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  • William Titcomb for 1758 in Falmouth Maine and died 16 march 1833 in Falmouth; and wife Elizabeth Tukey born 26 April 1760 in Falmouth; died 16 April 1844 in North Yarmouth, Cumberland County, Maine.   

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    Jeremiah Titcomb m. Anna/Annie S. Young
      Jeremiah Titcomb

    Annie Young Titcomb was born on the 18th of May 1794 in Gray, Cumberland County, Maine; Jeremiah was born there 30 May 1796.  They appear to have been married 30 Mar 1817 in their home county of Cumberland.  Eventually Jeremiah and Annie moved to Penobscot County to the town of Corinna, maine. They lived with their son Sumner's family.   As you can see from the map below, they moved from lower Maine to Penobscot County above the Penobscot Bay.

    This is the Jeremiah Titcomb who likely served his new country as a Private in the War of 1812 in Capt. J. Kilbourn's Co. Lieut. Col. W. Ryerson's Regt., Maine Militia from Sept. 25 to Nov. 7, 1814.













    1860 United States Federal Census Record for Jeremiah Titcomb, Corrina Maine:
    Farming in Maine is the way of life for Jeremiah and his wife Ann, who in 1860 are now 64 and 66.  Their farmstead is worth $1200 and their possessions $1000.  Living with them is son Hiram who is 23 and farming with dad.  A 23 year old domestic named Lydia Judkins assists and lives with the family.

    Jeremiah Jr and dad Jeremiah Non-Population Schedule of Livestock, Bushels Produced, etc. in Maine

    1870 United States Federal Census Record for Jeremiah Titcomb, Corinna ME:

    This is very interesting as in 1870 Anna and Jeremiah are in Corinna Maine but list that they were both born in Maine, whereas it appears from the above info, that he may have been born in England.  His is "still" 2 years younger than Anna at 74 and her 76.  They farm and their farmstead is worth $1000 with $400 in personal property.

    1871 FINDAGRAVE:  Jeremiah's wife Anna died in 1871.  Inscription on Headstone: Anna S., wife of Jeremiah Titcomb, died May 22, 1871 aet 77yrs 4dys."  Morse's Corner Cemetery in Corinna Maine. The headstone has fallen.







    1880 United States Federal Census Record for 
    Jeremiah Titcomb, Corinna ME:
    Now 84 years old, he is living with his son, Sumner B. Titcomb and Summer's wife, Sarah F. Knowles Titcomb and his grandchildren, Sumner Lafayette and Richard L.  Titcomb.  Even at 84, he is listed as a farm laborer. 

    CHILDREN OF JEREMIAH AND ANNA S. YOUNG TITCOMB included Sumner (above) and Nathan Titcomb, from whom this line descends.

    Nathan and Clarissa D. Claverly Titcomb

    FindAGrave # 70433755: Inscription: Nathan Titcomb, died Dec 14, 1890 aet 69 yrs 3 mos. Morse's Corner Cem.  Appears Clarissa also is with this headstone per findagrave.com 

    Nathan Titcomb, son of Jeremiah and Annie, was born on the last day of August, the 31st, in 1821.  His birth took place in Gray, Maine.

    Clarissa D. Claverly was born in New Hampshire in Gilmanton, County of Belknap on August 17, 1830.

    Nathan married Clarissa D. Caverly on the 4th day of June in 1848 - a June bride!  Their son Lorren W. Titcomb was born in 1850 in Exeter.  By 1860 Lorren has been joined by brothers John (9), La Forrest Sumner (6) who is my direct ancestor, and Fred Titcomb who is 2 and perhaps a terrible two! Tantrums of terrible twos?  I hope those were happy years for Fred as he is not listed in the next census of 1870.  By 1870, daughter Flora has arrived.  In 1880 Nathan and "Clara' still have two children at home - Lorren W. who is 30 and Frank L. who is 22 and no doubt Frank is a great help to their parents on their farm. From the census it appears that Lorren is a peddler of some sort (machines?).  Nathan is now 58 and suffers from asthma. Clarissa suffers from "convulsive fists" which is evidently epilepsy. (Census)

    They resided for many years in Exeter, Maine which is in Penobscot County. 

    Nathan died on the 14th day of December in 1890.  Clarissa died in Corinna, Maine on September 12 1893...three years later.

    Laforest Sumner Titcomb and Rose S. Dearborn Titcomb

    Mill Operator Laforest Titcomb was born in Exeter, Maine and his wife, Rose S. Dearborn was born in Detroit, Somerset County, Maine; at one point they resided in Pittsfield, ME.  LaForest's parents were Nathan and Clarissa D. Claverly Titcomb. Rose or Rosina Dearborn parents were John B. and Betsy Randall Bracket Dearborn.   A Daughter of Laforest and Rose is: Myrtie (Mertie) May Titcomb.  Rose and Laforest married when he was 26 and she 17 on Sept 21, 1879.

