Descendants of Joseph Pendleton & Patience Potts 

New England, including: Beach, Bennett, Burrows, Carver, Chapman, Clark, Conner, Dearborn, Eaton, Gilmore, Hubbard, Lancaster, Park, Pendleton, Potts, Staples

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Generation No. 1 (1600s)

1.† Joseph1 Pendleton was born 12/29/1661 Sudbury MA.  Joseph Pendleton married Patience Potts 1700 Westerly, RI. 

Child of Joseph Pendleton and Patience Potts is:
William2 Pendleton, Colonel, March 23, 1703/04 - August 23, 1786 Westerly, RI.

  • FROM ANCESTRY: Col. William Pendleton was baptised on 28 May 1704 at the 1st Congregational Church in Stonington, CT.  Military:  Revolutionary War Patriot, President of Westerly Town Council, 1762-1781 in charge of local defense. Recruiting officer July 1780.  DAR Patriot Index page 525.

         William was admitted freeman May 4, 1731, appointed one of the council of the First Church at Stonington to form a church at Westerly 1742, elected Justice of the Peace 1746, Deputy in 1747 from Westerly to the General Assembly in Hartford, chosen Lieutenant Colonel of his regiment June 1747 and Colonel 1750, appointed Muster Master 1757 during the French and Indian War at which time he was considered one of the wealthiest men of Westerly, acted as president of the Westerly town council during the Revolutionary War serving in that capacity continuously from 1762 to 1781, and subscribed 40 pounds to the Continental Loan Office to make up a deficiency at Westerly. The 1774 Rhode Island census recorded one slave in William's possession who, by family tradition, accompanied William and two dogs in hunts .

Generation No. 2 (1700s)

2.† William2 Pendleton, Colonel (Joseph1) born 3/23/1703-04 Westerly, RI; died 8/23/1786 
Westerly, RI.  Married Lydia Burrows 1725-26 Stonington, CT, daughter of John Burrows
 and Lydia Hubbard.

Child of Colonel William Pendleton and Lydia Burrows is:
Peleg3 Pendleton, Capt, born February 12, 1731/32 in Westerly, RI

Generation No. 3  (Early 1700s)

3.† Peleg3 Pendleton, Capt. (William2, Joseph1) born 2/12/1731-32 Westerly, RI; died
7/12/1810 in "The Harbor District" of† Searsport, Maine.† Married Ann Park 9/7/1758 
Stonington, CT, daughter of† Rev. Park and Abigail Park. 

Children of Capt. Peleg Pendleton and Ann Park are:
Peleg4 Pendleton, born 1760;† disappeared between 1775-1783.
Anna Pendleton, born 1762.† Married in Westerly, RI.
Abigail Pendleton, born 1764; died in Died Young.
+ 7 iv. Thomas Pendleton, Capt., b. 1767 in Westerly, RI; died 1801 in Prospect, ME
+ 8 v. William (twin) Pendleton, born 1769; died 1824.

Joseph (twin) Pendleton, born 1769.† Married Wealthy Thomas 1794.
Abigail (twin) Pendleton, born 1771.† Married Thomas Willcock 1793.
+ 11† viii. Lydia (twin) Pendleton, born 1771; died 1812.
+ 12 ix. Green Pendleton I, Capt., born 1774 in Westerly, RI; died 1863 Searsport.
Prudence Pendleton, born 1777; died 1854.† Married Alexander Nichols 1796.
+ 14 xi. Phineas Pendleton I, Capt., born 1780 Stonington, CT; died 1873 Searsport.

Generation No. 4 (Late 1700s)

7.† Thomas4 Pendleton, Capt.† (Peleg3, William2, Joseph1) 1767-1801 Maine.† Married Lucinda 
Carver 1795, daughter of John Carver and Lucinda Thomas.† Children: Thomas Pendleton, Jr. 
1796-1824, married Harriet Clifford 1822; John Pendleton 1799-1846; Lucy Pendleton, died young.

