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IMMIGRANTS:  Adam G. Pfiel (1853 Bremen, Germany) and his wife Susanna Ruffer (1859 Germany) were married in 1876.

RUFFER PARENTS:  Susanna was the daughter of Gottlieb and Louisa Ruffer.  Susanna Ruffer's family (Gottlieb, Louisa, and sister Rosa) arrived in America in 1869. They settled in Saugerties, Ulster, New York. Gottlieb died in Dec. 1919 in NY.  Here is his death  notice from the Catskill Examiner-Recorder:





1892 NY State Census-Adam Pfiel-Catskill Village, Greene County

Adam and his wife Susanna and kids live at 23 North Street in Catskill Village.  Adam is 52 and Susanna A. is 46.  Adam works as a boatman and Susanna does housework.  Daughter Josephine E. (17) is working as a mill operator as is her sister Minnie S. (16).

Son Harry H. is 10 (17 Dec 1894) and in school; Son Benjamin J. Phiel is 7 (19 Jun 1897) and in school and daughter H. Elizabeth is 5 (Dec 1898) and in school.

1900 US Census for NY for Adam Pfiel; Catskill Village, Greene County
Adam was born Feb. 1853. He and Susanna married in 1876.  Adam had immigrated about 1871.  By this 1910 census they had been married 24 years and she was 41 and he 47.  Their residence is 183 W. Water Street in Catskill NY.  They had a daughter Sophia Pfiel age 23 and born in NY work was living with them. Adam was a day laborer and Sophia, Frederic, and Franklin were winders at a H. Mill. Josephine and Minnie attended school.

1910 US Census for NY for Adam Pfiel; Catskill Village, Greene County
Adam G. Pfiel was 57 in 1910 and was born Feb. 1853 in Germany.  His home in 1910 is Catskill NY.  He immigrated about 1872 and is married to Susanna Ruffer.  Susanna was born in Germany in Jan 1859 and immigrated in 1869.  Adam's parents were both born in Germany.  Living with Susanna and Adam are their children Josephine E. who is 22; Minnie S. who is 21; Harry H. who is 15; Benj. J. who is 12; and H. Elizabeth Pfiel who is 11.   All the children were born in NY.

1915 NY State Census June 1st for Adam Pfiel; Catskill Village, Greene County AD01 ED03; 23 North Street.
Adam Pfeil (Pfiel) is the head of the household (62)  with his wife Susanna (56) and their children, Harry (20), Benjamin (18) and H. Elizabeth (16).  Parents Adam and Susanna were born in Germany and the children in the US (NY?).  Parents are USA citizens by 1915.  Adam is a laborer at a gas house. Susanna does housework and Harry does cement work as a laborer; Ben does labor at a knitting mill, and Elizabeth is a clerk for a dry goods store.

Adam has been in the USA for 43 years; Susanna for 46 years per the census. 

Since Adam is 62 (b. 1853) and has been here 43 years, this would indicate he immigrated 1871-72.  From this information, he left Germany when he was 19 years old.

NOTE:  In 1896 he worked as a laborer for Shale Brick Works and lived at 185 West Main St. per the The Village of Catskill 1896 Green County Directory.

Susanna is 56 (b. 1859) and has been here 46 years, this would indicate she immigrated 1869, prior to Adam.  From this information, she left Germany when she was 10 years old. 

This is a gap of 9 years in their ages, although their ages are but 6 years difference per census.

Also, Adam was about 42 when Susanna gave birth to Harry H.  (17 Dec 1894) when she was about 36. Per the 1910 Catskill Census they also have a daughter Josephine E. Pfiel (age 22; Oct 1887) and Minnie S. Pfiel (age 21; Jan 1889).

1920 NY State Census for Adam Pfiel; Catskill Village, Greene County NY, living with his daughter Sophie Pfiel Acker.
Adam is now 67 and it appears that his wife Susanna has passed away.  Adam is living with his daughter Sophie Pfiel Acker and her children.  Sophie is 43 and listed as a widow.  Sophie's son Harold is 14 and Sophie's grandson Frederick Titus is 4 1/2 years old.  Adam is listed as a boarder though he is Sophie's dad.  Adam speaks German, but evidently the rest do not.  Adam is working at a cement mill.

1925 NY Catskill Census. 
Adam's son Harry is now married to Hazel and they live in Catskill too.  Harry is 31 and Hazel is 28.  Harry works as a repairman.  Their children are Geneva age 7 (school); EMMETT, age 6 (school) born about 1919; Harry age 4; George, age 2; and Albert age 1.  They live at 193 W. Main Street in Catskill NY.

1930 NY State Census for Adam Pfiel; Catskill Village, Greene County NY, living with his daughter Sophie Pfiel Acker.
Now Adam is 77 and widowed still.  The head of the household is William Acker who is 40 and is a foreman at a cement mill; Sophie is 42 and son Harold is now 23 and works at the cement company.  Frederick Titus is not listed here.  However, nephew of Sophie Pfiel Acker is listed - Emmett Pfiel who is 12.   Adam does odd jobs. 

Sophie Pfiel 

  Late 1800s to Late 1900s


Harry H. Pfiel (17 Dec 1895 - 12 Jun 1977) and his wife Ester or Esther J.  LNU Pfiel (______-after 21 Oct 1980) are the paternal grandparents of Emmett Leroy Pfiel, living in Ft. Myers FL. We know they were in Ft Myers at least from 1956 through 1980 due to U.S. City Directories on Ancestry.