    Click Here For:   DEARBORN Lineage

    Mertie Titcomb was born in Pittsfield Maine about 1880.  She married Albert Rudolf Bennett on October 29, 1898 in Pittsfield.   First marriage for each.  Intention filed 10/11/1898.  Married before Rev. A. E. Luce of Pittsfield, Clergyman.  See Right Column.  Albert, a laborer, was born approximately one year before Mertie, in 1879 in Guilford Maine.  Their residence was in Bucksport ME.  

    Albert Rudolf Bennett is the son of Emma J (b. June 1847) and William Bennett (b. 1830)  (two portraits on left above) and the grandson of Isaac Bennett and Deborah Boyd.





    Myrtie Titcomb and Albert Rudolf Bennett, became the parents of  Vera Bennett, Nina Bennett, Leila May Bennett, Anna Bennett, Norman F. Bennett, and Charles Albert Bennett (born abt. 1896), husband of Esther Beach Eaton.  Eventually Myrtie and Albert moved to California, as did many other Maine citizens who left their home state to seek employment in California during that period of time.  They took Vera, Nina, Leila, Annie and Norman with them.  PICTURE:  Grandmother Myrtie holding Nina’s child April 5, 1946 in California.  Albert Rudolf Bennett died at age 48 in California.

    This is a photo of Albert Rudolf with his daughter Annie Mae Bennett.

    And this is a picture of Annie Mae that looks almost like my mother, Marjorie Emma  Bennett!  Wow!

    My Mom and I above!

    Charles Bennett remained in Maine to marry, Esther Beach Eaton.   Charles and Esther's daughter Marjorie Bennett never knew her grandmother Myrtie but wrote to her and to a cousin Julia Wynne in Eureka Springs, California.  Julia, her brothers Albert and Walter Wynne, and her mother and father Vera Bennett  and Walter P. Wynne never returned to Maine from California.  Norman was the “much younger brother” of Charles Albert Bennett.

    When she was young, Marjorie Bennett did meet and visit her elderly great grandmother, Rose Titcomb, in Stockton Springs, Maine.  Leforest Titcomb was diabetic, lost the circulation in his foot which was amputated; the amputation killed him.

    Marjorie Bennett's father, Charles Bennett, was born in Pittsfield Maine, and was vastly interested in hunting and fishing – he “lived for this!”  Charles worked for the Maine Seaboard Paper Company as a crane operator and lived in several different locations over his lifetime including Orland, Searsport and Bucksport, Maine.   He retired from the paper company following an injury.  Charles was married also to Anna Layton (2nd wife) and Margaret "Peg" Swett.(3rd wife).



    1870 CENSUS Exeter, Penobscot County ME, taken on June 30, 1870. 

    At this point "LaForest" S. Titcomb is 16 or 17 years old and living with his parents and siblings in Exeter, Maine.  His parents are Nathan and Clara (Clarrisa) Titcomb, ages 48 and 39 respectively.  It appears from the census that Clara was born in NH, but all the rest in Maine. Nathan is a farmer.  The children are Lauren (Lorren, Lorin) at 21 and a farm laborer; John Hamilton who is 19 and a farm laborer; LaForest who is 17 and farms; Frank L who is 12 and farms and Flora who is 9.  They own their farm valued at $1000.

    Living next door is Nathan's brother's family, Sumner and Sarah Knowles Titcomb, and their children, Dora, age 13; Sumner Jr., age 9 and Richard L. age 1.  They own their farm valued at $3000.

    And living in the next house is another of Nathan's brothers, Jeremiah Titcomb.   Jeremiah, Jr. and his wife, Susan Wiley Titcomb.  Jeremiah, Jr. is a farm laborer who evidently does not own the property he farms.  The son living with them is "Wesley" who is 14.

    1880 CENSUS Exeter, ME, taken on June 9, 1880. 

    Rose and "Forest" Titcomb are newly married (21 Sep 1879).  LeForest is 26 and Rose is 17.  He farms, as does Henry Dearborn with whom the young couple are living.  Henry is the "Grandfather?" of Rose; Celinda is Henry's wife; and they are in their 70s. 

    1900 CENSUS:  LaForest and Rose are living in Somerset County, Pittsfield Township in Maine per this census taken in June of 1900.  LaForest is a laborer and Rose is a weaver.  George attends school.  Vivian V. Titcomb is just 3 years old.

