New England, including: Avery, Crary, Gilmore, Griffin, Mulligan, Park, Pendleton, Shapley, York        

This is a "partnership"page. THANKS !!!
My thanks to Pete Pembleton, Nancy Griffin, Leslie Smith, Jane Mercier (deceased), Judith Hopping, Pat Nichols, Charles Whiting and others
for gathering information and photos.



Thomas AVERY (1679-ca.1710) died before 24 Nov. 1711, who was born around 1679 to Thomas and Hannah Miner Avery, married Ann SHAPLEY on July 12 1704.  Ann was born in 1685; died June 17, 1751; daughter of Benjamin and Mary Picket Shapley.  

After her husband Thomas AVERY died around 1710, his widow, Ann (SHAPLEY) AVERY, married a Jonathan ROSS. "In the inventory of the estate of Thomas AVERY, taken at New London, 11 Dec. 1711, the widow is called Ann RUFF (or RUSS) and the children are Thomas, aged 6, and Ann, age 4."  She may have married a third time to a James Morgan.

Thomas and Ann Shapley Avery had 2 known children: Thomas AVERY (1705-1712); Ann AVERY (b. 1707).

Son, Thomas AVERY, was born 31 March 1705.  He died 3 July 1712 "while swimming." 

Daughter, Ann AVERY, was born 12 May 1707 at Montville, New London Co., CT; she was baptized on May 25th at the 1st Church of New London.  Ann married Samuel GRIFFING Nov 16, 1727 at New London, CT by the Rev. Eliphalet Adams of the First Church.  Intention of marriage was published in New Long on June 18, 1727.

Sam and Ann Avery Griffing had two sons, Samuel "Griffin" and Thomas "Griffin".   Samuel Griffing, died 10 years after marrying Ann Avery.  Samuel GRIFFIN (June 8, 1705-1737; baptized First Church New London June 10, 1705) was a mariner.  He was lost at sea before 27 January 1737. After Samuel died Ann  married her cousin Sylvanus MINER (b. March 3, 1709) on October 6th of the same year at Stonington CT.  Sylvanus was the son of  Thomas and Hannah (AVERY) MINER.  Sylvanus MINER and Ann moved ultimately to Nova Scotia where Sylvanus died on March 15, 1786 in Stonington at the fine age of 77 years.    

"Samuel GRIFFIN (1728-1800) m. 28 March 1753 Desire, dau. of Peter CRARY; and Thomas GRIFFIN married 20 Sept. 1753 to Jerusha CHIPMAN. -    COLLECTIONS of the NEW YORK GENEALOGICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, Vol. VI, Part II, "Register of Pedigrees", V.II, p.134-135; Wurts' MAGNA CHARTA, v.5, pp.1368-1370."


Son THOMAS GRIFFIN (born 27 November 1730), married Jerusha CHIPMAN (born Sept 10, 1730) on 20 Sep 1753, Stonington CT.   Jerusha was the widow of James Shipman, who died at sea. Thomas and Jerusha married at the First Congregational Church in Stonington, Conn.  Rev. Ebenezer Rosseter performed the ceremony.   Thomas and Jerusha had several children:  Ann Griffin;  Mary Griffin married 1779 to Elnathan Mason; James Chipman Griffin; Deborah Griffin; and Thomas Griffin, Jr. (October 12, 1766-1844) who married Mary "Polly" Brown, dau. of Simeon Brown.  

Their son Thomas Jr. enlisted as a private on the first of May  in 1781, serving in Captain William Latham's company/Colonel William Ledyard's Connecticut Regiment.  Stationed at Ft. Griswold, Groton, CT, he was in the engagement that resulted in the British capture of Ft. Griswold on 6 September 1781.  Thomas was taken prisoner, carried to NY where he was "exchanged" and ultimately discharged one year after he enlisted (1 May 1782).  He was allowed a pension (application executed 9 October 1832 at which time he was living in Breckfield, Madison County, NY.)  He died there 19 July 1844.  He married 3 November 1790 at Stonington to Mary "Polly" Brown.  On 13 February 1838, he gave a deposition as part of the pension application of his sister, Mary MASON, widow of Elnathan MASON.  Pension File #W.19537 (see also pension #W.15842 Elnathan MASON). From:


Samuel, his wife Desire [Crary], pioneers of the Penobscot region together with their children Elisah, Peleg, and infant daughter are re-interred here in Bowditch Cemetery, Searsport; monument was placed by his descendants October 1908.

