Maria Digges (daughter of William and Eleanor Brooke Digges) in 1736 in PGC, MD; one child, Henrietta Maria Waring, born in PGC, MD.  She married FNU WALKER.

2) Susannah Darnall (daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Lowe Darnall) in 1741; five children, including son Henry Waring.  Susannah Darnall was born 1723 in Anne Arundel County, MD and died 19 January 1806 in PGC, MD.  

Children of Roman Basil and Susannah Darnall Waring:

Marsham Waring, b. 4 June 1754 and d. June 1812.

Henry Waring:  Our line descends from their child Henry Waring (1762-1835) who married Millicent Brooke ... see next generation below.

Will of Basil Waring:

HENRY WARING (1762-1835) and his wife,

Henry Waring b. April 19, 1762 PGC, MD, d. Oct. 11, 1835 in Georgetown, DC.


1)  1793: Henrietta Maria Hall with whom he had no surviving children.   Henrietta Hall Waring died February 14, 1795 while visiting relatives.  She and her infant child are buried under the marble slabs which mark their grave at Mt. Pleasant per findagrave.

2)  1805 Oct 8th:  Millicent Brooke (died May 22, 1847 at home located at corner of Market and 2nd Streets in Georgetown, DC; this home later burned).   Henry and Millicent married at the home of Mrs. Fenwick on Capitol Hill in DC, on property which now has Providence Hospital built on it. 

11 Children of Henry Waring and Millicent Brooke Waring:

  • Henrietta Maria Susannah Waring, b. 9/18/1806
  • Eleanor Mary Waring, b. 1808
  • Henry Basil Waring (2/7/1810-4/3/1873) married 5/5/1836 Rachel Clopper; 6 children; buried St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, Gaithersburg, MD)
  • John Philip Waring, born 1811




  • Mary Ann Waring born 1813
  • Elizabeth Anne Waring, born 1815 NUN
  • Anne Maria Waring, born  Feb. 22, 1817; died single 1878
  • Susan  F. Waring, born Sept 15, 1818; died single 1834
  • Josephine Jane Waring, born 1820 NUN
  • MATILDA MILLICENT WARING (22 July 1822 - 1896?)
  • Clement William Waring, born 1829; died in infancy. 
    Per: Across the Years in Prince George's County: A Genealogical and Biographical History of Some Prince George's County, Maryland and Allied Families

MATILDA MILLICENT WARING (22 July 1822 -  29 NOV 1895) and
her husband, JOHN OSWALD HILL SR. (Abt. 1796 MD-Dec. 1844 MD)

Matilda Millicent Waring married:

1) JOHN Oswall HILL Sr. on May 2, 1841/2.   John and Matilda Millicent had one child, a son, JOHN OSWALD HILL JR.   The family resided in Montgomery County, MD. John Jr. married Marie Hurtt.  (See next generation)

2) Dr. William George Hardy.  They had 5 children.

Obituary Prince Georges Enquirer, November 29, 1895

HARDY, MATILDA MILLICENT -- died in Washington on Friday last, was a member of one of the most prominent families of Maryland. She was the daughter of HENRY WARING of Prince Georges County and granddaughter of BASIL WARING. She was related to the Shrewsbury, Carroll, Brent, Smith, Brooke, Digges and Darnall families. Mrs. Hardy was at one time a large holder of real estate in Prince Georges County. She leaves a son, Mr. John Hill, by her first marriage and two daughters and three sons by her second marriage. She was buried on Sunday at Piscataway, the funeral taking place from St. Mary's Church. 

JOHN OSWALD HILL JR. (1844 and died about 1913) and his wife, 
MARIA (HENRIETTA MARIA) HURTT (1850-before 1900)

Son John Oswald Hill (Jr.) (b. 1844 d. 10/18/1913 at age 69) married Henrietta Maria Hurtt on May 17, 1872.  He was a farmer.  Marie was the daughter of Dr. Edward Edgar Hurtt and Mary M. (Maria) Young.  John Oswald Hill Jr's wife Maria was born about 1850 in Piscataway, PGC, MD.  Note:  Maria's dad died at age 36 Aug. 2, 1861.  Her mother died the year before on April 14, 1860 in PGC, MD.  Mom was 30 and had been married 10 years.  By the time John Jr. wife was 10 or 11 she had lost both of her parents.  Maria had 3 siblings:  Eugenia E. Hurtt, born 1853;  Edward T. Hurtt born 1855 and Constantine Hurtt born 1857.   Eugenia, single,  died of a heart attack at St. Elizabeth's Hospital when she was just over 70.  (see her death certificate)

