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FLORENCE BEATRICE O'TOOLE is born 27 May 1899; daughter of Patrick O'Toole and Cora Robinson. She will become Charlie Cator, Jr's second wife.  Her father, Patrick O'Toole was a big man - very tall.  He owned stables where George Washington Hospital now sits and had a farm in McLean, VA.  Patrick would take his granddaughter Dorothy Cator for a treat but would not give her the money to buy it herself.  He always did this.  He liked to eat black bananas!  This is some information on Patrick O'Toole.


Generation No. 1:  John and Mary (LNU) O'TOOLE, Born in Ireland 

Family Tradition Says:  Came from Ireland to Baltimore, MD.  They both died after having their children in Texas MD. Sons suddenly found themselves on their own and had to seek work as laborers and apprentices to support themselves in their teens! Supposedly sons born in Ireland, but at least son Patrick O'Toole was born in Texas Maryland per his death certificate.  Texas, Maryland in what is now Baltimore County is a very interesting place. It is an unincorporated town located about 13 miles north of Baltimore City and in which is now known as Cockeysville. In Texas MD there is limestone, lots of it, and marble, which was in 1832 transported on the Baltimore and Susquehanna Railroad. 




This appears to be where John and Mary, and many, many other Irish immigrants settled when they fled Ireland due to the Great Hunger, the Ireland Potato Famine.  Texas MD became an Irish village between 1847 and 1860.  The Irish worked the mines, the railroads, the canals....although what the O'Tooles specifically did is not known to me.


chrsweb/Texas_MD/Texas_Overview.htm "The limestone quarried by the Irish was used for building projects such as the Washington Monuments in Washington D.C. and Baltimore City, the State House in Annapolis, the porticoes of the Senate and House wings of the Capitol in Washington D.C., and as far as away as St. Patrick’s Church in New York City (Anderson 1982)."




The Irish were hardworking people and the miners and railroad workers took serious risks daily and then returned to what was likely shanty buildings or perhaps tenements.  The toiling was daily.  This photo is from the Facebook page of the Irish Railroad Workers Museum, year unknown.

Texas, MD had a visiting priest from Baltimore City or Hickory in Harford County that would stop by to perform marriages, baptisms and conduct funeral services.  In 1850, Texas MD got its first permanent priest, but still no church; so services were held in the home of John Clark, a one-story log cabin.  He donated land and St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church was built within two years and a cemetery was provided by 1860.

Per the St. Joseph's website, "Many of the parishioners of the early days lived in what was called “Catholic Row” on Railroad Avenue and on Church Lane. The church was the focal point around which their spiritual lives centered. The names of many can still be seen on the old tombstones in the parish cemetery."

    Known children of  John and Mary O'Toole are:

    1)  THOMAS O'TOOLE, b. Ireland or Texas MD.  Supposedly he had two children, twins Paul and Paula O'Toole.  And that he moved to Ohio from MD/DC.

    2)  FNU  O'TOOLE, possibly Michael, b.Ireland or Texas MD; died ______; became a missionary.

    3)  PATRICK O'TOOLE, b. 1/8/1857, Texas MD d. July 28, 1941 Colonial Beach, VA 

Generation No. 2:  PATRICK O'TOOLE and wife CORA ROBINSON

PATRICK O'TOOLE   b. 1/8/1857 Ireland or possibly Texas MD per death cert.  He died of Arteriosclerosis on July 28th, 1941 at Colonial Beach, VA when he was almost 85. 

Some of his known occupations were grocer, plasterer, and horse livery stable owner/trader.

In the 1890 and 1891 DC Directory, the following are listed.
1) Patrick O'Toole, Grocer, 2128 C NW 1890
2) Patrick O'Toole, Plasterer, 2131 C NW 1891

On June 12, 1897 Patrick O'Toole weds Cora Lee Robinson.  He is 40 and she is 28  Cora is the daughter of David S. and Mary Robinson and the sibling of May, Barbara, Lucy, Virginia, Nelly, Anthony and Jerome per the 1880 Census.  Her dad was a farmer.




Children of Patrick O'Toole and Cora Robinson, all born inn DC,  are:
1)  MORRIS O'TOOLE, d. Died Young.
2)  FLORENCE BEATRICE O'TOOLE, b. 1900, Wash., DC;
d. 1978  VA;  married CHARLES C. CATOR, JR.
3)  AUBREY O'TOOLE, d. Died Young.
4)  "BOY" O'TOOLE, d. Died Young.
5)  ESTHER MARIE O'TOOLE b. 1910, Washington DC; d. MD;  
              m. (1) FRANK SHOEMACHER, Bef 1935;
              m. (2) LEO MAIMONE, SR., Abt 1935;
              m. (3) "POTTS" D'AMICO, Aft 1935, MD.