DESIRE CRARY  daughter of Peter and Ann Culver Crary,  married  SAMUEL GRIFFIN (born 27 Sep 1727 or 28; died 1800) on 28 March 1753 in Stonington, CT.  Although the date of birth is unknown for Desire, she was christened on 26 Oct 1729.  SAMUEL GRIFFIN, fought in the French and Indian War and later moved to Prospect.  Per The Story of Stockton Springs, Maine by Alice V. Ellis, Samuel Griffin moved his family in 1775 to Stockton and they traveled by a schooner owned by Capt. Benjamin Pendleton.  During the first winter in Stockton they lived with the Job Pendelton family on Brigadier Island (Sears Island).  Samuel was a mason and a carpenter by trade by built his family a home in the wilderness in Searsport, adjoining Stockton Harbor.  This is now called the Park District, per Alice Ellis.  He built a store near his home but it was robbed three times by Tories.  The family settled in their home in April of 1775.  The Griffins were Quakers who diligently tried to be friendly with both the British and the Colonial Settlers.

Per Alice Ellis' book, A schooner was pirated and burned in Mill Stream at Brand's Point shortly after Samuel moved to the Stockton area.  20 men were taken from the schooner to Sandy Head and murdered.  The pirates left their decaying bodies on shore just above the die line.  Settlers buried the bodies.  Legend:  Samuel and sons Elisha and Eben went fishing one night when a pirate attack upon another vessel occurred...but it was an apparition of the Brand's Point piracy!  


Per Alice Ellis in The Story of Stockton Springs, Maine:

British officers befriended the Griffins when they were stationed in Castine. An officer who liked young Nathan Griffin (13 years old then) gave him an English musket.  Levi Griffin relates this story in the book....

Ducks flew further south seeking food as that winter was harsh. Rabbits and partridges were scarce due to the bitter cold.  Having come right after poor crops, the larder was short of meat.  While on Brigadier (Sears) Island Nathan spotted moose tracks in the snow.  That night under a clear moonlit sky, Nathan hid in a thicket with his musket.  The moose appeared near the spring; Nathan shot it, restoring the larder for the winter! 


NOTES on Children of Desire and Samuel:

Ebenezer (Eben) Griffin stayed in the Penobscot Bay area.  Only Eben and Nathan did so.  Eben did not go to sea, but instead became a builder. Part of his land is on Turnpike Road (my ancestors lived on this road also).  Per Alice Ellis book, he was born in 1761 and married Lydia Pendleton.  He died 1849. 

Samuel Griffin Jr. born in New London, CT ; died in VA. At the close of the Revolution, Samuel, Jr., moved to Virginia and married there.  Two of his descendants may be William W. Griffin, President of First National Bank of Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Ella Griffin of Virginia, wife of Peleg S. Staples of Stockton, Maine.

Elisha Griffin never married.

William Griffin born in Groton, CT. Moved to Belfast 1796 and moved to Copley in Boon County, OH about 1825. He married Hannah Miller, daughter of one of the Proprietors of Belfast, Maine - James and Mary Alexander Miller. Hannah was born 3/21/1763.  They had a large family.  She died in Copley May 2nd, 1816 per History of the City of Belfast in the State of Maine by Joseph Williamson.  The Griffin Farm in Copley Ohio was settled by pioneer William Griffin on Lot 11 in the NW part of Copley Township in 1827, consisting of 162 acres purchased from Gardner Green, an agent for the Connecticut Land Company.   Per the Historical Souvenir Book of Copley Township 1819-1969, William and Hannah had 10 children, one of whom was a James M. Griffin born in 1800, who had a son Alonzo J. Griffin born in 1833; died 1917.  James M. Griffin in the Spring of 1850 was traveling by horse to California  for the gold rush there.  At St. Joseph, Missouri, James was training a young horse to ride westward.  The horse threw him and injured him severely, leading to his death within a short time. James' body was not returned to Ohio.  A son of James was Harry J. Griffin.  Isabel Morse Maresh of Belmont, Maine has a Samuel born  January 10, 1791 in Maine as a son of William and Hannah(Miller)Griffin.