8.† William (twin)4 Pendleton† (Peleg3, William2, Joseph1) 1769-1824.† Married Nancy Pendleton,
daughter of Joshua Pendleton and Sally Nutter. Children: Nancy Pendleton 1797-1841; Joseph 
Pendleton 1803-1884, m: Fanny Coombs 1827.

11.† Lydia (twin)4 Pendleton† (Peleg3, William2, Joseph1) 1771-1812.† Married Ebenezer (Eben)
Griffin 1795, son of Samuel Griffin and Desiah Crary. Children: Ebenezer Griffin, Jr. 1798-1870,
  married Clarissa Peabody York 1822; Peleg Pendleton Griffin 1799-1883, married Jane DeCrow;
 Phineas Pendleton Griffin 1801-1846, married Mary Park.

12.† Green4 Pendleton I, Capt.† (Peleg3, William2, Joseph1) born 1774 Westerly, RI; died 
1863 in Searsport, Maine.†† Married (1) Ann "Nancy" Park 1795, daughter of John Park 
and Abigail Chapman
.† Married (2) Rachel D. Fisher 1841.


  Children of Capt. Green Pendleton l and Ann “Nancy” Park are:
†† Nancy5 Pendleton, 1797-1863.†  Married  likely James Stowers rather than William Nichols.
†† Abigail Pendleton 1800-1881.
†† Catherine Pendleton 1802-1879. Married William Walker Clifford. See page 55, last paragraph of "Searsport Sea Captains" by Col. F.F. Black.
†† Green Pendleton, Jr., Capt 1804-1874 Searsport, Maine.
†† John Park Pendleton 1807-1847 (died on Schooner Mary Brooks.)
†† Benjamin Pendleton II 1810-1851.
†† Charles Nelson Pendleton 1813-1862.
†† Christopher L. Pendleton 1816-1854.
+ 31 ix. James Hervey Pendleton, 1819-1908 Prospect (Searsport) Maine.

14.  Phineas4 Pendleton I, Capt.  (Peleg3, William2, Joseph1) was born 1780 in Stonington, CT;
died 1873 Searsport, ME.  He married Nancy Gilmore 1805 in Prospect (Searsport) Maine,
daughter of John Gilmore and Margaret Clark.  

Captain Phineas Pendleton followed the sea from boyhood.  He was a 30-year master mariner, retiring at 60. Served as officer of militia in the War of 1812, elected Captain, 4 May, 1813, in the 2nd Regiment Infantry, 1st Brigade, 10th Division, Massachusetts Militia, and commissioned the following June (Adj. Gen. Mass. Rec.). He received pay for service at Belfast, Me., from September 2-21, 1814. At some period during this war, while making a voyage in his schooner " Belfast," he was captured by the British and kept prisoner near Halifax for a time.

Children of Capt. Phineas Pendleton I and Nancy Gilmore are: Wealthy Pendleton
Phineas5 Pendleton II, Capt. 1806-1896 Searsport, ME.† Married Wealthy Carver 1828. Her dates are 1808-1877.  Wealthy's photo is to the right.
 (See "Interesting Occasion" news article below)

Nathan Pendleton 1808-1857.† Married Lydia Gilkey.
Mary G. Pendleton 1811-1902.† Married Woodburn Carver.
Margaret Ann Gilmore Pendleton 1813-1850.† Married William Butman.
John Gilmore Pendleton 1816-1825.
Nancy Pendleton 1819-1906.† Married John G. P. Colcord.
James Gilmore Pendleton, Capt.1821-1903 Searsport, Maine.
+ 39 viii. Esther Houston Pendleton 1823-1907 Prospect (Searsport) Maine.
Maria Emeline Pendleton 1825-1902.† Married William Henry 1846.
John Gilmore Pendleton I 1828-1899 Everett, Massachusetts.
Benjamin Franklin Pendleton 1829-1903.† Married Rachel McGlathery.
Prudence Nichols Pendleton 1832-1915 Brockton, Massachusetts.  Married 
(1) Phineas A. Griffin;  (2) Issac C. Park.