During the Civil War of 1861-1865 John O. Hill served with the Confederacy 1st Regiment MD and then with the 2nd Battalion MD. Per the 1870 census John Oswald Hill was single and owned his own property valued at $2200 with personal assets of $200.  Per the 1880 census, they were living in Piscataway that year also and was a farmer. 

This is the Old Capital Prison. John was held here for a little bit in the civil war.

By the 1900 Census John Oswald Hill was already a widower and a grocer. By the 1910 census, John Oswald Hill was a widower, rented his home and worked as a grocer.  John also lived two doors down from his son Thomas Domick Hill on D St SE in DC.  John's wife Henrietta Maria died sometime before 1900. John Jr died at age 69.  Oct 13th 1913 Washington Post notice of death:

The children of John O. Jr and Maria Hurtt Hill were:

John E. Hill, born Sept. 1873 MD.  In 1900 he worked as a telegraph operator and at one point was a clerk in a grocery store.  John E. married Mabel Claggett who was born in 1881 in DC.  Their children were George C. Hill b. 1904, Edith Hill born 1906, John Edward Hill (Jr.) b. 1908, an infant died in 1913, and Alfred Bond Hill born 1915; died 2008.  Alfred died 11th and buried 18th Oct 2008, Trinity Memorial Gardens, Waldorf, Charles County, MD.  He died in Newburg. Alfred married Georgia Mae LNU.  

Thomas Domick Hill born Aug. 6, 1876 in Maryland.  Thomas married Anna Gertrude Greenfield. He died in DC in 1945  Some people list him as Dominic.

Lillian Mary (Mariam Maude?) Hill, born 1878/79  on May 14th in Maryland.

Joseph E. Hill born April 1880. In 1900, 1920 he was a messenger for the government

Clarence Joseph Hill born 10 April 1884/85 in DC; married Elsie Lowe on July 14, 1906 in Piscataway MD; died 14th of July in 1941 in DC. WWI Registration Card: 
Clarence Joseph Hill lived at 1402 E. St. SE in DC.  Clarence Joseph worked as a carpenter for the federal government at the Navy Yard in Washington DC.  He was married to Elsie Louise Lowe Hill of the same address.  According to this he was medium build and height and had light blue eyes and dark hair.  He is buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery in DC. 

Below is a sketch of Clarence Joseph Hill:

Clarence Joseph Hill lived at 1402 E St SE when he died.  His wife was Elsie Hill.  He died of a pulmonary embolism but had multiple other problems listed on his death certificate.  He was a patient at St. Elizabeth's in DC for over 18 years, to be exact: 18 years, 8 mos and 8 days.  Do not really know why. 


Peter Henry Hill, born November 11, 1887.  He was at one point a messenger for the government. 

THOMAS DOMICK (Dominic) HILL (1876 - 1943) and
his wife, ANNA GERTRUDE GREENFIELD (1880-1957)

Son Thomas Domick (Dominic) Hill (b. Aug. 1876 d. Oct. 1943) married Anna Gertrude Greenfield in 1901.  Anna Gertrude was born about 1880 in Camden New Jersey to Charles and Annie Greenfield.  Thomas died Oct. 3, 1943 in Washington DC.   Obituary Washington Post 6 Oct 1943; 911 G Street SE; 67 yrs Hypertension.  He was a member of the DC Fire Department, linked with Engine #83 (per marker) Obituary Washington Post 10/6/1943. Interred 3 days later at Congressional Cem, Range 85, Site 114; W. W. Chambers, Undertaker. Findagrave indicates that his middle name was Dominic.  Anna died on St. Patrick's in 1957 at Providence Hospital at the age of 77.  She died of cancer.  Anna Gertrude Hill is buried Congressional Cemetery at Range 85, Site 115.  Chevy Chase funeral home made the arrangements.


In the 1910 Census the family was living at 1014 Eye Street SE, in DC.  John Oswald Hill, age 66 and widowed lived at 1015 Eye Street SE.

