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For our Stephenson line the family history begins in Ireland.  Because of this I have no further back-in-time personal research for my database as I have never tried to research Irish heritage overseas. 

The FNU Stephenson in our lineage that emigrated to America had a known son,


Joseph W. Stephenson was born about 1839 in NY and sometime during his life he moved

to Prince George's County, MD where he married Annie Stark and raised a family.  He died before 1910.

This is an old map that was sent to me in this shape and I do not know where the original

is online. Do you?  

My husband's great great grandfather is Joseph W. Stephenson who married his bride, Annie Stark, our great great grandmother.  Annie was born in Maryland in 1844 and was the daughter of John Stark.  John was born in Austria!  He married a Mary LNU.  At some point in their young lives John and Mary came to America, together or independently.  Their daughter Annie was born, named after Annie Stark Stephenson.

Their known children are:

Our Great Grand Uncle Charles Wilbur Stephenson born April 29th 1866 in Maryland. He married Annie Rebecca Mullikin on August 19th 1885 in MD. Charles died on 25 Jun 1942 in Clinton, Prince George's County, Maryland, USA.   Rebecca was born on March 2, 1865 (at the end of the Civil War) in Montgomery, MD.  She died 20 Aug 1944. 



Photos by Kapke- Caplette tree on


In the 1940 Census Charles W. and Annie live on Leonard Town Pike in PGC, MD, in a home that they owned that was worth $4000.  He and his wife Annie are not working.  She is 76. Living in their home is their son Dennis who is 34. Also Ruth M. who is 28 and their daughter-in-law.  Two grandchildren make lots of noise in the home, no doubt, as they are a boy Dennis Jr. age 10 and a girl Jean who is likely delightful as well as terrible as she is the age of two, the infamous terrible twos!  A three generation household.  Love it! 

Two years after this census, Granddad Charles passed on; 2 years later, Grannie Annie joined her husband Charles.




Our Great Grand Uncle Joseph L. Stephenson born about 1868 in District of Columbia. He lived in Surratts in 1880 when he was but 7.  I have not been able to find any other info to date.

♥ ♥ ♥ Our Great Grandmother Sarah F. Stephenson was born in 1871 in Maryland. She married Charles Conrad Cator Sr. on 4 Dec 1890 in District of Columbia.  Charles SR. is my husband's great grandfather.  Sarah died in 1898 in Maryland.  (See next generation)

Our Great Grand Uncle Robert L. Stephenson was born about 1877 in Maryland. He died in 1949.  Mom, Annie, lived with her son Robert in Baltimore City, MD, during the taking of the 1910 Census. Annie was 68 and widowed as her husband died prior to the 1910 census. By the 1930 Census Robert was married since he turned 26 and his bride Elizabeth L. LNU turned 18.  They are now 52 and 44.  They rent for $30/month at 3014 Nichols Avenue, in DC. With them are their daughters Florence A. (17) and Mildred E. (14) Stephenson. Robert pops off to work daily as an auto salesman. By 1940 they have moved to 538 11th St. in DC where they rent for $40/month. Robert is now 63 and is a building construction painter.  It is most interesting to see on this census that Florence is now married to a "Reynolds" and has a child Barbara A. Reynolds.  And, Mildred has married a FNU Frank and has a child Robert E. Frank.  No husbands on the scene if you look at just this census.  And the daughters and grandchildren are all listed as "foster daughter" "foster grand daughter" and "foster grand son".  There is a story to be told here!!

Our Great Grand Uncle William W. Stephenson was born in Jul 1873 in District of Columbia. I have not been able to find any other info to date.


Our Great Grandmother Sarah F. Stephenson was born in 1871 in Maryland. She died in 1898 in Maryland at the age of 27.  Likely she died in birth because the grave states "and children".  On December 4, 1890 in DC, Sarah married into our Cator line when she wed Charles Conrad Cator Sr. son of Thomas Cator and Sarah E. LNU.   At this time both Charles Sr. and Sarah F. were living in DC.  Charles was born in May 1863 in DC. He died in 1943 in DC.  Years later he would join Sarah in her grave, along with some of their children. 


Thanks Robert Malay!

Sarah F. and Charles Conrad Cator Sr. had the following known children:

Son Age 5 months Cator was born in 1891. He died on 25 Apr 1892.  Note: There was at least one other baby buried with Sarah F. and Charles.  This may be a baby born to Sarah when she was 27 and died, likely during childbirth.  The grave says "and children."



Our Great Aunt, Mabel E. Cator was born in May 21 1893 in DC. She died in August 1984 in Whitestone, VA. Mabel married Ralph Mason Drummond. Mabel is buried at Saint Barnabas Church Cemetery in PGC, MD. Ralph and Mabel were the parents of Inez Drummond who was 19 years old in 1940.   According to the 1940 Census, her dad, Charles Conrad Cator, Sr. was living with Mabel and Ralph and Inez.  At that time Charles was 77 and widowed. Charles and Mabel did not work.  Ralph was a foreman for the fire department and Inez was a telephone operator for an office building.  G Granddad Charles died three years later. They lived at 11th St. SE in DC.

Ralph is also buried at St. Barnabas. Ralph was a Sgt. U.S. Army WWI.