 (Question?  Are the two men who were re-interred in the Copley Cemetery Section 2, Lot 81, Ohio, this William and Samuel, William, husband of Hannah, and Samuel, their son?)

 (Question?  Did William Griffin marry a second time?)

Nathan Griffin born 30 March 1763 Stonington CT married Elizabeth Treat (daughter of Joshua and Catherine James Treat) on 10 Dec 1789.  Stayed in the Penobscot Bay area.  He settled in Stockton Springs, as a farmer and fisherman,  where he is said to have many descendants still living there (Per Jane Mercier).   Elizabeth died at Prospect January 22, 1837.  He died Feb. 5, 1854. 

Peleg Griffin died in childhood.

Desire Griffin born 15 March 1767 in Stonington CT, died 3 Dec. 1856.  She married Peleg Decrow/Deckro in 1796.

Isaac Griffin born 1769 in Stonington CT married Olive Benson.  Isaac built his home in Searsport near the bar that leads to Sears Island.  The home burned down in 1806 per Alice Ellis' book.

Jesse Griffin born 1772 in Stonington CT; died at age 25.

Notes from "Republican Journal article by C. S. Griffin in 1889:

Desire was of Scotch parentage and had one brother and one sister.  The sister married a Colonel Gallop of the British army.  The brother Joseph Crary, "Old Esquire Crary," was a LT in the Revolutionary War.  Joseph was on board a vessel that took out "letters of mark and they took a number of prizes."  This means that the sister and the brother were on different sides of the war and Desire, being married to Samuel, reputed to be a Quaker per this article, was on the middle ground.

Article states that the Griffins are of Welsh origin.  Llewellyn Griffith was King of Wales and surrendered to Edward the First of England in 1660..  Llewellyn's brother David Griffin tried to rebuild the kingdom, was defeated, and burned at the stake in London.  Then Edward the Second was declared Prince of Wales.

The ancestors of the Maine Griffins reportedly came from Holy Wells, or Holliwell, in Wales. 

A) Son Ebenezer "Eben" Griffin was born on the 29th of  January in 1758 in Stonington, CT.  Eben died 91 years later on  the 24th of  May 1849.  He is buried at Bowditch Cemetery, Searsport ME.

Click on thumbnail image for hourglass tree for Eben & Lydia Griffin

B) Son Elisha Griffin, also buried at Bowditch Cemetery.  No other information. 

C) Son Peleg Griffin, same cemetery.  No other information  

D) Infant daughter _____Griffin; same cemetery. No other information.

E) William Griffin was born in 1761-62 in Groton CT.  He grew up to marry Hannah Miller about 1783 in Belfast, Waldo County, Maine. The couple each died in Copley OH.  Hannah died on 2 May 1816 in Copley OH.  His travels took him from Connecticut to Northport, Maine area, and then to OH.  His wife Hannah was born March 21, 1763 in LONDONDERRY NH (not Belfast Maine), a daughter of James Miller  (born 1712 in Belfast, Ireland) who was one of the original settlers of Belfast, Maine allegedly the first, arriving there May 20th, 1770. Hannah's mother was Mary Alexander Miller, born Nov. 14, 1722 in Londonderry also.
JANUARY 2009:  Her father James was born in 1712 in Belfast, Ireland. James and others from Londonderry, New Hampshire sailed in 1770 supposedly to Belfast, Maine. When they landed on Saturday at what they believed was Belfast they soon discovered they were actually several miles down the coast at what they later designated as "Saturday Cove" Northport, Maine

Miller Street in Belfast Maine is named after him.  James was an Inn owner.  He drew Lot #38 and Lot #37.  His son, Robert Miller built the first house on the lot which now houses the Belfast Free Library.  Interestingly, when this new settlement was being formed, it was a toss up, literally, between calling it Londonderry Maine or Belfast, Maine after Belfast Ireland.  Much discussion and a coin toss led to it being called "Belfast."   James Miller was born about 1712 in Belfast, Ireland, the eldest son of Alexander Miller. 