In the 1920 Census for DC, Thomas D. lived at 608 D Street in DC and was married to Anna G.   One of the three townhouses below is where they lived.  I do not know which one. This property was built in 1900 and includes 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom in the 1172 sq ft townhouse. 

Children of Thomas Domick and Anna Gertrude Hill were:

Dad Charles Thomas Hill, born 1902 in DC.  (See Generation Below)

Aunt Anna Marie Hill born Feb. 3, 1904 in DC.  She was a telephone operator for the Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Company and also worked as a clerk at some point for the Red Cross. Died 1924 Aug 29 at age 20 of Tuberculosis while living @ 911 G Street SE. .Buried 9/1/1924 at Congressional Cemetery, Range 86, Site 116.  Never married, it appears.  Charles Thomas Hill is buried at this same site 40 years later in 1964.  Note that Charles Thomas Hill completed the informant side of the certificate and that is his signature.

Uncle John Oswald Hill (Infant death), born March 16, 1905 in DC to Thomas and Anna Gertrude Hill ; died at 7 months and 5 days on Wed. 10/18/1905 from meningitis. Interred at Congressional Cemetery on 10/20/1905 at Range 86, Site 114.  Grave Fee $4.00, Undertaker: Jno. A. Mitchell.  Private funeral.
From Washington Post:  

Uncle William Roscoe Hill born 1907 in DC.  He married Doris LNU and lived at 1500 MA Ave, NW in DC.  William R. Hill owned W. R. Hill Company at 1313 Thirteenth St NW in DC during the period of 1954.

Uncle Henry Wallace "Opie" Hill or born 24 January 1909 in DC.  He married Mabel A. Brown on about 13 Oct 1929 DC, actually before Rev. William Pierpoint; and received an annulment.  He then married Mattie Elizabeth Dove Dindlebeck who was born June 2, 1895 and died August 25, 1993 in Fairfax, VA, 13 years after Wallace Hill died on Nov. 11, 1980 at the age of 71.  He died of lung cancer.  At the time of his death he was living at 4053 Olley Lane in Fairfax VA.  In 1954 Wallace was a driver at Futrovsky Bros. located at 1053 Thirteenth St NW in DC, a few doors from his brother William R. Hill's business.  His last occupation prior to his death was a mechanic. 

It is interesting to note that Henry had an annulment from his first wife Mabel and that his second wife Mattie was a divorcee whose husband Joseph  Dinglebeck sued her for divorce and won.  Reason for his suit.  She abandoned him. 


Henry Wallace Hill





                               Henry Wallace Hill in Uniform

Nellie? Mattie and Henry Wallace Hill

         United States Seaman Passport

Death Certificate of Henry Wallace Hill


Uncle Robert Vincent Hill SR, born July 6th  1917 in DC.  In the 1920 Census for DC Robert V. Hill was 2 years and 5/12 months in age and lived at 608 D Street in DC.  Robert was 12 in the 1930 census for DC, living at  911 G. Street SE.  Robert died June 14, 1997 in DC


CHARLES THOMAS HILL (1902 - 1964) and
his wife, BERNICE LUCILLE CATOR (1915-1997)

Charles Thomas Hill was born 29 June 1902 in DC to Thomas Domick and Anna Gertrude Greenfield Hill.   Married wife #1 _______;  then married Bernice Lucille Cator around 1935, daughter of Charles Conrad Cator, Jr. and his first wife Ruth Ridgeway, of DC.  Married wife #3 _______. Charles Thomas Hill worked at 17 in the Navy Yard as an apprentice buffer per the 1920 census for DC.  Charles Thomas Hill died Nov. 29, 1964 at Resmor Sanitarium and Hospital in Bethesda, Montgomery County, MD.  He was interred 12/1/1964 at Congressional Cem. in Range 86/site 116.  Chevy Chase Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangement.  His last residence was 1019 13th NW.  His obit was in the Wash. Post on 11/30/64.  His social security number was 577-01-5717, issued in DC.  See Photos at top of page.



, born in MD to MD-born parents, one of whom is Matilda Millicent Waring Hill, the daughter of Henry Waring and Milicent Brooke.  Henry was born April 19, 1762 and died Oct. 11, 1835 in Georgetown, MD.   Millicent died in 1847.  John and Matilda married 2 May 1842 per Across the Years in PGC book.  Matilda's second husband was Dr. William G. Hardy


, born in Maryland.