Cathryn Julia Mundon is the daughter of maternal grandmother Alice Jane Arlene Brandow Mundon of Orlando. Mrs. Alice Brandon of Orlando is the wife of Daniel Berike Mundon and the mother of Cathryn Julia Mundon Pfiel.  Alice Jane was born on 17 Sept 1902 in Tannorsville Village, Greene, NY and died 2 Jan 1990 in Orlando, FL.

Her husband was Daniel Berike Mundon, American Indian, born 12 Aug 1885 in Catskill, NY; died 1963 in Albany, NY.  His father was Thomas Mundon and his mother was Julia Varrick(?) of Oneida NY.  His sisters were Nettie and Minnie Mundon.




EMMETT LEROY PFIEL m. 1) Cathryn Julia Mundon (MOTHER) 2) Francis Elizabeth "Becky" Mayo

Emmett was called "Red" and was born 19 Aug 1919 in New York State to Harry Emmett Pfiel and his wife Ester.

In 1940 on the 5th of October, Red enlisted in the United States Army to serve in World War II.  He served in the Coast Artillery Corps as a Private.   At this time he was single.  His education consisted of only grammar school (unknown what final year was).  He was 5' 8" tall and weighed 156 lbs at the time of his enlistment.  Red served from 5 Oct 1940 to 20 Jul 1945. 

1945:  Red and Cathryn Julia Mundon married in East Jewett, Green, NY

In 1949, Red was a driver for Orlando Ice Company and he and Cathryn lived at 614 S. Mills Street In Orlando, FL 

In 1951 they lived at 1125 Atlanta Ave., Orlando and he was a driver.

By 1959 they lived at 1622 Waukula Way Road in Orlando and Red was driving for Great South Trucking Co.

Red's first wife was Cathryn Julia Mundon  from whom he became divorced in August of 1962 in Orlando, FL.  He was 43 years old. Red and Cathryn are the parents of our next generation, son Douglas Daniel Pfiel . 

Cathryn Mundon Pfiel was born Sept 26 1923 in East Jewett, New York.  She and Red moved from NY to Orlando, FL, about 3 years after Douglas was born; Doug was one of their four children.  Red and Cathryn divorced (Cert. # 14361). Her second husband was Peter Tropasso whom she married in 1965 and divorced on July 7, 1978 .   Cathryn died 24 Apr 1984 in Orlando, FL; she was 60 years old.

Children of Emmett Leroy Pfiel and Cathryn Julia Mundon Pfiel are Harry Emmett Pfiel, Douglas Daniel Pfiel (see next generation), John Thomas Pfiel and Cathryn Louise Pfiel.

Harry Emmett Pfiel would grow up to marry Jessica Lee Mace (March 1966).   He was sentenced to prison (see right column) in 1969. They would divorce and Jessica would marry Jerry Edward Cardwell (April 17, 1973).  Their marriage would end also and she would marry as her 3rd husband Dennis Reese Dygert (June 14, 1981).  Jessica had two sons with Cardwell: Jerry Edward and Jeffrey Allen Cardwell.  All marriages were in Orange County, FL

John Thomas Pfiel married Jeanne LNU and had 4 children.

   Red and Becky

In October of the  same year, 1962, in Orange County, Florida, Red married for the second time, to a woman named Francis Elizabeth "Becky" Mayo.  Becky was born 31 Mar 1921 and died 27 May 1994.

Red died 7 Apr 1987 in Silver Springs FL area at the age of 67.  He is buried at the Good Shepherd Memorial Gardens in Ocala, FL




Note:  Photos from the Mace Family Tree on  Thanks Jessica




DOUGLAS DANIEL PFIEL was born in Catskill, New York on 27 Sep 1945 and died at 35 years in Orlando, Florida, on 21 Oct 1980.


When Douglas was about 3 years old, his family moved from NY to FL in 1948.


In May of 1968 he married Carolyn LaFaye Durham and they had one child.  They divorced.


Douglas worked in general construction. 


Doug married his second wife, Darlene Grace Sirtoli, daughter of Albert and Betty Sirtoli; 

Darlene was born 3 Aug 1953 and died the day after Christmas in 1983 in Palm Beach County, FL. 


Darlene and Doug had two children.


Darlene later married Raymond Manning and she had a daughter Julie 

and then Warren LNU and had one son.


At the time of his death, his obituary from the Orlando Sentinel indicates that he had one son and one daughter.  He had 5 living siblings, 3 boys and 2 girls.  His grandmother survived him.  She was Ester Pfiel and lived in Ft. Myers, Florida.  His maternal grandmother also survived him, Alice Brandon of Orlando. 

His arrangements were made through Baldwin-Fairchild Funeral Home of Orlando.


The obituary was published in the Orlando Sentinel Star on 24 October 1980 page 6C.





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Benjamin Pfiel WWI Draft Reg. Card

Harry H. Pfiel WWI Draft Reg. Card

Emmett Leroy "RED" Pfiel son Jon Thomas Pfiel marriage license record  8/1969

Jessica Lee Mace Pfiel

Prison Escapee Harry E. Pfiel, Ocala Star Banner, FL on Sept. 24, 1973 Original Sentencing 1969.

Star Banner, FL on Sept. 25, 1973 Original Sentencing 1969.

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