William and Hannah Miller Griffin's children: George, Mary, Anna, Hannah, Jenney, Robert, David, William, James:

Information on son, WILLIAM GRIFFIN, son of William and Hannah Miller Griffin, per the Vital Records of Belfast Maine to the Year 1892, Vol. 1 - Births:  William was born on July 13, 1796.

Information on son, DAVID GRIFFIN, son of William and Hannah Miller Griffin, per the   Vital Records of Belfast Maine to the Year 1892, Vol. 1 - Births:  David was a twin born on November 8, 1798.  Twin is unknown. 

Information on son, JAMES GRIFFIN, son of William and Hannah Miller Griffin, per the Vital Records of Belfast Maine to the Year 1892, Vol. 1 - Births:  James was born September 26, 1800.

Information on son, GEORGE GRIFFIN, son of William and Hannah Miller Griffin:  Unknown when he was born or died, but per a newspaper article about his son Jacob, appears George Griffin died in Searsmont,  Maine at a good old age.  George married Mary "Polly" Turner of Long Island/Islesboro, Maine.  George Giffin is in the Searsmont Maine 1830 Census and listed in the 60-70 year old column (born about 1760-1770).  He fought in the Revolutionary War.

 George and Polly had 7 known children:

JOHN GRIFFIN b. 1801 Northport Maine; resided in Palermo, Maine.  Married Sally Toby. 

JACOB GRIFFIN born 8 June 1806/1808 and died  on 23 Aug 1905 in Montville Maine at the age of 99 years, 2 months and 15 days!  His cause of death is listed as "old age."    He married Lydia Ann Davis, daughter of Elias Davis, on 26 July 1835 and later in 1884 he married widow Betsey Hustus Kendall.  Jacob lived beyond age 94 when he was in good health but did use a cane.  Still did some chores, and still used a horse and buggy.  Jacob got his first job at age 12 - picking rocks for John Cross in Lincolnville.  He later worked in Rockland and Thomastone and in a tannery in Liberty for 20 years.  Jacob and Lydia had five children (NANCY b. 1835 Searsmont; married Benjamin Turner Boynton of Montville. ISAAC, JOSEPH b. in Montville; and FREDERICK, b. Palermo.  Fifth child may have been "FRANK".  Lydia died in 1879 at 63 years of age). One of the sons died in the Civil War, after which Jacob received a pension from the government. Jacob never had a picture taken.  Per the Certified Abstract of a Certificate of Death for Jacob Griffen he died on 8/23/1905 at the age of 99 years, 2 months and 15 days, and died of "old age." Note:  See

GEORGE GRIFFIN, JR., married 23 April 1827 Mrs. Deborah Chapman.  She was from Lincolnville and he from Searsmont.

JOSIAH GRIFFIN born 1809 Northport; married a Mary Ann LNU.

DAVID GRIFFIN born 1812 in Northport; resided in Searsmont; married  Susan Kerswell.



Source: 1902 Allen Goodwin "Montville's Smart Old Man" article on Jacob Griffin in Republican Journal, "Out of the Past" article in The Republican Journal 6/20/1991 by Isabel Morse Maresh; Montville records; census records, etc.