1850 Census








 1850 Census SON, John O. Hill, son of Matilda Hill.

In 1850 MATILDA HILL is listed, without a husband.  Likely deceased.  She is 24 and has a 5 year old son, John O. Hill.  In the 1860 Census, Matilda is married to Dr. William G. Hardy and is 35 years old.  John is 16.   It appears that John now has several half siblings.

Georgetown North West Ward, Washington, District of Columbia Page: 155 Roll: M432_57

1860 Census







1860 Census JOHN O. HILL:  Piscataway, Prince Georges, Maryland District 5.   John is now "16" and living with his mother and step father,   William G. and Matilda Hardy..  He has attended school during the census year.  


1870 Census

1870 Census JOHN O. HILL:  Piscataway, Prince Georges, Maryland

John is "22" and farms.  He is single, owns his own property valued at $2200 with personal assets of $200. 

17 May 1872

marries MARIE HURTT in Prince George's County, MD

1873 Sept.

First child born in Maryland to John and Marie:  JOHN E. HILL

1876 August 6

2nd child born in Maryland to John and Marie: THOMAS DOMICK HILL

1878 May

3rd child born in Maryland to John and Marie: LILLIAN MARY HILL.  Note that on one census she is listed as Mary M. Hill??

1880 April

4th child born in Maryland to John and Marie: JOSEPH E. HILL


to a DC born father and a PA born mother. 

 1880 Census   




1880 CENSUS John O. HILL: Taken in Piscataway, Prince George's County, Maryland.

John was a farmer while his wife, "H. M." kept house. 
Their parents were all born in Maryland.
John O. HILL Self M Male W 36 MD Farmer MD MD
H. M. HILL (Marie) Wife M Female W 30 MD Keeping House MD MD
John E. HILL Son S Male W 7 MD MD MD
Thos. D. HILL Son S Male W 4 MD MD MD
Mary M. HILL Dau S Female W 2 MD MD MD

Roll: T9_513; Family History Film: 1254513; Page: 116C; ED 125


PETER G. HILL born to John O. and Marie Hurtt Hill



wife of JOHN OSWALD HILL dies.

1900 Census










1900 Census:  John Oswald Hill is now a 56 year old widower; he is working as a Grocer.   Son, John E. Hill is working as a telegraph operator, and Thomas D (not E) is working as a clerk, dry goods.  Lillian is not working.  Joseph is a messenger for the government.  Peter is a student at school.  Boarder, Constantine Hurtt (related in some way to John's wife who has passed away) is a 38 year old salesman in the grocery field.  

They are residing at 1018 11th Street, DC.  Taken June 11, 1900 in DC. Roll: T623 164; Page: 17A; ED: 137.  



29 Jun 1902

Charles Thomas Hill
(our Hills) born DC to Thomas & Anna Hill.

Anna Marie Hill
born DC to Thomas & Anna Greenfield Hill.
Mar-Oct 1905





Beloved infant, John Oswald Hill born DC to Thomas & Anna Greenfield Hill.  Died of Meningitis at age 7 months and 5 days on Wednesday, 10/18/1905 at 2:20 pm while residing at 1014 I Street SE, DC.   Interred at Congressional Cemetery on 10/20/1905 in Range 86, Site 114. 
Grave Fee $4.00, Undertaker: Jno. A. Mitchell.  Private funeral.
Death Notice from Washington Post:  

Abt. 1907

William Roscoe Hill
born DC to Thomas & Anna Greenfield Hill.

Jan. 24 1909

Henry Wallace Hill 
born DC to Thomas & Anna Greenfield Hill. 
1910  Census  CENSUS:  JOHN O. HILL, DC ED 91,  Age 66,  resides on D Street, SE in DC.  Series: T624  Roll: 151 Pg: 138

John Oswald Hill is now a 66 year old widow living alone and working as a grocer, as does his son Thomas, age 33.  John rents his home which is just two doors down the street from his son, Thomas D. Hill's rented home on "Eye" Street, SE in DC.. 