Obituary in the Republican Journal, Thursday, March 6, 1873, Searsport:
“Captain Phineas Pendleton, senior, closed his long, useful and eventful life at his home in this town on the 27th, at the ripe age of ninety-two years and five months.  His father, Peleg Pendleton, was born in Connecticut, whence he emigrated to this place in 1783, bringing his wife and ten children.  The youngest of these was Phineas, whose death this sketch notices.  Capt. Pendleton married Nancy, daughter of John Gilmore, of Belfast, and had twelve children, the youngest of whom is now 41 years of age.  He leaves 64 grandchildren and 29 great grandchildren.  Like most of the name, Capt. Pendleton followed the sea as a business.  In 1813 during the war with England, while master of the schooner Belfast, he was captured by a privateer off Martinique, and taken to Liverpool, Nova Scotia, where he was released.  The crew were taken to Dartmouth Prison.  Capt. Pendleton was an old school Democrat, having voted for Thomas Jefferson.  In the record of his whole life he leaves a legacy of which his descendants may well be proud.”


Captain Phineas Pendleton II: 79th Birthday Celebration reported in the Republican Journal, Thursday, Sept 6, 1883 Searsport:
“INTERESTING OCCASION.  Wednesday last was the 79th birthday of Capt. Phineas Pendleton, of Searsport, and on that occasion his children gave him a dinner. There were present his three brothers, James, John and Frank, all sea captains; his four sisters, Mrs. Woodman Carver, Mrs. James H. Pendleton, Mrs. William H. Parks and Mrs. Nancy Colcord; and three daughters, Mrs. William Nichols and husband, Mrs. Field, who is a widow, and Mrs. Nichols whose husband is in San Francisco with a ship.  His son, Phineas, is in command of a fine new ship now in San Francisco.  

Capt. Pendleton has been a commander of vessels for fifty years.  He never had any trouble with his men and never lost a vessel or a man.   A fair illustration to show his kindness of heart is that he hove his ship to in mid ocean when he was making eight knots an hour at 12 o’clock at night to pick up a monkey that a vicious boy threw overboard.
(Bangor Whig.) 


JAMES GILMORE PENDLETON, was born at Searsport, Me., 17 May, 1821, and died there, 1 March, 1903. A biographical work entitled " Men of Progress in Maine," says of him in part: " James G. Pendleton received his early education in the common schools and worked on the farm at home until the age of eighteen. He began a seafaring life in 1839 and in the next few years filled the various grades of seaman and rose to the official positions of mate and master From 1845 to 1864 he commanded various ships, always in the foreign trade, and made several voyages round the world, retiring from the sea in the latter year. In 1849 he was master of a ship that carried a party of gold-seekers to California. "  Since 1873 Capt. Pendleton has been President of the Searsport Savings Bank. When the Searsport National Bank was organized, Capt. Pendleton was elected to the office of President, the two banks being managed together. " He is also a Director of the Merchants' Insurance Company of Bangor and of the Maine Belting Company of Philadelphia, and a member of the firm of C. O. Sawyer & Company, stoves and hardware.  He has held various town offices and was a member of the Governor's Council from 1879-1881." Capt. James G. T. Pendleton married (1), 26 February, 1851, Margaret Clark Gilmore, a first cousin, daughter of John and Susan (Clifford) Gilmore. She died, 25 December, 1876, and he married (2), 12 September, 1883, Mrs. Hannah (Thurston) McGilvery, widow of Capt. F. McGilvery and daughter of Rev. Stephen Thurston.  