Click here for Pensioner info on Hannah Griffin from 

The following may be the Revolutionary War Record for William Griffin:

Personal    ID: CT10708     Regiment: 1 Connecticut    Division: 1st Division
Name:       Griffin, William     Rank Type: Rank and File
Brigade:     2ND CT Brigade  Company: Captain Christopher Darro
State:         Connecticut
Monthly Muster Roll:
December 1777: On Command      January 1778: On Command
February 1778:   On Command     March 1778:    On Command
April 1778: On Command At Danbury  May 1778:   Name On Roll Without Comment   June 1778 Name On Roll Without Comment. Also listed on another document as serving at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

F) Daughter Desire Griffin born on 15 Mar 1767 in Stonington married Peleg DeCrow.  Desire died on 03 Dec 1856 and is buried at Bowditch Cemetery.  Her husband may be the Peleg who became the builder and owner of the  Schooner William built at Ducktrap Maine in 1821;   48 tons, 54 feet

G) Son Nathan Crary Griffin was born in 30 Mar 1763 in Stonington CT and died 5 Feb 1854 in Stockton Springs, ME.  He married Elizabeth Treat, daughter of Joshua Treat and Catherine James, on 10 Dec 1789.  Elizabeth was born 10 Jul 1769 in Prospect and died 22 Jan 1837 in Prospect (Stockton Springs).  daughter of Joshua Treat and Catherine James, on 10 Dec 1789.

  • Per Jane Mercier and Nancy Griffin: Of the children that moved to the Penobscot Bay area with Eben and Desiah Crary Griffin, only Nathan and Eben remained in the Maine area - Nathan in Stockton Springs. His brother Eben did not "take to the sea" as so many of the original settlers of the bay did, but instead built the homes for those that did.   Part of his land was located on what is now Turnpike Road and the rest of his land is between Nickerson Tavern and Bay Engineering.  (Donna's Note:  He built my family's home on Turnpike Road).

  •  I found two websites on Nathan Griffin that may be of interest to some of my web readers:
    Some Descendants of Nathan Crary Griffin
    Griffin / Staples Family Page
    Some Descendants of Christopher AVERY


Ebenezer "Eben" Griffin married Lydia Pendleton, a twin of Abigail Pendleton, on 28 January 1795 in Prospect (Now Searsport).  Lydia is the daughter of Peleg Pendleton and Anne ParkThe twins were born August 11 in 1771 in Westerly, Kings County, RI.  Lydia Pendleton died on December 13, 1812 and is buried at Bowditch Cemetery in Searsport also.

Waldo County, Maine Early Marriages--1789-1832
Part II -- 1794 - 1800 (Feb. 24, 1794, Prospect Incorporated.)
"Prospect Jan the 28th 1795 this may Certify that Mr Ebenezer Griffing and Miss Lydia Pendleton ware Leagley Published
for purpes of marriage Both of this town.
Joseph Crary town clerk
January the 28th 1795 this Day the above named Ebenezer Griffing and Lydia Pendleton ware married by me
Benja Shute justice of the peace

GENERATION 5 - Sons & Dau. of EBEN & LYDIA

1) Son, EBENEZER "EBEN" GRIFFIN, JR was born on 27 Feb 1798 in West Prospect, ME; he died 18 Oct 1870 a age 74 and is buried at Bowditch Cemetery.  Eben, Jr. married CLARISSA PEABODY YORK 12 Oct 1822, daughter of JOSEPH YORK and ABIGAIL KENFIELD.  Clarissa was born in 1805, and died 06 Oct 1894 when she was 89 yrs old.

Eben, Jr. and Clarissa had several children:
Ebenezer Griffin (III) No further information.
Hannah Griffin
No further information.
Lydia Griffin
No further information.
Rebecca Griffin
No further information.
Jane Griffin (b October 1832 and died January 1835 at age 3; buried Bowditch).



