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Arrival in America about 1733 aboard the Ship Richard and Elizabeth at PA. They settled in Catawba County (originally known as Burke/Lincoln/Rowan Counties), NC. The pioneers built stone homes with cellar tunnels to escape Indian attacks.


Johannes (John) Schuffert/Shuford  m. Mary Clare Conrad

Johannes was about about 1723 in Germany, came to America, and died 18 June 1790 in Lincoln (Catawba) County.  Johannes is buried in the old Shuford family cemetery on John Shuford's farm. 

Johannes married Mary Clare Conrad in PA around 1743.  Mary Clare may have been born about 1724.  Their first three children were born in PA.  To see a list of their children, see the website of the Shuford Family Cemetery








Shuford Family plaque: In memory of the Shuford Family in North Carolina. Geo Shufford & Consort Rody 16th Aug 1762 John Shufford & Consort Mary Clark, 16th June 1790. Children of John: Martin, David, Daniel, John, George, Jacob, Mary, Maultena, Cathleena, Gartrout - April 4, 1766. Sarah Shuford - April 8, 1786 & Gartrout Conrad - Oct 8, 1779. Philip Shuford - 28 April 1768. David Shuford - Sen. Aug 28, 1828 age 67 years. David R. Shuford - July 8, 1828 age 19 years. Elizabeth Shuford - Feb 28, 1853 age 79 years. David Shuford - June 3, 1834 age 73 years. Elizabeth Shuford - June 1820 age 60 years. Mary Shuford, wife of George P. Shuford - Aug 16, 1834 age 21 years. Erected by the Shuford Historical Association


John 'Martin' Shuford  (Loyalist) m. Eve Catherine Warlick

John Martin Shuford was born in 1744 at Berks County, PA.  His wife Eve was born Feb. 20, 1750 in Anson County, NC.  She was the daughter of Johann Daniel Warlick/Wahrlick) and Maria Barbara Cora Schindler Warlick. Eve and John wed in March of 1766. 

Eve's father Johann was for in 1709 in Stuttgart, Wurttemberg, Germany and died in 1772 in Lincoln County NC.  His second wife was Maria Barbara Schindler.  Johann came to America on the "Mortonhouse" to PA in 1729.  Johann moved to NC where he received 5100 acres from the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions.  He operated a grain mill there.  Johann was a Patriot for America, furnishing supplies to the Militias of NC, SC and VA during the Revolutionary War. 

His son-in-law, our Shuford ancestor John Shuford, was a Loyalist in the Battle of Ramsour's Mill which occurred on June 20, 1780 in heavy fog at Christian Reinhardt's farm.  The Patriots surprised the Loyalists, who rallied and return firing ensued.  The fighting lasted two hours.  It is "said" that his wife Eve identified him from the fact that he had previously been missing a toe.  John died of war wounds received in the Battle.  His death occurred on the battlefield, where he is buried in Lincolnton, NC on June 22nd 1780.  Eve died many years later on January 24, 1822 in Lincolnton, NC.

John, a Loyalist, is memorialized by the Lincoln County Historical Society.  His plaque reads:  Buried here is Loyalist John Martin Shuford who died June 22, 1780 of wounds received in the Battle of Ramsour's Mill. His grave was originally marked with an old headstone and footstone. In 1997 the Lincoln County Historical Association and Shuford descendants dedicated a new monument to his memory and removed the original grave marker to the Lincoln County Museum of History.

Markers for Battle are located at:

John Martin's tombstone:

Eve Catherine Warlick Shuford (Summey):









Jacob Shuford & wife Margaret Hoyle Shuford


Jacob Shuford was born on February 12, 1770 in Lincoln County (now Catawba County) NC; he died 1 April 1844 in Catawba, NC.  He married Margaret Hoyle who was born on 28 January 1769 in Lincolnton also and she died 20 June 1840, before Jacob, in Newton, Catawba County, NC.  They married in 1789.   She was the daughter of Margaret Costner Hoyle and husband John Hoyle.  Jacob and Margaret raised their children on a branch of the South Fork River in NC which home was part of the old John Martin Shuford farm inherited following Jacob's father's death.  At that death, Jacob was but 10 years old.  This was not the only farm property owned by Jacob so he helped his children become landowners.