♥ ♥ ♥ Our Granddaddy, Charles Conrad "Buck" "Charlie" Cator Jr. was born in 1895 in Silver Hill, Md. He married Ruth Alice Ridgeway 8 Mar 1914. He died on 17 Jan 1987 in Colonial Beach, VA. See about their elopement:




Other information:

Sarah was 7 years old in 1880 in Surratts MD.  She was living with her mom Annie Clark and dad Joe M. Stephenson, along with her three older brothers Charles, Joe L., William W., and baby brother Robert.  Also living with her was her grandmother, Mary Clark, who was 63 years of age.  Dad was a farmer.





Grave of Sarah and children and her husband Charles C. Cator (Sr)


She was buried in 1898.  Charles Sr. joined her in 1948 at St. Barnabas Cemetery in Prince Georges County, MD. He was 80.














May 1863 YOur Great Grandfather Charles Conrad Cator Sr., was born in DC.  His birth was during the Civil War.

YOur Great Grandmother Sarah F. Stephenson was born in 1871 in Maryland.

4 Dec. 1890 YYSarah married Charles Conrad Cator Sr. on 4 Dec 1890 in District of Columbia.   She would have been about 19 years old.  And he would have been about 27. 
1891 Charles and Sarah had a baby boy who lived 5 months.  He died 25 Apr 1892.  He is buried with his mother, and now father. 
May 1893 Daughter, Mabel E. Cator, was born in DC.  She would live until 1984 when she died in Whitestone VA at the age of 90.
1895 Y Son, Charles Conrad Cator, Jr. was born in Silver Hill MD.  He was nicknamed Buck and Charlie.  CCC Jr. would live until 17 Jan 1997 at the age of 92.
1898 Sarah F. Stephenson Cator died in 1898 in Maryland.  She was 27.  They were married less than 10 years.  The grave is marked "and children" (See photo above).  St Barnabas Cemetery in MD,  Section 1, Range 5.
Perhaps 1898 or by 1899 Y Marriage of Charles Conrad Cator SR and LRachel Lurania Clifton.  See 1900 Census for further info.
1900 Census Charles Conrad Cator SR has now married Rachel Lurania Clifton as his second wife.  She is the sister of Charity and Joseph Clifton.  This is important as Charity married into another line (Belle Cator's line).  When Sarah Stephenson Cator died, leaving Charles SR. to take care of his two living children, he was likely guided to marry the single Lurania to help raise his children.  Perhaps he loved her dearly, but the stories in the family do not support this. Lurania is not fondly remembered by the family.  She was mean-spirited and would punish the children by sitting them, for example, in iced-bath water.  Charges were actually brought against her for abuse of the children.  They were dropped, but not forgotten by the family.

In the 1900 Census our grandfather Charles C. Cator JR was living with Charles SR (37) and Lurania (24).  Also in the house is Mabel Cator who is just 7 and Charles JR is just 4.  Lurania's brother Joseph Clifton who was a year younger than Lurania at 23 is also living with them.  I hope he was a good uncle to Mabel and Charles JR.  Charles SR. was working as a Helper at the Navy Yard in DC and Uncle Joseph was working as a milk delivery man.  They are living at 333 Polk St. in DC.

1910 Census In the 1910 Census Charles SR was 46 and Lurania 32.  Living with them is Thomas Cator as a "boarder" who has his own income, as well as the two children, Charles JR who is 14 and Mable who is 16.   Typical likely of Lurania to refer to her father-in-law Thomas as a boarder instead of his kinship.  Humm. 
1912 ♥ ♥ ♥  Charles Sr.'s dad Thomas Cator passed away.  See Our Cators for more information on Thomas Cator and on his passing.
Jan. 3, 1913 Charles Conrad Cator SR. SHOT! 
March 1914 ♥ ♥ ♥  Charles JR and Ruth Ridgeway elope.  This is a very interesting story as Lurania was on the prowl!  See the full story at:

PS:  Charles SR was not opposed as stated.

March 14, 1928 Rachel Lurania Clifton Cator dies at the age of 51. She and Charles SR have been married approximately 27 years.  On St. Patrick's Day she is buried at St. Barnabas Church in a solitary grave at Section 2, Range 17.  Rachel, by the way, was born in MD to a KY born father, Edward Clifton, and a MD born mother, Isabel Burgess.
1943 ♥ ♥ ♥ Charles Conrad Cator Sr.. died in July 1943, outliving his second wife Lurania by about 15 years.  He died at the old Providence Hospital in DC.  He is buried with his first wife and their deceased babies at the front of St. Barnabas Cemetery in MD. Charles Conrad Cator Sr. was 80.   Section 1, Range 5.


These are other Cators who are buried at St. Barnabas.  You will notice that Charles Conrad, Sarah F. Stephenson Cator (Mrs. Charles Cator), a child of Sarah F and Charles Cator, Sarah E. Cator and Thomas Cator are all buried in Section 1  Range 5.  Also there are Albert Suit, Fannie Cator (Mrs. Charles Cator?) Emma Suit Thomas.  Albert Suit is the son of Emma Florence Ball Cator (niece of Thomas and Sarah Cator).  Fannie Cator/Mrs. Charles Cator is unknown.  The following are records of St. Barnabas Church Cemetery courtesy of Stan Jett of  Thanks Stan!


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