Clarissa Griffin
(b March3, 1835, d. Nov 27 1835 at age 9 months approx.  Buried at Bowditch Cem.) 
Capt. Warren Alexander Griffin (b. May 1839, d. 15 July 1921, buried Bowditch.  Married Laura Ella Young on 30 March 1871.  She was born in 1852 and died 1932 and is buried at Bowditch. They had one daughter, Ella born Oct 13, 1880; may have died same day). 
From Searsport Sea Captains by Black: Page 110:
"Griffin, Warren Alexander, son of Ebenezer Jr. and Clarissa Peabody York; b. May 17, 1839, Searsport - d. 7/15/1921 Searsport.   Married Laura Ella Young (dau of Wm and Laura Bowker Young) on 3/30/1871.   Laura born 9/8/1852 and d. 6/6/1938.  Children:   Francis Marion, b. 3/10/1874 - d. 2/11/1951; Prudence b. 1/31/1876 - d. 5/25/1959; Edna May, b. 4/30/1878 - d. 4/1958; Mary Eva, b.10/13/1880 - d. May 30, 1936; Warren Alexander Jr., b. 3/28/1885 - d. 4/12/1968. Vessels:   Brig. Jeremiah, 1868; Bark Clara E. McGilvery 1882-89; Sch. E.S, Newman 1890; Bark Thomas A. Goddard, 1892-94 & 1898; Bark Nereid; Brig. H.H Wright; Bark Sarah E. Kingsbury; Ship Matilda."

Home of Capt. Warren A. Griffin -->
Harbor District, Searsport, Maine. 
This house was located just west of
Hillman's Antiques which was originally
Captain Griffin's store.

Eliza Ann Griffin (b. December 12, 1842 in Searsport; d. 1933 in Haverhill MA; married William Byron Pendleton on 20 June 1860 in Stockton Springs, ME.  William was born Feb 8 1841 in Prospect and died 1919 in Haverhill also.  William had been employed as a sewing mechanic). SEE GENERATION 6.
Capt. Benjamin Franklin Griff
in (b.29 May 1828, d. 9 Sept 1858, at age 30.  Died in Boston Harbor.  Married Rebecca Ames who died in April of 1905). Sons, Calvin A. 1849-1866 and Frank B. Nov 1858 to Nov 1932 and daughter Fannie R. Griffin Nov 1858-Oct 1928.

2) Son, PELEG GRIFFIN was born 26 Nov 1799 in West Prospect (now Searsport) and died 10 Oct 1883.  He married JANE DECROW. No further information.

3) Son, CAPT. PHINEAS PENDLETON GRIFFIN,  was born 14 August 1801 in West Prospect (now Searsport); he died 25 Jul 1846 in Mariel Cuba when he was almost 45 years of age. His memorial tombstone is at Bowditch Cemetery.  Phineas married Mary "Polly" Park who was born 06 Aug 1806 to John and Mary Nichols Park. They wed on Feb. 7th, 1826 before Rev. Christopher J. Lawton.  Mary "Polly" Park who was born 06 Aug 1806 and died 12 Mar 1848 at age 42, just two years after her husband died in Cuba.  They left behind 4 orphaned children:  Phineas Alexander Griffin , Samuel Griffin, Mary E. Griffin, Edwin Lancaster Griffin.

Right:   "In memory of Capt. Phineas Griffin died in Mariel Cuba July 25, 1846 AG 44 ys 11 m"
From Searsport Sea Captains by Black, p. 110:

"Griffin, Phineas Pendleton, son of Ebenezer and Lydia Pendleton; b. August 14, 1801 - died July 25, 1846, Mariel, Cuba. Married Mary Polly Park, daughter of John II and Mary Nichols, b. August 6, 1806 - d. March 12, 1848. 

"Vessels: Sch. Volant, 1824; Sch. George & William, 1837-38; Sch. Genoa, 1839.  Genoa was built in Searsport and lost at Provincetown, Massachusetts."


Children of Capt. Phineas Pendleton and Mary "Polly" Park Griffin: Note all sons captains, and daughter married to a captain.

1)  Phineas Alexander Griffin (Capt.), b. March 1, 1831 - d. Dec. 21, 1875 Married Prudence N. Pendleton 28 ASEE GENERATION 6.  Note:  Phineas was orphaned at age 17 years; lived with his uncle and aunt, Capt. William Henry  and Maria Emeline Pendleton Park). Married Prudence N. Pendleton 28 Aug 1852.

2)  Samuel P. Griffin (Capt.) b. July 1, 1833 - d. November 1, 1862; married Mary B. Pendleton, daughter of Capt. John Park and Amanda W. Sherbourne Pendleton on July 28th, 1855.  Mary was born November of 1835 and died June 26, 1885.  At age 27, Mary, a widow, never remarried.
 Note:  Samuel was age 14 when orphaned; lived with his uncle, Capt, James Greene Park).