The children of Jacob and Margaret Hoyle Shuford are: Elizabeth Shuford, 1790; John Shuford, 1792; Martin Shuford, 1794; Abel Shuford, 1796; Eve Shuford, 1799; Fannie Shuford, 1801; Eli Shuford, 1803; Jacob Shuford, 1805; Elkanah Shuford, 1807; Andrew Shuford, 1810; Susan Shuford, 1813. 

Jacob's home included a mill and a general store which were run by his son Elkanah.  Jacob and Margaret belonged to the German Reformed Church in that area of NC. 

Jacob Shuford bequeathed his farm "The Bunker Hill Farm" to son Eli who lived on the farm until shortly before the Civil War at which time he sold it and traveled/moved to Texas.   Jacob and Margaret are buried at the Bunker Hill farmstead.

Margaret's ancestors reigned from Wiesbaden, Germany and they arrived in America in 1741 to live in Frederick County, MD, and then traveled south to reside on the South Fork of the Catawba River in 1744 (at that time Tryon County; now Lincoln County NC).  Margaret's dad was John Hoyle and her granddad was Peter Hoyle.  John Hoyle married Margaret Costner of Mecklenburg County on March 7, 1763 and they had 13 kids.  Per:  A Historical Sketch of the Shuford Family.

Martin Pinkney Shuford & wife Rhoda   Lawrence/Lowrance Shuford

Martin Pinkney Shuford was born in Lincoln (Catawba County now) in 1794; he died April 1836. Martin married Rhoda Lawrence/Lowrance of the same county.

Martin Pinkney at the age of 42;  His wife Rhoda moved to Medon, TN to live with her youngest daughter Susan who married a Mr. Nichols of that town.  She passed away in TN in December of 1878 at age 86; buried in Medon TN.

Martin Pinkney was a state senator who represented Rutherford County from 1825 to 1828 and again in 1833. 

Martin and Rhoda had 7 kids: Mortimer (Rev.), Margaret Amanda, Catharine, Jacob Laban, Susan, James Monroe and Eli (Eli was a "licentiate exhorter in the Methodist Church." * Per: Full text of "A historical sketch of the Shuford family"

James Monroe Shuford & wife Elizabeth Catherine Robb/Rabb Shuford

James Monroe Shuford was born on July 7, 1831 in Rutherford County, NC.  He died on October 4, 1900 in Fairview, Buncombe County, NC.

His wife Elizabeth Catherine Robb Shuford was born several years after James, on May 21, 1838 in Iredell County, NC.  Elizabeth died on October 5, 1911 - 11 years and 1 day after her husband.  She died in Swannanoa, Buncombe County, NC.

They married on November 17 of 1875 when she was 19 and he was 26.  James was a school teacher. Their first child was born and died in 1859.  This must have been crushing. Their children are:






*"James Monroe Shuford, the youngest of the family, 
was born July 7, 1831: died Oct 4, 1900. He gradu- 
ated at Olin College, N. C, after which he went to 
Trinity College. He married Miss Elizabeth Rabb, of 
Statesville. He left a wife and 6 children; 5 boys and i 
girl, all of whom live at Fairview, Buncombe County, 
N. C. He spent his life teaching, and was a prominent 

Burial:  Sharon Methodist Cemetery  Fairview  Buncombe County  NC.  Their son Carl Clyde Shuford is also buried here.C


Robert Eugene Shuford (Sr.) and wife Eliza W.  "Midge" Rickman Shuford

Children from findagrave:
  Mary Louise Shuford (1901 - 1988)*
  Frank Jennings Shuford (1903 - 1964)*
  George Wendell Shuford (1905 - 1999)*
  Richard Leslie Shuford (1906 - 1962)*
  Peter Woodrow Shuford (1907 - 1993)*
  Helen Shuford Boone (1908 - 1999)*
  Robert Eugene Shuford (1914 - 1969)*
  Betty Shuford Zimmerman (1917 - 1972)*
  Ethel Murel Shuford (1920 - 1925)*
  John Monroe Shuford (1923 - 2006)*

Riverside Cemetery 
Asheville, Buncombe County NC


Eliza died of stomach cancer:

Frank Jennings Shuford (Sr.) and wife Martha Evans Shuford

Frank was born on the 29th of September 1903 in Biltmore, Buncombe County, NC.  He died in Asheville NC on October 19,1964.












Martha was born on June 13th of 1912 in Buncombe County, NC.  She died in Asheville on October 16th 1976.  Both are buried at Green Hills Cemetery in  Asheville Buncombe County NC











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