Generation No. 5 (1800s)

31.  James Hervey5 Pendleton # (Green4, Peleg3, William2, Joseph1) born 1819 in Prospect 
(Searsport) Maine and died 1908 in Searsport, Maine.  Married Esther Houston Pendleton 
1841, daughter of Phineas Pendleton and Nancy Gilmore.
39.  Esther Houston5 Pendleton† (Phineas4, Peleg3, William2, Joseph1) 1823-1907 Maine. 
Married James Hervey Pendleton 1841, son of Green Pendleton and Ann Park.

 # James H. PENDLETON age 61 in the 1880 Census is listed as a farmer living with his wife Esther H. Pendleton, age 56, who keeps their Searsport Maine house for them and their children and grandchildren: 
Widower Frank I. PENDLETON, a 3l year old Sea Captain;
Capt. James N. PENDLETON (26) and his wife Florence (21) who were both "at sea" at time of the Census.
Daughter Prudie G.  (22) and her husband Capt. Selwyn McGILVERY (27) who were both also "at sea".
Twins  B. Frank PENDLETON Grandson (6); Irvin E. PENDLETON Grandson (6) and Prudie's daughter Kate McGILVERY (age 10).
Daughter Emily Jane Pendleton was married to Orin Beach and living in Massachusetts by the time of the 1880 Census.##

Children of James Hervey Pendleton and Esther Houston Pendleton are:

Frank Irving Pendleton, Capt. 1848-1915 (m. Ella Jane Erskine who died bef 1880 Census); 
Their twins were Benjamin Franklin &  Irving Erskine Pendleton.)

James Nelson Pendleton, Capt., 1853-1920;
Prudence Griffin Pendleton, 1857-1925;
+ 51 i. Emily Jane6 Pendleton, born March 31, 1846 in Searsport, Maine; died March 9, 1917.       

CLICK HERE FOR a Biographical Review item on:  JAMES HERVEY PENDLETON


Generation No. 6 (Mid 1800s)

51.  Emily Jane6 Pendleton.##  (James Hervey5, Green4, Peleg3, William2, Joseph1) 1846-1917. 
Married Orin Utley Beach, Jr.** 1869 (Maine), son of Orin and Mahitable Lancaster Beach*.

*O. U. BEACH is listed in the 1880 US Census as a 75 year old Farmer whose parents were born in Massachusetts.  Orin and his wife "Mahittable" (70) was "keeping house".  Her parents were both born in Maine.  Servants in the household were: Fred Bassett,  a single male (15) from New York;  Mary DUDLEY, a married female (55) from Canada, and Emma DUDLEY (12) also from Canada.  
  • ** Orin U. BEACH, Jr. was a "Machinest" in 1880.  This 1880 US Census lists him as 43 years of age with his father being born in Vermont and his mother in Maine. ##Orin's wife, Emily J. BEACH  (34) was "keeping house".  Her parents were both from Maine.  Living in their home in Belmont, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, at the time are their children - all of whom are listed as having been born in Massachusetts.  Those old enough to attend school were Orin W. BEACH (14) and Amelia E. BEACH (14 also, but unknown if they were twins) ; James H. BEACH (10); Frank J. BEACH (8); Prudence BEACH (6); + at home: George A. BEACH (4)  and "Ester" M. BEACH (2)
    Son William Beach is not listed in this census.  He is known to have died at sea, but no date is known.

Children of Emily Jane Pendleton and Orin Utley Beach, Jr., are:
Amelia Ella Beach;
Orin W. Beach;
William Beach;
James Hervey Beach (Capt.);

Frank Irving Beach;       
+ 60 vi. Emily Prudence Beach, born 1873 in  Mass.; died 1940 in Searsport, Maine;George A. Beach; Esther M. Beach.






Generation No. 7 (Late 1800s)

60.  Emily Prudence7 Beach  (Emily Jane6 Pendleton, James Hervey5, Green4, Peleg3, William2, Joseph1)
born 1873 in Waltham or Belmont  Mass, died 1940 Searsport, Maine.  Married Lester Clarence Eaton
1904, son of Hiram Eaton and Nancy Staples***.