3)  Mary E. b. September 11, 1837 - d. February 2, 1893.  She married Capt. James Frank Peterson, Jr.,  on 4th of Aug in 1860.  Rev. H. Houston officiated. Peterson was born in Apenrade Denmark on March 11, 1836 and died June 28th 1915.  4 of their 6 children were born at sea.  Note:  Mary was age 11 when orphaned; lived with her uncle, Capt, John Park, Jr. and with her brother Edwin).

4)  Edwin Lancaster, (Capt.) b. October 28, 1840 - d. February 12, 1895.    He married Esther H. Pendleton, dau. of Benjamin and Nancy F. Pendleton.  Esther was born Dec 10th 1844 and died March 4, 1906).
Note:  Edwin was age 8 when orphaned; lived with his uncle, Capt, John Park, Jr. and with his sister Mary).

4) Son, OTIS GRIFFIN was born on March 29, 1807.  His life ended by drowning at Bangor, Maine on October 14, 1842 at age 35.

5) Son, THOMAS GRIFFIN, also drowned...on 27 Jan 1842.

6) Son, ALEXANDER GRIFFIN was born 04 Jun 1810 and died 26 Oct 1881.  He married Sarah Tarbell.

7) Daughter, LYDIA GRIFFIN was born 22 Nov 1812 and died 03 Oct 1897.  She married John Hurd.


daughter of Eben Jr and Clarissa Griffin

ELIZA ANN GRIFFIN (EBENEZER , EBENEZER , SAMUEL, SAMUEL GRIFFING) was born Dec 12th1842 in Searsport. She married WILLIAM BYRON PENDLETON on 20 Jun 1860 in Stockton Springs, son of SIMON PENDLETON and MARY FOWLER. He was born 8 Feb 1841 in Prospect. They both died  in Haverhill, MA.

In the 1880 Census they were living in Bangor, where he worked as a "Sewing Mechanic").


1) WARREN PENDLETON b. 1862 Maine
2) ALICE PENDLETON b. 1864 Maine
3) WILLIAM BYRON PENDLETON, JR b. 23 Apr 1866, Searsport; d. 20 Mar 1926, Haverhill, MA; m. LIDA MAY EMERSON 12 Dec 1893; b. 05 Nov 1872, Hermon, ME; d. 23 Apr 1960, Portsmouth, NH.  See Generation 7.

 son of Capt. Phineas Pendleton Griffin & Mary "Polly" Park Griffin

CAPT. PHINEAS ALEXANDER GRIFFIN was born 21 Mar 1831, and died 21 Dec 1875 at the age of only 44.  He was on the Kathadin Bangor to Boston boat when he died.  Officially he is listed as death being at Brockton MA (destination point) due to a heart attack.  The Capt was on a furniture purchasing trip for their home he shared with his wife, PRUDENCE NICHOLS PENDLETON GRIFFIN.  He and Prudence married on the 28th of August 1852.  Prudence is the daughter of Capt. Phineas and Nancy Gilmore Pendleton.   After. Phineas Alexander died, Prudence married Isaac Carver Park, son of Samuel and Mary Patterson Park.  Isaac was born on 20 Dec 1832 in Searsport.  Isaac died there in January of 1903.  Prudence later moved to Brockton, MA, where her daughter Anita Prudence Griffin Taylor resided.  On Nov 9, 1915, Prudence died at her daughter's home.

Note:  Phineas Alexander and Prudence lived in a home two doors from the Harbor Church across from Bowditch Cemetery in Searsport Maine.  The home had indoor plumbing in the early1900s; the slate roof collected water which was stored in a cistern in the basement.  Hand pumps distributed the collected water. (Thanks, Nancy Griffin, for this tidbit!)

Pictured below are Prudence and Isaac in buggy.