CENSUS:  THOMAS D. HILL lives with his wife of  8 years, Anna G (Greenfield) Hill (age 30) and 4 of their 5 children: 

Charles T. Hill (our Hill line), age 7, born DC.
Anna M. Hill, age 6, born DC.
William R. Hill, age 2, born DC.
Henry W. Hill
age 1 1/4, born DC. 
Son Robert V. Hill, will not be born until 1917.

1917 March

Robert V. Hill
born DC to Thomas & Anna Greenfield Hill.
1918 Sept 12

 Thomas "Domnic" Hill registered for the draft in WWI when he was 42 years of age.  He is listed as tall, large, brown hair, brown eyes, married to Anna.  They are living at 608 D St SE, in DC.
He works for B.B. Earnshaw as a packing clerk.     

1920 Aug 26



Infant, born DC to Thomas & Anna Greenfield Hill.  Died stillborn in 
Providence Hospital.  Died of "exhaustion".
Interred at Congressional Cemetery 8/28/1920 Range 86, Site 115.
Grave Fee $5.00. Undertaker: Thomas. R. Nalley & Sons.

Between 1910 & 1920

John Oswald Hill is not listed in 1920 Census as living near son Thomas. Likely has passed away.  

1920 Census











CENSUS:  THOMAS D. HILL for DC 100 District Series: T625  Roll: 207 Pg: 64 
THOMAS D. HILL is now 42 years old.

Anna and Thomas still live on D Street, SE.  Their children now are:
Charles Thomas Hill (age 17)
Anna M. who is 16
William R. who is 13
Not yet in his teens is brother Wallace H. Hill, who is 11 
  (Note that Wallace was listed as Henry W. Hill in the 1910 census) And, a new son, Robert V. Hill (born DC) is now in the household at just 2 years and 5 months. 
        Ah, a house with teens and a terrible two!    
Thomas D. Hill is working now as a "laborer" at the Navy Yard
Charles Thomas Hill at age 17 is working as a Apprentice Buffer at the Navy YardAnna M. Hill is a Clerk for the Red Cross.  

Note:  August 20, 1920 an infant born to Thomas Domick and Anna Gertrude Hill was buried at Congressional Cemetery (see internment chart at bottom of page)

About 1924

Thomas Hill married (1st wife) when he was 21.

1924 Aug 28


Anna Marie Hill
dies at age 20 of Tuberculosis when living at
911 G Street SE. Buried at Congressional Cemetery in
Range 86, Site 116. Grave Fee:  $12.00. Undertaker: Thomas Murray. 

About 1929

Henry Wallace Hill 
married Mabel Alice Brown when he is 21.   

At the age of 22, Henry Wallace Hill obtained a decree of annulment from  Mabel on July 29, 1931.  He married his second wife Mattie Elizabeth Dove Dinglebeck in 1934.



1930 Census














1930 Census
911 G Street, SE, Washington DC, (across the street from Charles C. Cator, Jr.)  Roll: T626_296; Page: 3A; Enumeration District. 137; Image: 0187.

CENSUS:  THOMAS D. HILL:  Thomas Hill is the head of the household which he rents for $22.50/month.  Thomas is 54 and his wife Anna (Greenfield) Hill is 50.  He married at 22, she at 20, even though they are now  54 and 50!  Thomas was born in  Maryland to Maryland parents and is a supply clerk for the U.S. Government;  Anna in NJ to a Father from DC and a Mother from PA; she is not employed.  Their son Charles is 27, born in DC, and living with his parents though he is married, having married at 21?,  he is a gang leader for the railroad. Their son Wallace is 21, born in DC, and is also married, at age 20; working as a garage mechanic.  Their wives names are not listed.  Humm...wonder  where they are.  Any ideas?

Also living in their home is their son Robert V. Hill, who is 12 years old (b. 1918) and single.  Note: He is listed at the top of the next census page and therefore captured in a separate image herein.  


works as a mechanic for Washington Cadillac.
He lives at 911 G Street, SE.  


Dec 26 1934
HENRY WALLACE HILL married his (2) wife, Mattie Elizabeth Dove.  