    Albert R., Mertie Mae, and my grandfather, Charlie are living several doors down from LaForest and Rose Titcomb.  Albert is a spinner for the woolen mills, and Mertie/Myrtie is a weaver.  Charlie is just 3 months old. They have been married two years and have one son.

    1910 CENSUS Pittsfield, ME, on Middle Street, taken on April 22, 1910. 
    History of Pittsfield Maine
    Rose and LaForest S. Titcomb are living in Pittsfield.  He is 55; she is 46, and they have been married 30 years and have three children, all living.  Residing with them are their daughters Vivian, age 18 and single, and Mertie M. Bennett who is 27 married for 11 years and having 4 children.  Not known where her husband Albert Rudolf Bennett is during this census.  Living with Rose and LaForest are four of their grandchildren also:  Charles A. Bennett who is 10 (my grandfather); Vera who is 9; Lelia M. who is 6 and Nina who is 3.  LaForest works as a laborer doing odd jobs.  No other members of the household are working at this point.  All are listed as born in Maine to Maine-born parents.

    1920 CENSUS Stockton Springs, ME, on East Main Street, taken on January 3, 1920Rosina and LaForest are 64 and 57, respectively, and have moved to Stockton Springs, near Searsport.  On this census, Rosina is listed as born in Michigan to Maine-born parents.  This is unlikely.  LaForest is working as a "common laborer" and Rosina is not working.  Living next door to them is the Wynne Family.  Vera Bennett Wynne is the granddaughter of LaForest and Rosina Titcomb and the daughter of Mertie Titcomb and her husband, Albert Rudolf Bennett. Vera is married to Walter Patrick Wynne who was born 10 Mar 1892 in Ireland.  Vera was born 25 May 1902 in Pittsfield ME.  They have one son at this point, Walter, Jr., an infant.   

    Below is the 1920 Stockton Springs ME census for Albert R. Bennett and Mertie M. Bennett and their children.  The street name is unknown.  This was taken in January of 1920.  Albert Rudolph Bennett is 41 and his wife Mertie Mae is 38.  Son, Charles A. Bennett, my grandfather is 19.  Nina A. Bennett, my great aunt is 12, great aunt Annie M. is 6; and great uncle Norman is just 4 in 1920.  My ancestor Hiram O. Eaton is boarding 4 houses down from Albert R. Bennett.  Hiram is 63 and still working as a blacksmith at a shipyard.  My great grandfather Albert R. and my grandfather Charlie Bennett are both working as laborers cutting wood.  

    1930 CENSUS Stockton Springs, ME, on East Main Street, taken on April 11, 1930. LaForest is now 76 and owns their home worth $3000. Rose is 66.  They have two boarders living with them. It is interesting that LaForest married Rose at 24, and Rose married LaForest at 17...a 7 year difference, but now in their senior years, she is 10 years younger!  They were each born in Maine to parents born in Maine.  LaForest no longer is employed; but his wife Rose is a Seamstress working out of their home.

    1940 CENSUS Winterport Maine April 11, 1940
    Rose S. Titcomb is now 77 and is the mother-in-law in the household of her daughter Vivian who is married to Martin L. Carleton.  Rose is widowed and evidently pays some rent to her daughter-in-law to live with them.  She completed only 8th grade.  



    DIRECTORY OF ANCESTRAL HEADS OF NEW ENGLAND FAMILIES 1620-1700:   Compiled by Frank R. Holmes, Published: The American Historical Soc., Inc. NY 1923;  Asheville 929.2 H747d pg c1xxxv -

    William came from Parish of Tidcombe, Wiltshire, Eng to Newbury Mass 1634 where he was one of the original proprietors.  Died 9/24/1676.

    First Settlers of New England 929.2  William Titcomb came from Newbury England and settled at Newbury Mass; admitted freeman 1642.  Representative 1655 d 24 Sept 1676;  Children:  Peniel born 1650; Benaich born 1653; William born 1659; Thomas born 1661; John born?, 7 daughters.  Capt. Titcomb was killed in French War 1755 - he was a descendant.   

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    Marriage License of Myrtie May Titcomb and Albert Rudolf Bennett:

    Birth Certificate Record of Leila Mae Bennett, daughter of Mertie and Albert Rudolf Bennett:

    Birth Certificate Record of Vera Bennett, daughter of Mertie and Albert Rudolf Bennett:

    Birth Certificate Record of Charlie  Bennett, 1st child (my grandfather  of Mertie and Albert Rudolf Bennett:

    Birth Certificate Record of Nina Bennett, daughter of Mertie and Albert Rudolf Bennett:

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