Prudence is buried at Searsport's Bowditch Cemetery:  "Prudence Wife of Isaac C. Park Former wife of Phineas A Griffin, 1832 - 1915."   Her first husband is also buried there:   "Capt. Phineas A Griffin, died Dec 21, 1875, AG 44ys 10 ms" 

The vessels on which he was "Captain" Phineas Alexander Griffin were the Leonora 1869 (named most likely after his daughter Leonora) and 1874-1875; the Ship Louis Walsh; and the Ship Charlotte W. White.

The children of Capt Phineas and Prudence Griffin are:

  • Leonora, who was born on May 8th in 1859 grew up to marry a "Mr. Mulligan," but was forbidden to see him. During a severe winter storm in which the snow reached the second story, Leonora climbed out a window onto the upper deck to see him and contracted pneumonia. Their daughter Agnes was born, but Leonora died soon afterwards on January 19, 1880 at the age of about 20. She is buried as "Lennie" next to her parents at the Bowditch Cemetery.  Baby Agnes was adopted by Prudence and her second husband Isaac Carver Park. Agnes grew up to marry a Dr. Holmberg and moved to Campobello (suburb of Brockton, MA) where they lived near her grandmother Prudence and her aunt Anita Griffin Taylor.

Left:  Photo of Agnes Griffin Mulligan



  • Phineas Jr., b. 4/24/1867 - d. 12/15/1891 at age 24.  Moved to Everett, Massachusetts.
  • Anita Prudence, b. November 4, 1874 at sea.  Married a FNU Taylor and moved to Brockton Massachusetts.

Note:  Prudence Nichols Pendleton Griffin Park dedicated a stained glass window in Harbor Church to both of her husbands -- to Capt. Phineas A. Griffin, son of Capt. Phineas P. and Polly Park Griffin, and to Capt. Isaac C. Park, son of Samuel and Mary Patterson Park.  This evidently raised quite a scandal in the small community of Searsport!  The window is in the 2nd Congregational Church across the street from the Bowditch Cemetery. (Thanks again, Nancy!).

GENERATION 7 - William Bryon Pendleton, Jr.,


WILLIAM BYRON PENDLETON, JR. (WILLIAM BYRON, SIMON DODGE) was born 23 Apr 1866 in Searsport, and died 20 Mar 1926 in Haverhill, MA. He married LIDA MAY EMERSON on 12 Dec 1893, daughter of JOHN EMERSON and ALBA SMART. She was born 5 Nov 1872 in Hermon, ME, and died many years after Wm Jr.  on 23 Apr 1960 in Portsmouth, NH.

Their children were:

ALICE MAY PENDLETON, b. 23 Jul 1896, West Enfield, ME; d. 26 Feb 1988, Epping, NH; m. HAROLD WHITTIER PARKER on her birthday, 23 Jul 1915; b. 25 Oct 1892; d. 19 Sep 1955, Groveland MA.  They had 5 children: Marshall, Myron, Allen, Mildred and William.

FRANK EMERSON PENDLETON, father of Phyllis, Bonnie and Helen Pendleton.  Wife unknown.

ESTHER PENDLETON, d. 27 Dec 2001, Bangor.  No further information.

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Benjamin Franklin Pendleton and Rachel M. Pendleton Gravestone at Bowditch Cem.
 Courtesy of Leslie Smith.

Samantha Reed Smith Courtesy of Leslie Smith.

Ann and Peleg Pendleton Courtesy of Leslie Smith.

To see the Obituary for Captain Phineas Pendleton II, son of Phineas and Nancy Gilmore Pendleton, click on the following:
Bangor Daily Whig And Courier 1895-07-22

Fort Griswold
Groton, CT

Note:  There are misc. Griffin photos from Stockton Springs ME at this link.

1790 Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States for Massachusetts lists
in Lee Town
GEORGE GRIFFIN with 1 free white male over 16 and 1 free white female


Petition: Signed by Griffins, Nichols...

Republican Journal article by Isabel Morse Maresh regarding Jacob Griffin of Montville.

Deed: George Griffin of Northport

Certificate of Death for Jacob Griffin

Benjamin and Nancy Griffin Boynton, Montville, Me


Letter: Job Pendleton to Court of Massachusetts


Phineas Alexander Griffin b. 1831

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