Mattie Dove married first to Joseph Lewis Dindlebeck on Jan 2 1913. In December of Dec 31 of 1912, Mattie wrote in her family bible "Dec 31, 1912, Mattie ran away from home". It appears she ran away with Joe Dindlebeck and eloped!  They had three children together: Dorothy Elizabeth Dindlebeck, Ethel Deloris Dindlebeck, and Joseph Herbert Dindlebeck.   Henry died Nov 11 1980; Mattie died in Fairfax VA August 1993.


                                                                           Portraits of Mattie.

Thumbnail Group:  Top from left to right: William Cole, Elise's Dove's husband Ed (Harry Edward) Dove, Elmer Dove, Stanley Dove (Ed's son) Henry Wallace Hill ( Mattie Dove's 2nd husband) James Wilbur Cole ( Elsie and William Cole's son) Bottom row, left to right: Percy Dove, Joseph Herbert Dindlebeck (Mattie Dove son by 1st husband), Albert Smith Dove (seated), Harry Trumble (seated), Leslie Dove ( Ed's son)


In her own handwriting, Mattie wrote in her family bible: " Dec 31, 1912, Mattie ran away from home".


About 1935

Charles Thomas Hill marries BERNICE LUCILLE CATOR,
his second wife..  She is the daughter of Charles Cator, Jr.
and his first wife, Ruth 

1943 Oct 6 










He was a member of the DC Fire Department, linked with
Engine #83 (per marker).

Obituary Washington Post: 10/6/1943 

 Thomas Domick Hill's last residence was 911 G. St., SE. DC.
He died at age 67 of hypertension in 1943.
Interred 3 days later at Congressional Cemetery, Range 85, Site 114. 
Grave Fee $35.  Undertaker: W. W. Chambers. 





HILL, Wallace "R" is working as a driver at Futrovsky Bros located at  1053 13th NW in DC.  A few doors down his brother, William R. Hill owns W.R. HILL COMPANY at 1313 13th NW.  William has by now married Doris LNU.  They are living at 1500 Massachusetts Avenue, NW in DC.

1957 Mar 17 






"Gertrude A." Hill is listed in Congressional Cemetery records as being born at Providence Hospital (Est. 1880).  Died at the age 77 on 
St. Patrick's Day in 1957.  Her last residence is 3101 PA SE, DC.  She died of cancer and was interred 3 days from her death at Range 85, Site 115. Her Grave Fee was $70; undertaker was Chevy Chase Funeral Home.   Note:


1964 Nov 29











Charles Thomas Hill dies at age of 62. Interred at Congressional Cemetery  on Dec 1, 1964 Range 85, Site 116, Grave Fee: $80.  Undertaker: Chevy Chase Funeral Home 
Last residence listed as 1019 13th NW, DC.    

Obituary for Hill, Charles T. on Nov. 30, 1964 in The Washington Post:


 Nov 11 1980     Henry Wallace Hill died.


1992      Bernice Lucille Cator Hill Gately died.  Interred at Cedar Hill Cem., MD


1993     Henry Wallace Hill's wife Mattie E. died on Aug. 25, 1993.



# Surname First Name Middle Name DOD Buried Range Site Comment
12855 HILL THOMAS D. 1943 10/ 6  85 114  
12837 HILL JOHN O. 1905 10/20  86 114  
12823 HILL ANNA GERTRUDE 1957  3/20  85 115  
12856 HILL (CHILD)   1920  8/28  86 115 Infant of Thomas D.Hill
12808 HILL CHARLES T. 1964 12/ 1  85 116  
12806 HILL ANNA MARIA 1924  9/ 1  86 116  
NEW 5/27/03 GREENFIELD HENRY  C. 1865 10/13 86 115 Age 53.*
GREENFIELD MARY E. 1870 3/25 86 114 Age
49 **
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Another instance of wanton destruction occurred at " Bald Eagles," one of the Waring places, and which has its name from the eagles' nests built for generations in the old trees on the plantation. The owner had never allowed them to be disturbed, but when the last proprietor died, some of the more turbulent sort essayed to break the injunction. One of them, in coming down from the tree, after the total destruction of the nest, fell and broke his enterprising neck. Another of the band was murdered by one of his boon companions not long afterward.

Note:  Per Across the Years in PGC, Col. John Henry Waring, youngest son of John Waring Jr and his wife Elizabeth Margaret Bowie changed the names of the 1300 acres on the Patuxent River south of Nottingham known as Marsham's Rest to:  Bald Eagle.


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