1900 Census:  

PATRICK O'TOOLE Head of Household, white male, born "*Dec" 1857; age 42, married 3 years.  Born "*MD", parents born in Ireland.  Plasterer; had not worked for three months.  Owned home with no mortgage.  Home listed as a "farm."
Cora O'Toole, wife, white female, born Feb 1866, Age 34; married 3 years. 
Born Virginia, as were her parents.  
Florence O'Toole, daughter, born May 1899, age 1, born in DC, Father born in "*Maryland"; Mother in Virginia. 
        * = errors in census?

They had 2 children per Census, with only one living (Florence).  All can read/write/
speak English.  Residence: 2003 New York Avenue, DC.  Supv. Dist. 1; ED 28; Wash. City, DC, Taken on June 16, 1900; Sheet 24.  


1910 Census:  

Patrick O'ToolE, age 53, Head of Household, 2003 NY Avenue, DC with wife Cora L. and daughters Florence B and Esther M. O'Toole.   Wash., ED 41,  Series: T624  Roll 150 Page 132.  They had been married 12 years and had 5 children, only the two daughters of whom lived.  CORA was 11 years younger than her husband.  Again, Patrick is listed as born in Maryland, although it is believed he was born in Ireland, having traveled with his family to America.










1916:  Cora's death

Cora O'Toole's last residence was 2003 NY Ave., NW.  At her date of death, November 24, 1916, she was 51 years of age, succumbing to cancer.  Her Interment at Congressional Cemetery occurred three days later at Range 45, Site 280.  Grave Fee: $8.00; Undertaker: George W. Wise.  From the 1880 Census in Gainesville, Prince William County, VA. Cora is the daughter of David S. Robinson and his 2nd wife, Mary.  Siblings are: Jerome B. and Barbara A. Robinson (step siblings from 1st marriage); and Lucy T, Virginia E., Nelly G., Antony, and Louis Robinson from the 2nd marriage


1920 DC Census, Dist. 49:

Patrick O'ToolE,
Head of Household, age 62, Widower.   Born "*MD", of father born in Ireland and mother born "unknown".   Plasterer.  Owned home with no mortgage.  Florence B. O'Toole (Mrs. Cator), Daughter, age 20, single.  Born in DC; Father born in "*Maryland"; Mother in Virginia. No occupation.
Esther M. O'Toole (Mrs. maimone), Daughter, age 10, single.  Born in DC; Father born in "*Maryland"; Mother in Virginia. No occupation. 
    * = errors in census?  ED 49; Wash. City, DC, Taken on Jan. 8, 1920, Page 6B Roll T625-206.  

1930 Census: 

Patrick O'ToolE, Head of Household, age 72, Widower.   Owns home valued at $2,000.  Born in Maryland per this census to parents born in Irish Free State.  He is living with his servant, Annie Tyler who is 47 and single.  He does not own a radio set.  His home is not a farm.  He still works as a building plasterer.  Home at 2003 New York Avenue in DC.






He may have had some senility in the last year also.  Although this says he was born in Texas MD and not Ireland.  For the first time, we have his parents names:  John and Mary O'Toole, both born in Ireland, immigrating to America.

His Interment occurred on 7/31/1941 at Congressional Cemetery, Range 46, Site 280.  His Grave Fee was $25.00 and his undertaker, Thomas F. Murray. 

St. Francis Xavier Church:  2800 Pennsylvania Ave, SE Washington DC 20020


1906 Patrick O'Toole Washington Post  1906-01-16; Real Estate Transfer

1907 Patrick O'Toole Washington Post  1907-03-06; Real Estate Transfers

1907 Patrick O'Toole 
Washington Post  1907-05-10 Real Estate Transfer

1907 Patrick O'Toole 
Washington Post  1907-09-25 Real Estate Transfer

1907 Patrick O'Toole
 Washington Post 1907-09-28


1909 Patrick O'Toole Washington Post * 1909-10-29 Real Estate Transfer

Patrick O'Toole
Washington Post  1910-06-21 Real Estate Transfer

1910 Patrick O'Toole  Washington Post  1910-07-15 Real Estate Transfer

THANKS to William Boswell who has provided a large amount of the information on Congressional Cemetery.  He can be reached at:


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