***.In the 1880 US Census, Hiram EATON, age 65, was a Maine farmer.  Hiram lived with his wife, Nancy A. EATON who was five years younger than he.   Nancy kept the house and was the mother of their two sons, James S. EATON (19) and Lester C. EATON (16), both of whom still lived in the family's Searsport Maine home in 1880.


Children of Emily Prudence Beach and Lester Clarence Eaton are:
+ 78 i. Esther Beach8 Eaton, born 1906 in Searsport, Maine; died 1986.
†† Prudence Eugenie Eaton, born 1916.† Married Paul H. Graisbary when she was 44.  No Children.


Generation No. 8 (1900s)

School in Searsport Maine

78.  Esther Beach8 Eaton  (Emily Prudence7 Beach, Emily Jane6 Pendleton, James Hervey5, Green4, Peleg3, William2, Joseph1) 1906-1986.  She married (1) Charles Albert Bennett son of Albert Bennett^^ and Myrtie Titcomb^.   Married (2) Austin Lee Homer.

Esther Homer is listed in the Portland Press Herald on September 24, 1949 as being the leader of the Waldo County Farm Bureau meeting in Searsport Harbor on October 13, 1949.  

Her stepson, James L. Homer was listed in a Portland Press Herald article on March 28, 1951:  "During the past week...James L. Homer, 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. Austin Homer of Searsport..." enlisted in the regular army, unassigned, for 3 years. 

^^     Albert Bennett is the son of William A. and Emma Jane Evans Bennett.   Albert Bennett is listed in the 1880 Census in his parents' household in Guilford, Piscataquis County, Maine:
William (50/Farmer ) and Emma J. (32/Keeping House) BENNETT.  Their children, all born in Maine, are: Eva M.  (16); Oscar L.  (15) Works On Farm;  Ada C.(14)  At Home; Lyman D. (9) At Home; Clara E. (7); Alice B. (6);  Annie L.M. (3);  Albert  [Rudolph] BENNETT (2)
^Myrtie May Titcomb's parents are listed in the 1880 US Census as:
Forest TITCOMB, age 26, "farmer" born in Maine of parents both born in Maine; and LeForest's wife, Rose [Dearborn]  TITCOMB was just 17 and keeping house.  She was born in Maine of Maine parents also.  [Their daughter Myrtie May was not born until 1881.]  Rose and Forest lived in Exeter, Penobscot County, Maine  NOTE:  Next door to Forest and Rose lived Henry DEARBORN, age 75 a farmer born in NH of NH parents and his wife, Celinda DEARBORN, age 69 who was "Keeping House".  Celinda was born in Maine as the daughter of a NH father and a ME mother.   Likely these are relatives of Rose Dearborn Titcomb.

Miscellany on Titcomb family HERE

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Ann and Peleg Pendleton Courtesy of Leslie Smith.

To see the Obituary for Captain Phineas Pendleton II, son of Phineas and Nancy Gilmore Pendleton, click on the following:
Bangor Daily Whig And Courier 1895-07-22

The Phineas Pendleton

Phineas Pendleton, I

Phineas Pendleton, II

79th Birthday Picture

Phineas Pendleton, III
Retired Captain in 1897; owned fruit ranch in Saratoga CA. Returned to Searsport area.

James Gilmore Pendleton
Retired Sea Captain 1864; president of National & Savings Banks of Searsport 1873. Member of Governor's Council 1879-1881 

John Gilmore Pendleton
Mezzo-Jinto Photographs 1867

John Gilmore Pendleton when older

John Gilmore Pendleton took Sarah Blanchard (1831-1899) as his second wife in 1856.


Frank Irving Pendleton

Church window dedicated by Phineas Pendleton II and his wife Wealthy Carver Pendleton

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